The school is extremely well supported by its enthusiastic  ‘Friends of St. Joseph’s’. Working tirelessly alongside staff and children they not only raise valuable funds for the school but also strengthen links between school, parish and the wider community.

Election of new roles 2019-20

Following the recent FOSJ meeting the new roles are

  • Chair – Claire Airey will continue to be the main chair, with Anna Jacobs (FS2 Parent) coming on board as a co-chair and Vicky Anthony remaining a supporting/silent chair. 
  • Treasurer – Julia Warrilow
  • Secretary – Kathleen Alderson
  • The committee wished to thank all of the current post holders for their hard work this year which has been much appreciated.

The FOSJ is a great way to meet new people and be involved in the school community. If you’d like to be involved, please contact Claire Airey, 07754252935 or


FOSJ Facebook Page

Please like our new FOSJ face book page.
This is solely an additional way of advertising upcoming FOSJ events.
(Please note – it is no way related to school and all posts and comments will be monitored and controlled by admins.)


Dates to look out for …

  • Friday 11th October 2019 – whole school disco
  • Friday 20th December 2019 – Pantomime – details to follow…..
  • Thursday 13th February 2020 – Movie Night 
  • Friday 20th March 2020 – Mother’s Day Gifts
  • Friday 27th March 2020 – Non-uniform day – details to follow….
  • Thursday 21st May 2020 – Bake Off – details to follow….


Stephanie Auld 


Class Reps

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to be a class rep:

  • FS1 – Aisling Kelly
  • FS2 – Sabrina Baldwin & Jocelin Shirley Price
  • Year 1 – Kathleen Alderson & Sarah Marshall
  • Year 2 – Katy Barraclough – Marie Pellizon
  • Year 3 – Julia Warrilow & Ally Towse
  • Year 4 – Natalie Tiernan
  • Year 5 – Julia Warrilow
  • Year 6 – Asami Costa

Anyone can be a member of the FOSJ, you don’t have to join as a committee member or even as a class rep but just helping out no matter how small would be great.

Could you sell raffle tickets, help at discos or on a stall at the Christmas Fair or even just help setup or promote the events?

Is anyone a graphic designer, in marketing or advertising that could help us, can you face paint or make lovely crafts? Please let us know.

If not, just your support and attendance of the events would be great!

My message to the new committee and to you busy parents is Family, Work, FOSJ.  We have to strike a happy balance and the more volunteers we have the more we can share the load.

Ways to help…..


Have you joined the school lotto yet??

The more people that join the bigger the jackpot! Join now by going to
You can join for as little as £1 a week and one person at school is guaranteed to win a weekly prize. At the moment the prize money stands at £10.80. You will also be entered into a national prize draw worth £25,000.
We currently have 24 supporters in school – the more supporters we have the more prize money there will be! 40% of all ticket sales will be given back to the FOSJ!!!!!!


Easy Fundraising

Its nearly Christmas and you will all be starting your shopping online , are you booking your holiday for next year and do you do your weekly shops online. If the answer to these is yes then please don’t forget to shop via Easy Fundraising!
All you need to do is register online at
When you go to purchase something online go via the easyfundraising page or app and shop as normal.
In return the retailers will make a small donation to the FOSJ.
Currently we have 72 supporters and they have raised £436.91 just by shopping via easyfundraising!


School Projects

All of the funds raised through the FOSJ events goes directly back into school. We work closely with the Head Teacher and Chair of Governors to support the school with their key priorities. This year we are continuing to fund raise for new ICT equipment. This has already included supporting the 64 new Ipads school currently have. We have also committed to continue to support the range of workshops that the pupils at St Joseph’s access to support and further enhance their curriculum.

In the Autumn term (September 2019-December 2019), we have already raised an amazing £5000! Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraisers and events!

In the spring term 2020, we have donated £2000 to support school in purchasing their new reading books across FS1, KS1 and KS2. We hope everyone enjoys reading these fantastic new books!

ICT Suite

The FOSJ have recently been in discussion with Miss Milivojevic and the school governors and we are wanting to support the school in developing the ICT suite. It will enable the school to continue to provide the very best facilities and learning experiences through technology.

We have already started to fund workshops in school, such as the Lego Workshops.  This was a great way for the children to learn Design and Technology alongside Computing – building the models and programming them to run.  It also helps them develop team working, collaboration and their problem solving skills.

Both classes really enjoyed this workshop and other year groups really want to take part in future workshops.

The Nursery Garden

Recently the FOSJ completed a years fundraising with the local COOP community funding. All of our families and the local community have been raising money whilst shopping. We raised a fantastic amount of money which was to be used to develop the Nursery garden – providing them with a natural and stimulating area to develop their learning. Discussions between the FOSJ, the Head Teacher and the nursery team ensured that we created a space that was perfect for our youngest pupils. Mrs Airey and Mrs Alderson then got to work and created a space where the children could express themselves through stories and use of their imagination! Here is just a glimpse at some of the new equipment! Our youngest children have already been accessing their new space and are loving it!