School Timetable

Start of the Day

  FS2-Y6 Nursery
Main gates open 8.40am 8.55am
School doors open 8.45am 8.55am
Registration closes 8.55am 9.00am

End of the Day

  FS2-Y6 Nursery
Main gates open 3.20pm
Collection time 3.25pm 3pm

Every day, the children are also given a 15 minute morning break. The children also have a 1 hour lunch break.

The above timings, from registration to the end of the day, for FS2 – Year 6 equate to 32.5 hours per week, including break and lunchtime.

There is an option for nursery parents to access private childcare between 3pm and 3:25pm to complement the school day. Please contact the school office directly if you wish to request to access this.

Out of School Club

For information about our Out of School provision, please click the button below.

Out of School Club