Moving Stories & Improplay – Dance Event at Wetherby Arts Festival 2019 

Katy Hewison, a local dance artist from Wetherby and former pupil of St Joseph’s, is passionate about sharing the practices of improvisation and physical theatre and their movement, imagination and engagement potential for all ages and abilities. Katy has performed & taught throughout Yorkshire, UK and internationally. She trained at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds and her work now is inspired by Montessori learning methods and Play Theories, her work uses elements of improvisation, physical theatre and invitations for interaction.

Up until this year, dance hadn’t been included in the Wetherby Arts Festival and Katy wanted to introduce dance into the festival. To do this, she asked St Joseph’s to join the Improplay Project to make this possible – of course, we said yes! A number of our children from St Joseph’s, therefore, have since been involved in an exciting project linked with the Wetherby Arts Festival on Saturday 19th October at Kirk Deighton Village Hall. The performance our children joined, called ‘Moving Stories’, was a collaboration between 12 of our pupils from St Joseph’s and professional dance artists using improvisation and physical theatre. The children represented our school fantastically and it was lovely to see the talents that our pupils have shine!


Climate Coalition Event: Energy Heroes – Year 5

Some of our Y5 Pupils attended the Climate Coalition Event last week at the Leeds Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility and presented to a number of CEOs and representatives from the local authority, warning of the dangers of climate change. The event saw the launch of the Climate Coalition, which will see the combined authority work with environmental researchers to find a way to dramatically reduce carbon emissions in the region. In line with our Live Simply Initiative in school, we continue to strive to live more sustainably and simply to look after God’s planet. To read the full article and to find out more about the Climate Coalition and the work of our Energy Heroes please click on the following link: Climate Coalition

Child Friendly Leeds Award

We are very proud of Imogen who was awarded ‘The Child of the Year Award’ 2019. Imogen is an incredible and inspirational 7 year old who is a real ambassador for children’s mental health, encouraging others to talk about difficult issues they may be dealing with. Imogen is recognised for her resilience and perseverance and is an absolute ray of sunshine! A huge well done to Imogen!

The prestigious city-wide event celebrates all the work that is happening across the city to make Leeds the best place for children and young people to grow up in. This year just under 600 nominations were submitted for champion children, child friendly places, people who go the extra mile and great organisations with the winners announced in February at the Leeds City Variety Theatre.

To read more please visit

Jubilee Award Winner

A group of eight very special Wetherby youngsters gathered at the Town Hall on Wednesday 19th December for the annual Jubilee Award ceremony.

After hearing why each of these young people had been nominated by their school teachers or youth group leaders Charles, age 11 from St. Joseph’s Primary School, was declared a worthy winner.

Councillor Galan Moss, Mayor of Wetherby, had headed the panel which considered the nominations and said that it had been “inspiring to learn about the efforts and achievements of these young people”. He also commented that choosing a winner and runner up had been a difficult task for the panel but that Charles’ nomination had stood out because it was about helping other people.

Charles is extraordinary boy who stands out for so many reasons, all of which are rooted in his inherent desire to serve people through his actions. Not only does Charles make a difference in school, in church and in his wider community but he also makes a huge difference at home. Charles is such a caring, sensitive and considerate young man who really does care for everyone! Charles really is a wonderful young role model man who gives his own time so freely to others which is an inspiration to all – he gives without taking! Well done Charles! We are very proud of you!

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