Members of Staff

Miss. L. Milivojevic Head Teacher. Designated Safeguarding Lead, R.E Co-ordinator, Assessment Co-ordinator, Educational Visits, Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities, Safeguarding
Mrs. P.  Goodby School Business Manager & EVC
Mrs. M. Burrows Administrative Assistant
Mrs. J. Ward (SLE) Deputy Head & Year 6 Class Teacher. Designated Safeguarding Lead, RE Co-ordinator, Teaching & Learning Co-ordinator, KS2 Leader, Specialist Leader in Education
Miss. F. Waite Year 5 Class Teacher Library Co-ordinator, Music Co-ordinator, Collective Worship Co-ordinator
Miss. F. Clilverd  Year 4 Class Teacher, English Co-ordinator, NQT/RQT Mentor, School’s Direct and Student Mentor
Miss. J. Costello Year 3 Class Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Science Co-ordinator, RQT Support
Miss E. Macgillivray Year 2 Class Teacher, MFL Co-ordinator, PE Co-ordinator
Mrs. L. Hemming (SLE) &                    Mrs. K. Leadbeater Year 1 Class Teacher, Behaviour Co-oridnators                    Mrs Hemming: KS/FS Leader, Maths Co-ordinator            Mrs Leadbeater: Art and Design Co-ordinator
Miss. R. Collier Foundation 2 Class Teacher DT Co-ordinator, Burn2Learn
Mrs. A. Reddiex (SLE) Foundation 1 Class Teacher, Paediatric First Aider, PSHE Co-ordinator & Specialist Leader in Education for Early Years
Mrs. A. Gray Nursery Nurse. Paediatric First Aider
Mrs C. Mallory (maternity leave) Intervention Key Stage 2. History & Geography Co-ordinator
Mrs. A. Hughes Intervention Key Stage 1
Mrs. L.  Holmes (Lead SENCO for    East/N. East Cluster) Inclusion Manager & SENCo  Lead SENCo for East/North East Cluster 


Mrs. E. Lowe High Level Teaching Assistant First Aider
Mrs. P. Doran Teaching Assistant
Mrs. K. Riordan Teaching Assistant
Mrs. N. Frost High Level Teaching Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead, First Aider
Dr. N. Prestwich                                    SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. Diggle Teaching Assistant (Speech & Language)
Mrs. V. Boyes Teaching Assistant
Mrs. F. Lee Teaching Assistant  & Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss A. Ozsoy Teaching Assistant 
Mrs. L. Skilbeck Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. E. Walton Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. E. Flynn Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. A. Waterhouse High Level Teaching Assistant & Computer Co-ordinator
Mrs. L. Harris Senior Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs. C. Gee Dinner Money Administrator
Mrs. E. Hodgson Lunchtime Supervisory
Mrs. K. Joyce Lunchtime Supervisory Paediatric First Aider
Mrs. G. Morrison Lunchtime Supervisory
Mrs. K. Phillipson

Miss. J. Hill

Kitchen Staff and Lunch Server
Mrs K. Halford Cleaning Supervisor
 Mrs A. Benson

Ms. M. Atkins

Cleaning staff