Glimpses of God at St Joseph’s

Throughout the moments of our lives, God grants us “glimpses” of His love, presence and grace.  God gives us glimpses of hope through simple acts of love. Whenever God comes down and touches our lives, we receive a glimpse of God’s holy love and presence. God grants to us these precious memories when God reveals to us His love and grace and heaven touches earth. Sometimes we are even given a glimpse of what we have done that has made a difference in the lives of others.

“Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love….” Ephesians 5:1-2

Children at St Joseph’s are extremely passionate about the Catholic identity, ethos and mission of our school and they are committed to following the teaching and example of Jesus, as we learn in the Gospels, in their lives. So often, our children share with parents/carers and staff in school the things they have done, on their own accord and we feel that these wonderful things our children do are glimpses of God. They are glimpses of the love that we all have in our hearts, because where there is love, there is God. 


“My biggest commitment is being myself. Everyone should just be themselves, be who God created us to be and by being ourselves, we will be committed to all of these important things.” Jack during an RE lesson discussing commitments, and what the children were committed to. November 2022

Two children set up a club to see how they can find funds for a charity. They did research and found that they wanted to support Martin House. They independently arranged a raffle on a piece of paper and have been walking from house to house ‘selling box numbers’ for £2 Their efforts raised a huge £135 of which £90 has been donated to Martin House and the rest was given to the winner of the raffle. However, the winner of the raffle said that she would donate all of this back to Martin House.