Did you know? The Romans

  • The city of Rome was founded in 753BC.
  • Plot key events onto a timeline that spans between BC and AD. Chronology – children will understand the terms BC and AD (Before Christ, Anno Domini – Latin for ‘Year of our Lord).
  • The history of the Romans can be divided into periods: kings, republic, empire.
  • The Roman inventions still have an impact on modern day: e.g., numerals, buildings, roads (transport).
  • Julius Caesar was a successful politician and military leader who attempted to invade Britain twice. Know why he didn’t succeed.
  • In 43 AD the Emperor Claudius resumed the work of Caesar by ordering the invasion of Britain and did succeed.
  • Understand why the Romans never gained full control of Britain. Hadrian’s Wall marked the edge of their territory.
  • Understand why people develop contrasting interpretations about the past Roman invasion of Britain
  • Pompeii was a Roman city, destroyed by a huge eruption of Mount Vesuvius.