The Monarchy

The Monarchy

·        A monarch is a King or Queen and monarchy is the system by which the Queens and Kings rule our country.

·        Our royal family is the House of Windsor. The Tudor monarchs reigned between 1485 and 1603.

·        Queen Elizabeth I was the last Tudor monarch.

·        Queen Elizabeth II reigned in modern times for more than 70 years.

·        King Henry VIII reigned during the Tudor Era.

·        King Henry VIII had 6 wives: know the reasons for and results of Henry’s VIII’s marriages.

·        Because of Henry VIII, England changed from being a Catholic country to a Church of England country. Know the legacy of this.

·        King Henry VIII (significance and legacy) destroyed many religious buildings – this was called the dissolution of the Monasteries and what this meant for the people in the years to follow: the main religion of England was then called Church of England– still around today (St James’s in our local town of Wetherby).

·        King Charles III became King in 2022. He is our head of state and head of the Church of England but the government now make our laws rather than the monarch.

·        To know 3 reasons why Henry VIII was significant, including: number of wives, building of gun forts, He established the Royal Navy and the Church of England (based on protestant beliefs).

·        Know the legacy left behind from the Tudor era: food, sports, culture and how the Tudor monarchy differs to our monarchy today.