Miss. L. Milivojevic Head Teacher. Designated Safeguarding Lead, Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities, Safeguarding, Temporary SENCo
Mrs. S. Hepworth School Business Manager & EVC Educational Visits
Mrs. M. Burrows Administrative Assistant
Mrs. J. Ward (SLE) Deputy Head & Year 6 Class Teacher. Designated Safeguarding Lead, Equalities, Specialist Leader in Education, NQT/RQT Mentor, School’s Direct & Student Mentor, Temporary SENCo
Miss. F. Waite Year 5 Class Teacher Senior Leader
Miss A. Hegedüs Year 4 Class Teacher
Mrs. J. Hodgson Year 3 Class Teacher Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss. N. Corr Year 2 Class Teacher  
Miss. R. Collier Year 1 Class Teacher Online Safety Officer, School’s Direct & Student Mentor
Mrs. L. Hemming & Mrs. F. Harrison

Foundation 2 Class Teachers

Mrs Harrison: NQT/RQT Mentor, School’s Direct & Student Mentor

Miss. K. Hutchinson Foundation 1 Class Teacher 
Ms. R. Crolla  KS2 Teacher,
Mrs. C Keane SENCO


Mrs. A. Gray Nursery Nurse, Paediatric First Aider
Mrs. E. Lowe High Level Teaching Assistant, First Aider
Mrs. A. Armitage Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor, Emotional Literacy Support Assistant
Mrs. K. Riordan Teaching Assistant &  Lunchtime Supervisor, Mental Health First Aider
Mrs. N. Frost High Level Teaching Assistant, Designated Safeguarding Lead, First Aider
Dr. N. Prestwich SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. V. Boyes Teaching Assistant
Miss. O. Hazar Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs H. Holmes Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss. L. Quenby Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. L. Harris Teaching Assistant & Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. L. Skilbeck Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor, Paediatric First Aider
Mrs. S. Auld Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. A. Jacobs Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. J. Mead Lunchtime Supervisor and Part Time Office Admin Assistant
Mrs. E. Hodgson Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss. S. Phillipson Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr N. Frost Site Superintendent
Mrs. K. Phillipson Kitchen Staff and Lunch Server
Ms. M. Atkins Kitchen Staff and Lunch Server
Mrs K. Halford Cleaning Supervisor



Subject Team Leaders

Designated Safeguarding Leads Miss L. Milivojevic (HT), Mrs J.Ward (DHT), Mrs J. Hodgson & Mrs N.Frost
RE & Collective Worship Miss F. Waite & Miss L. Milivojevic
Religious Development Team (RDT) Miss L. Milivojevic, Mrs J. Ward & Miss F. Waite
Curriculum Team Miss L. Milivojevic, Mrs J. Ward, Miss F. Waite & Miss R. Collier
Assessment Miss F. Waite & Miss L. Milivojevic
Teaching & Learning Mrs J.Ward & Miss F. Waite
SENCo/Inclusion Mrs C. Keane (Mat Leave) & Mrs J. Ward
Interventions Miss R. Collier, Miss F. Waite & Mrs C. Keane
English & Phonics (Library) Miss N. Corr, Miss R. Collier & Mrs J. Ward
Maths Miss A. Hegedus & Mrs J. Hodgson
Science Mrs J. Hodgson & Miss A. Hegedus
Art & Design Miss A. Hegedus & Miss R. Collier
Design Technology Miss R. Collier & Miss A. Hegedus
Geography Mrs L. Hemming & Ms R. Crolla
History Ms R. Crolla & Mrs L. Hemming
Humanities SLE (SATSA Curriculum Hub) Mrs J. Ward
MFL Mrs F. Harrison & Miss A. Hegedus
Music Mrs F. Harrison & Miss F. Waite
Cultural Capital Mrs F. Harrison & Mrs J. Ward
PE Mrs L. Hemming & Miss L. Milivojevic
PSHE Miss K. Hutchinson (School Council), Miss F. Waite (RSE) & Mrs A. Armitage (ELSA)
Educational Visits Mrs S. Hepworth (School Business Manager)
Mini Vinnies Mrs A. Armitage & Miss F. Waite
Behaviour Class Teachers & Miss L. Milivojevic
Outdoor & Physically Active Learning Burn2Learn, Tagtiv8 Mrs L. Hemming & Class Teachers