Wetherby Train Station

Local History: Travel – Wetherby Train Line


  • Wetherby used to have a railway line and railway station which opened in 1902.
  • The railway line ran from Northallerton to Harrogate, through Wetherby to Leeds.
  • It closed for passenger trains 60 years ago (1964) because other modes of travel became more popular and it was becoming very expensive to run: road travel: cars, buses and also aeroplanes.
  • Good trains continued to run on the track for another 2 years which also finally ended as coal, which was mostly transported via this track, was used less and less.
  • Wetherby railway line is now used for walkers and cyclists for leisure – Devil’s Toe Nail (named after the junction of the old railway line where the line forked off to either Harrogate or Church Fenton).
  • Compare and contrast Wetherby now to when Amelia Earhart was alive.
  • Know that roads around Wetherby (motorway) have since been built as modes of transport changed.