Thank you for visiting our curriculum page. Here you will find all the information you need to know about the curriculum and our approach to delivering it. We are very proud of how we deliver our curriculum to ensure it is engagement and motivating for our pupils, developing them into active, resilient life-long learners who have high aspirations for themselves, their community and God’s world.

 Long Term Plans

Please find our long term plans for all subjects.
Our long term plan ensures coverage of each subject area across the curriculum and is monitored by each subject leader alongside a range of other monitoring tasks that ensure coverage and progression. Teachers may change the order of some topics where there is justification to do so, but will still ensure coverage of all topics across all subject areas. 

Religious Education  English Mathematics  Science  Art & Design Computing Design & Technology Geography History Modern Foreign Languages Music Physical Education PSHE

Key Knowledge Documents 

Please find below our key ‘sticky’ knowledge documents for our non-core subjects, as well as RE. These documents outline the knowledge that is taught within our topics and include key vocabulary and links to prior learning so that teachers can explicitly draw upon and build on children’s prior learning so that new learning will stick more. This is embedded into all subject approaches with the aim of our children knowing more, doing more and therefore remembering more throughout their primary learning journey. To ensure that our bespoke curriculum is sequential and builds on prior learning each year, our sticky knowledge documents go from FS1 (nursery) right through to Year 6.

Art & Design  Design Technology Geography History MFL Music Religious Education (RE) Science