School Development Fund 

Please down load a Gift Aid Form and Bank Mandate below:-

Gift Aid Form and Bank Mandate Form

On behalf of the Governors it is my privilege to welcome you and your child to St. Joseph’s Primary School. As a Catholic School the school strives through its pastoral teaching to provide your child with an excellent education aiming for high standards of achievement in not only academic education but art, sport and other extra-curricular activities. In order to continue to provide the best that we can for your child we need to also work on the continued upkeep and development of the school and in this regard I write to ask for your assistance.

As a voluntary aided school the Governors of the School are responsible for all capital works that are required and in that regard an improvement plan had been devised, the first stage of which was successfully completed this year with the addition of a library. This provides not only an invaluable resource to aid the children’s development across the curriculum but also provides space for small group work and extracurricular activities. Our plans also include the extension of the building and refurbishment of existing areas, all of which will only serve to improve the children’s experience throughout their journey at St. Joseph’s.

The funding of this important and valuable work is, however, only met partly by government grants. As a voluntary aided school we are required to meet the cost of 10% of the works and unfortunately if we are unable to raise this money the work cannot proceed. We have, therefore, established a school development fund and ask that parents contribute to this fund to help us complete this crucial work.

All monies donated to this fund will be used exclusively to carry out essential and planned capital improvements to the school. The extremely generous donations already made by existing parents have made a positive impact of the life of the school as seen by the completion of the new library. The reality is that without these donations the School would not have this great new facility.

The minimum suggested donation to the VCS (voluntary contribution scheme), is £5 per family per month. The Governors greatly appreciate your support for this important work which will enable us to give your child the best possible place to learn.

The Governors would like to express their thanks to those families who have already contributed to this fund.