The Victorians


  • Queen Victoria’s reign was 1837-1901. Compare this to other monarchs studied previously and Queen Elizabeth II
  • Describe the differences between Victorian and modern school including, how this evolved during the Victorian period and the differences for the boys and girls.
  • Understand why Barnardo set up his charity to help poor and deprived children.
  • Explain what the Industrial Revolution was, the period of when this was (1760-1840), and the positive and negative ways in which it affected the way British people worked and lived and long term impact on the planet.
  • Poor children had to do dangerous jobs to get by and laws were introduced to keep them safer.
  • Be able to interpret the past and justify an opinion using a range of sources and evidence.
  • Place key events and inventions from the Victorian era on a timeline.

Local History:

  • Have a secure understanding of how life now differs to that of a child living in Leeds during the Victorian era.
  • Know what evidence we can find of Victorian industry in Leeds.
  • Many children worked in the woollen mills; army mills are now industrial museum. Armley Mill was once the world’s largest woollen mill.

The main transport method was the Leeds Canal followed by the tramway built in 1900s and know that this was a significant development