Did you know? Britain since 1948

  • WWII was 1939-1945
  • Battle of Britain in 1940 was an unsuccessful attempt to invade Britain, one of the few remaining countries Germany had not invaded.
  • Rationing ends 9 years after end of WWII. Understand why this was the case ie the impact of the war and recovery of the nation.
  • Following the end of WWII, there was the largest population movement in European history with migration and immigration.
  • Britain has changed greatly since 1945: fashion, music, travel, technology, etc.
  • The role of women changed: there were more options to work, improved roles, first female prime minister was Margaret Thatcher in 1979.
  • There was wide-spread discrimination: Bristol Bus Boycott lasted 4 months.
  • People who were invited to England were subject to discrimination.
  • The Beatles revolutionised many aspects of the music industry.