St Joseph’s Governing Body

Chair: Tim Hodgson

Vice Chair: Kathleen Alderson

The constitution of the governing body is:

  • Headteacher
  • 1 x Local Authority (LA) governor, recommended by the LA and approved by the governing board
  • 2 x parent governors, formally elected through a ballot of parents unless the election is uncontested
  • 1 staff governor, formally elected by staff employed at school
  • 7 x foundation governors, appointed by the foundation (usually for church schools or trusts)

The Term of Office for all Governors is 4 years. Our Governors support our school and bring their own expertise and experience to help inform the school.

All correspondence to the Governing Body should be addressed to:-

Clerk to the Governors,  St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Barleyfields Road, Wetherby, LS22 6PR

Governing Body Information 2023-24

Karen Williams – Headteacher

I am delighted to have been appointed  Headteacher at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and I believe the school is blessed with enthusiastic and well behaved children and an extremely committed and hardworking team of staff and governors who support our children. I am dedicated to ensuring we continue to provide the very best opportunities and education for our children and am very proud of our strong Catholic ethos.

In my capacity as Headteacher, I am a member of the Resources, Pupil Support, Teaching and Learning and Catholic Life Committees.

Monsignor Andrew Summersgill – Foundation Governor

I became the Parish Priest of St Joseph’s and a Foundation Governor of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in September 2022. I was in Catholic education from the age of 4 to 27. I attended three Catholic schools in Bradford until I was 18 and then went to Rome to train to be a priest. I was at the English College and studied for degrees in Philosophy, Theology and Canon Law (Church law) at the Gregorian University, one of the international Catholic universities in Rome and run by the Jesuit Order. As a priest I have worked in Parishes in East Leeds, Skipton and now here. I was Bishop David Konstant’s secretary for ten years and I worked with the Bishops’ Conference in London for 11 years. I think during my time with Bishop David I will have visited every school in the Diocese and when I lived in London I was on the Management Committee for the Catholic Education Service. I have been a Foundation Governor in three high schools and now three primary schools. I am also a Foundation Director  of an Academy Trust and am a Trustee of St John’s School in Boston Spa. I very much believe in the importance of Primary Schools for parish Communities and hope that I can bring some of my experience to support everyone at St Joseph’s, and especially to encourage the children and families to play their part in the life of our whole Parish.

Tim Hodgson – Foundation Governor

Chair of Governors

As a Foundation Governor I have so far really enjoyed my post and hope to be able to continue to contribute towards helping this great school. My day job is running a commercial and residential property company based in Leeds. We are currently on site in Leeds centre bringing a new office block onto market that we have redeveloped.  Outside of work I spend a lot of time in the gym and play football once a week. Health and fitness seems to be a big part of my time . I am also a season ticket holder at LUFC and have been for over 10 years… which I guess is dedication? I try and play golf regularly but finding the time is very difficult, especially with a young family. As chair of the Governing body, I sit on all of the committees and have responsibility for the PE premium grant.


Kathleen Alderson – Foundation Governor

Vice Chair of Governors

Chair of Teaching & Learning Committee

As a member of the Governing body, I really enjoy supporting the great work that the school does. I am a mother of two children, who both attend St Joseph’s. I have a background in primary education and have classroom experience as well as knowledge of recruitment, safeguarding, teaching and learning, assessment and Ofsted expectations. I am a practising Catholic and have studied the CCRS to explore how faith can enhance the school curriculum. As a parent, I hope that I can work effectively between the school staff and the parents. As a governor, I am responsible for safeguarding, standards and progress, EYFS and am chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee.

Gerard Howard – Foundation Governor

I became a foundation governor in October 2023 and have recently been appointed as chair of the resource committee. I’m a chartered accountant and have spent 24 years working in the banking and construction sector, with experience working within both SME’s and Multi-national corporations. I have 4 boys, 2 of whom are currently attending St Joseph’s.

Eleanor Foster – LA Governor

Chair of Pupil Support Committee

I am now the Local Authority governor having served a four-year term as parent governor from 2019 to 2023 and then as an associate governor until summer 2023.  I have been connected to the school since 2011 with both of my children attending St Joseph’s so I can empathise with other parents as to their hopes, expectations and concerns for their children at the school.  I intend to use this experience, coupled with the skills developed from my day job as a solicitor, to continue to support the staff and governing body to maximise the educational opportunities and outcomes for all our children.  As a governor I have responsibility for Attendance and Wellbeing and I also chair the Pupil Support Committee.

Sarah Welborn – Parent Governor

As parent governor to the Governing body, I really enjoy engaging with the whole school community. As a teacher myself, and with my experiences as a senior leader in a secondary school, I am very aware of the constraints and issues of working within the education sector. As a parent with children at both primary and secondary schools, I also understand the impact this has on them. I am hoping with these experiences I can bring greater insight into the issues raised and help the school and our community to continue to thrive. As a governor, I am a member of the Pupil Support and Teaching and Learning Committees and have responsibilities for Special Educational Needs and Equalities.

Joanne Dent – Foundation Governor

My name is Jo Dent and I have 11 years experience as a Governor. I am a mum of twin boys who used to attend St Joseph’s school and I work as a Business Consultant in the transport industry sector and with local SMEs. I have an MSc in Human Resource management and have spent the last 33 years working with and managing people in both transport operations and in major scheme project management for the Department for Transport, the Virgin Group and local SME’s. My company is an independent organisation which delivers a range of services across the private and public sector. My portfolio of projects are divided through 75% of time worked on transport projects, 15% on local private SME business growth, performance improvement and commercial advice and 10% in the voluntary sector (non-fee-paying work).  My Role in the Governing Body Team, involves being a member of the Resources Committee which is responsible for all aspects of the operational running of the school Including Health & Safety, finance, buildings and maintenance and all our staff. My subject area is English and in the past I have had responsibility for Special Educational Needs.

James Costa – Foundation Governor

Chair of the Catholic Life Committee

As a parent to two children who currently attend St Joseph’s and one former pupil who has since moved on to secondary school, I have a number of connections to St. Joseph’s. I have been part of the St Joseph’s family for most of my life; I was raised in Wetherby and attended St Joseph’s myself in the 1980s. I am an independent IT consultant specialising in advising primary schools in their hardware purchasing, computing curriculum and online safeguarding. In addition, as a qualified primary school teacher with a number of years of teaching in a Catholic school in the region, I hope to be able to use my experience to provide support to our school in a range of related areas and to help further enhance the learning of the children through my role as Foundation Governor, driven by a focus on and understanding of their needs. I am responsible for the Catholic Life of the school and GDPR.

Hannah Griffths – Parent Governor

I am delighted to serve as a parent governor on the Pupil Support and Catholic Life committees at St Joseph’s. Drawing from my career and personal experience as a former Catholic school student, I aim to assist the governing body in achieving positive outcomes for the school. In my current role as a senior leader at an Independent Specialist School in Harrogate, I assist young people who encounter difficulties accessing mainstream education. I oversee safeguarding and pupil wellbeing and participate in multi-agency boards to ensure that Education, Police, Health, and Social Care are collaborating to address issues faced by young people. I plan to utilize my expertise to support St Joseph’s in ensuring that every student succeeds. I am eager to collaborate with my fellow Governors to ensure that St Joseph’s and the wider community continue to flourish.

Francesca Cooper – Staff Governor

I am the Acting Assistant Headteacher and Year 6 class teacher here at St Joseph’s, and the appointed staff governor. This is my seventh year at St Joseph’s and I am extremely proud to work at this wonderful school, supporting our fantastic children, families and working alongside a brilliant, committed and hard working team of staff. In school, I oversee Teaching & Learning and Assessment, and I am also responsible for the following subjects: RE, PE and Writing. I am passionate about ensuring that all children achieve their very best and leave St Joseph’s well-rounded, happy and confident individuals.

Paul Bareham – Foundation Governor

Governing Body Information

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Governing Body Information 2023-24

The governing body operates with the following committees:

Committee Details of Committee Committee Chair Other Committee Members
Resources Responsible for staffing including the appointment and role of the SENDCo, equality and diversity, finance, property management, health and safety and nutritional standards.

Gerard Howard


Tim Hodgson, Joanne Dent, Kathleen Alderson, Eleanor Foster, Headteacher
Teaching & Learning and Pupil Support T&L: responsible for teaching and learning matters including target setting, standards and achievement, SEND (including reporting annually on the success of the SEND policy),  monitoring teaching and learning and curriculum provision and ensuring that the governing board is represented at school improvement discussions. Pupil support: responsible for behaviour, safeguarding, attendance, children’s spiritual moral social and cultural development, children, parent and staff voice, extra-curricular activities, cluster and other partnerships. Kathleen Alderson Tim Hodgson, Eleanor Foster, Sarah Welborn, Paul Bareham, Hannah Griffiths, Headteacher
Catholic Life Committee responsible for monitoring of the Catholic life of the school, Religious Education and Collective Worship. James Costa Tim Hodgson, Kathleen Alderson, Monsignor Andrew Summersgill, Hannah Griffiths, Headteacher, Francesca Cooper
Pay Review & Appeal

Responsible for ensuring the implementation of the school Pay Policy and Teacher Appraisal Policy, for hearing pay appeals and ensuring a fair and proper process has been followed.



Eleanor Foster


Monsignor Andrew Summersgill, Sarah Welborn



Head Teacher Performance Panel Responsible for the performance management of the Head Teacher

Members of Panel: Eleanor Foster, Kathleen Alderson, Tim Hodgson



Annual Governance Statements

Pupil Support Committee Annual Statement 2022-23

Teaching and Learning Committee Annual Statement 2022-23

Catholic Life Committee Annual Statement 2022-23

Resources Committee Annual Statement 2022-23

Historic Governor Annual Statements are held securely in school and in line with GDPR regulations.

Record of Governors Meetings and Attendance:

Governors Attendance Record 2021-2022

Historic Governor Attendance is held securely in school and in line with GDPR regulations.

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