School Uniform

We strongly encourage our children to look smart and take a pride in their appearance. Our school uniform is distinctive and part of our school ethos. All pupils, other than those in Foundation Stage One, will wear the school uniform. Foundation Stage One pupils are invited to wear the red, St Joseph’s Nursery jumpers. All pupils should arrive at school in a clean and tidy fashion and take responsibility for their belongings.

School shoes must be black and should be appropriate to the school environment. Wellies can be worn during winter months suitable for the weather. School shoes should still be accessible in school during this time. Ribbons/headbands etc., should be either red or blue. All children should have a P.E bag, which can be left on their peg during term time. Clothing should be clearly marked with the child’s name so that lost items may be returned as soon as possible. Black pumps are to be worn indoors.

Summer uniform can be worn during the summer term (after the Easter break up until breaking up for the summer holidays in July).

Winter uniform is worn from September to the Easter break (Autumn and Spring terms).

School jumpers/cardigans, school ties, hooded sweatshirts, P.E kits, school coats and school bags may be purchased from Julie at KoolKidz in Wetherby.

Kool Kidz Uniforms School Trends Online: St Joseph’s, Wetherby




Skirt / Pinafore       Grey Trousers or shorts grey (long black trousers may be worn by Year 6)
Blouse                    Blue (long sleeves) Shirt                  Blue (long sleeves)
Tie                          School colours Tie                    School colours
Jumper                   Grey (school colours) Pullover            Grey (school colours)
Cardigan                Grey (school colours)  
Hoodies                  Navy (school colours) Hoodies             Navy (school colours)
Socks / Tights        Grey/white
(Black tights may be worn by Y6)
Socks                Grey
Indoor shoes          Black pumps Indoor shoes     Black pumps

P.E. Kit

School navy and red skort, school navy and red v-neck t-shirt, black pumps for indoor PE and trainers for outdoor PE. Navy/grey jogging bottoms for outdoor winter lessons.

P.E. Kit         School navy and red shorts, school navy and red polo shirt, black pumps for indoor PE and trainers for outdoor PE. Navy/grey jogging bottoms for outdoor winter lessons.
 During the summer term only, girls may wear a blue and white checked dress with a grey cardigan / jumper if required. If summer option is not chosen, girls must wear full uniform including ties and long sleeves. During the summer term only, boys may wear grey shorts and a short-sleeved shirt without a tie.  If summer uniform option is not chosen, boys must wear full school uniform including ties and long sleeves.


All children require a drawstring PE bag, named, which they can hang on their school peg. Children can bring a book bag with them which will fit in their drawers. These can also be purchased from the links above.

Unfortunately, we do not have the space to accommodate rucksacks. We thank you for your support with this.

The existing school sun cap can be purchased separately.