Welcome to our Investors in Pupils page. We are really looking forward to working towards this award and sharing our journey and achievements along the way. Please check in regularly to see how we are doing!

What is Investors in Pupils?

Investors in Pupils provides a quality framework and award within which schools can develop, embed and enhance Pupil Voice and Participation strategies. It provides opportunities for children and young people to take responsibility for their own education and behaviour. The award enables consistent co-ordination, review and implementation across five main areas; learning, behaviour, attendance, classroom management and induction.

Investors in Pupils Representatives

Hello! We are the Investors in Pupils Reps. Our job is to help promote the award to our classes and teachers and to make sure that we are working towards the targets on our action plan. We are really looking forward to helping our school achieve this award this year.

Our first important job was to launch Investors in Pupils to the whole school. We led a whole school assembly where we explained what the award was all about and what each class had to do. This formed an important part of our Induction week in our new classes and meant that we all started the new school year off in a really positive manner. Everyone was really enthusiastic about the award.

Investors in Pupils Launch Assembly

Class Visions

As part of our Induction Week in September, every class wrote a Class Vision Statement. This sets out what we want our classes to be like and how we will all work together to achieve our targets and rewards. Have a look at each of them and see what common themes we have come up with. Every class has a copy of their Class Vision displayed on their Class Noticeboards.

Class Noticeboards & Class Targets

Every class has an Investors in Pupils Noticeboard that has all the important information relating to the award on display. We use the board to help keep track of our targets and how close we are to achieving our class reward!

When we set our class targets they have to relate to one of the five areas:

  • Learning
  • Behaviour
  • Attendance
  • Classroom Management
  • Induction

They also have to be SMART!

Each class has chosen their own target which reflects what they think they need to work on most. We are looking forward to finding out how everyone is getting on.




An important part of the Investors in Pupils Award is Attendance. Two of our Investors in Pupils reps, Jake & Sienna, have an important job every Friday afternoon. They have to meet with Mrs Burrows who works in our school office and ask for the weekly attendance figures for each class. They then make a note of this in the Attendance book and on a Monday morning assembly they present the Best Attendance trophy to the class who have the highest attendance. The class that has the highest overall attendance at the end of each term get an extra reward break! All the classes are working hard to try and win the trophy!

Cleanest Classrooms

Keeping our learning environments tidy and clean is something we decided we wanted to improve on as a whole school. To help with this the Investors in Pupils Reps decided to launch a Cleanest Classroom weekly award. Each week our Year 3 representatives meet with the school cleaners to find out which class has won the Cleanest Classroom Award. There is an award for Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2. Some classes (and teachers!) are more tidy than others but all the classes have worked hard to improve how they leave their classroom at the end of the day. There is still some work to do especially in the cloakrooms but the cleaning team have noticed that there has been a big improvement over the last term. The trophies are presented in the whole school Monday assembly. The class with the most wins in a term earn an extra reward break!


One of the areas that we are keen to work on as part of our Investors in Pupils journey is improving dinnertimes both inside the dinner hall and outside on the playground. We are working closely with the School Council on this part of the project as well as with the dinner staff. This will be a key focus of our work in Spring Term so keep an eye on all the things that we will be introducing!


Who Does What Day!

One of our most exciting Investors in Pupils projects is taking place before February half-term. On the morning of Wednesday 5th February those jobs and roles in school that are normally done by adults will be carried out by pupils in our school. This includes the role of headteacher, class teachers, teaching support assistants, office staff, dinner staff and the cleaning team. All Year 5 pupils have the opportunity to apply to be part of an inaugural Who Does What Day! Application forms were given out this week and need to be returned ready for shortlisting on Friday 17th January. Everyone was very excited about the opportunity and are now busy considering which role to apply for and identifying the skills that they would bring to each one. Keep checking back to see how they get on in preparation for the big day!

Our Most Recent Events

  • Who Does What Day ~ Wednesday 5th February
  • Who Does What Day Feedback Assembly ~ Wednesday 12th February

Upcoming Events

  • Presentation to Governors ~ Wednesday 6th May