One of the ways we continue to improve at St Joseph’s is to work closely with our parents and carers and encouraging feedback on a regular basis. Our Parent Questionnaires are one way for parents to give us their feedback which will allow us to not only continue to build on the positives but also build on the areas where there may be areas for development.

Parent Questionnaire Nov 2018     Parent questionnaire evaluation Nov 2018

Parent Questionnaire Evaluation December 2017

We are always grateful to receive feedback from our parents, so if at any time you wish to share your feedback with us, please do not hesitate to print a copy of the questionnaire on the link below and return into school, or alternatively, you can send an email to the school email below:

Parental Questionnaire Qs

Thank you to all of our parents and carers from Nursery up to Year six, who were able to join us for our Reading Workshop. The evening was a real success and we were pleased to hear from so many of our parents/carers the positive and practical support they have been able to take away from the workshop. A summary of the feedback from the evening can be found below.

Parent Reading Workshop Feedback Summary January 2019

We hold regular Show and Share sessions in school where we invite our parents/carers into school to join in with our lessons and embark on a learning journey with their child. These sessions offer an insight in to the way we teach here at St Joseph’s and provides some fun and exciting ways to support learning at home! Below are some of the feedback summaries from these sessions.

FS2 Maths Show and Share summary February 2019

Year 2 Show and Share evaluation 2019

Y3 Show and Share summary January 2019

Y6 Show and Share Summary December 2018

FS2 Show and Share Summary Nov 2018

Y5 Show & Share Summary October 2018

Y3 Show and Share Parent Questionnaire 2018

Y4 Show and Share February 2018

Transition Survey FS1

FS2 Autumn Term 2016 Phonics Show & Share Summary

Y6 Spring Term 2017 Maths Show and Share Summary

Thank you to our parents and carers for their ongoing feedback to recent events and coverage in school.

Summary of Parents’ Survey Anti- Bulllying Weeks March 2019

We value the voice of each and every pupil at our school and their feedback is important in helping us to continue to make improvements with our children at the heart of all that we do. Through pupil questionnaires given out at various points during the year, it adds to the conversations we have with our children and with this, we are able to listen to their thoughts, continue to build on the positives and address areas of need.

We summarise these and include the analysis and outcomes below.

Year 6 Pupil Results Spring 1 Questionnaires

2 pupils from every year group from FS2- Year 6 were asked to complete this music questionnaire. Please follow the link below to see the analysis.

Music 2017- 18 questionnaires analysis

2 pupils from every year group from Year 1-6 were asked to complete a questionnaire regarding singing hymns in collective worship and assembly in school. Please find below the findings and analysis of this.

hymns in assembly collective worship questionnaires analysis