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Supporting Our Mental Health

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History Club

Over the past six weeks, a group of keen historians from years 4-6 has been meeting after school for a History Club. To complement our lessons taught in school, the weekly club has focussed on one aspect of life during different eras through History. We have found out what people from ancient civilisations ate as snacks; we even had a go at cooking up some of these. We played games that children would have played in Roman, Medieval and Victorian times. Many of these are still played today. The children also researched punishments, looking closely at ‘stocks’ and constructing their own cardboard versions. By using drama and role play, we learnt more about medicine through the ages and the kinds of weapons used throughout History. This has been a very active club and the children have had great enthusiasm, ideas and learnt a lot.


Lessons in Lockdown Book

During the months of January through to March, we found ourselves in another lockdown that took us back to learning remotely at home. Throughout this time, we all stayed connected. We enjoyed our weekly chatterbox sessions, keeping in touch on Showbie and Tapestry and many other ways. We also wanted to come together as a community once again. St Joseph’s created their very own ‘Lessons in Lockdown’ book filled with a variety of reflections by pupils and staff that captures insights into how, nearly a year into a global pandemic, we have all experienced the challenges faced. From new skills gained, favourite recipes, losses, realisations, to impromptu notes left by children for their parents to find, the pupils of St Joseph’s have shown how important family and community are, and how much we have all learnt from this past year. Our book project sought to bring together our local community and is supported by Reading Roots bookshop in Wetherby who will be displaying some of the entries as well as taking orders for a limited period.

Thank you to all of our pupils and staff who contributed to our school’s lessons in lockdown book. Thank you also to the FOSJ who worked so hard to bring this project together and to the Reading Roots bookshop for their support.

Lockdown Tapestry

Back in June, during the lockdown we all found ourselves in from March, our families, pupils and staff came together to create a ‘lockdown tapestry’ to capture all of our experiences during this strange time. Our pupils and staff were invited to make a creative square that visually represented their lockdown experiences for them and their families.

A huge array of textiles and techniques were used to create these mini masterpieces! The squares are absolutely beautiful and during the summer, over 100 squares were sewn together around a centre piece celebrating our school and our community. The final tapestry is bright, full of love, energy and hope, showing how we all stayed connected and together during the lockdown. The tapestry is now on display in our ICT Suite for everyone to see.

We couldn’t have done this without our wonderful families, our pupils and staff’s contributions with their lockdown squares. Thank you to all of you who created a lockdown square. We also have to give a huge, heartfelt thank you to Zoe Phillips, who coordinated the whole tapestry project as well as Clair Cook, who worked on sewing it all together and Bryony Robinson who created the beautiful centre piece. Thank you to everyone involved. This is a wonderful piece of art that has captured the lockdown experience of all of those at St Joseph’s.

St Joseph’s Lockdown Tapestry 2020[/caption]


A Celebration of Home Learning!

We hope you enjoy the special video we have made to celebrate all you have done during your time learning at home. This is just a snapshot of some of the activities you have enjoyed at home. We know that so many of you have worked hard and enjoyed a wide range of tasks. We are so proud of every single one of you! Thank you for working hard and for proving yourselves to be St Joseph’s resilient, active and life-long learners! We hope you enjoy the video.


A Happy Compilation!

Thank you to all our pupils, families and staff that took part in our Happy Compilation video. We hope you enjoy it!

A message from the staff at St Joseph’s

Spreading the Happiness

During our time away from school, we have been so lucky to hear about all of the amazing things our pupils have been doing to keep themselves and others going through these uncertain times.
One of our pupils has taken to her karaoke machine every Thursday night to sing so many fantastic songs during the applause to thank our NHS, careers and key workers. She has the most beautiful voice and we love hearing her singing each week. She is putting a smile on so many people’s faces and really bringing her community together. She is now taking song requests each week! We are so proud of her and the happiness she is bringing to others.

Here she is singing last Thursday night! We hope you enjoy it!


Young Voices 2020

On Tuesday 7th January, a large group of pupils from Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 attended the Young Voices concert (the largest school concert in the world). Our pupils performed alongside 5,000-8,000 other children as a single choir to a huge audience of family and friends. This year, we were joined by Tony Hadley, The Shires and Ruti winner of The Voice UK 2018. During the lead up to the concert, the children worked incredibly hard learning all of the songs, lyrics and dances for the show and they performed fantastically on the night! Our absolute favourite had to be the Queen Medley song – full of incredible Queen hits that some of the children hadn’t actually heard before.

The Young Voices concert not only gave all the children that attended the opportunity to learn a brand new range of songs but also to perform in an extremely large ensemble whilst following the conductor’s signals. We hope that by providing our pupils with the opportunity to attend such a wonderful event that it will inspire them to pursue their passion in music in the future and will encourage them to become lifelong learners in music.

Thank you to all the children for all their continued hard work preparing for the concert and for their fantastic input and behaviour on the day. Thank you also to Mrs Holmes, Mrs Mahony and Miss Hazelgrave who came with us to Young Voices. A fantastic time was had by all!

Jubilee Award 2019

Louisa in Year 1 was nominated for the Jubilee Award in Wetherby in December 2019.

Louisa was nominated for her kindness and bravery when she donated her beautiful red hair to the Princess Trust to help children who have been affected by illnesses and suffered hair loss. Louisa didn’t like the hairdressers at all but was so brave and put the needs of others before herself.

At the awards ceremony, Louisa was rewarded with the runner up award. However, the panel was so amazed by Louisa that they made a special trophy just for her in runner up position. When Louisa was asked how she felt about having her hair cut off she said “I felt happy because I was helping other children who needed it.”

We are all so incredibly proud to have Louisa in our school community and we all say a massive well done!

Child Friendly Leeds Award

We are very proud of Imogen who was awarded ‘The Child of the Year Award’ 2019. Imogen is an incredible and inspirational 7 year old who is a real ambassador for children’s mental health, encouraging others to talk about difficult issues they may be dealing with. Imogen is recognised for her resilience and perseverance and is an absolute ray of sunshine! A huge well done to Imogen!

The prestigious city-wide event celebrates all the work that is happening across the city to make Leeds the best place for children and young people to grow up in. This year just under 600 nominations were submitted for champion children, child friendly places, people who go the extra mile and great organisations with the winners announced in February at the Leeds City Variety Theatre.

To read more please visit

Jubilee Award Winner

A group of eight very special Wetherby youngsters gathered at the Town Hall on Wednesday 19th December for the annual Jubilee Award ceremony.

After hearing why each of these young people had been nominated by their school teachers or youth group leaders Charles, age 11 from St. Joseph’s Primary School, was declared a worthy winner.

Councillor Galan Moss, Mayor of Wetherby, had headed the panel which considered the nominations and said that it had been “inspiring to learn about the efforts and achievements of these young people”. He also commented that choosing a winner and runner up had been a difficult task for the panel but that Charles’ nomination had stood out because it was about helping other people.

Charles is extraordinary boy who stands out for so many reasons, all of which are rooted in his inherent desire to serve people through his actions. Not only does Charles make a difference in school, in church and in his wider community but he also makes a huge difference at home. Charles is such a caring, sensitive and considerate young man who really does care for everyone! Charles really is a wonderful young role model man who gives his own time so freely to others which is an inspiration to all – he gives without taking! Well done Charles! We are very proud of you!

Employer of the Year Award

I am delighted to inform you that our school was nominated for (and won!) the Leeds Trinity University’s Graduate Employer of the Year Award.  Well done to our senior leadership team for the direction and support they give to all our staff.  We are very proud of you! Jo Parascandolo – Chair of Governors.


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