Did you know? The Ancient Egyptians

  • The Ancient Egyptian time period runs between 5000BC-332BC
  • Tutankhamun was an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh.
  • Ancient Egyptians wrote using Hieroglyphics (a primary source of evidence). We know what these say because the Rosetta Stone provides translation.
  • When Pharaohs and important people died, their bodies were preserved (this was called Mummification) to enable them to go into the afterlife.
  • All of their important possessions were buried with them to go to the afterlife.
  • Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered in the Valley of the Kings in 1922 by Howard Carter.
  • Know that sources of evidence vary about a curse on Tutankhamun’s tomb and be able to discuss why this is.
  • Through artefacts, know about the ancient Egyptian beliefs and way of life and know why the artefacts have been so well preserved.
  • Know how the land was used: the Rive Nile was essential to transport and farming and civilizations were built around the River Nile for this reason.