Year 6 Home Learning Shout Outs

Hi Year 6. Welcome to your new section of home learning! This idea came about after chatting on the phone with you about home learning, and several of you said you would love to see what others have been doing, so here you go – your wish is my command!  I will start to build this page up with some of the best things that I think you will enjoy seeing. As you have sent me so many things over the last 6 weeks, I’m going to start with more recent things, but if you have something in particular that you think should be shared, then send a message to me via Showbie with the image and I’ll do my best. I hope you enjoy this.

A Special Shout Out & Thank You!

A very special shout out is needed indeed for some very special people in our St Joseph’s community..

As your home learning comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you and give a massive shout out to all of our parents and carers at St Joseph’s! Our very special parents and carers have been amazing in supporting you all in your home learning journeys for the past 16 weeks and we say a huge THANK YOU!! We hope all of our families have a very well rested break over the summer holidays! 

A Wednesday shout out to this master baker who is looking rather proud of her wildlife themed cake. Her idea for the Wednesday challenge has certainly inspired lots of children, some of which have been displayed on the shout out page. Great job master baker!

A massive shout out to Harry who is really enjoying discovering his talents at home. Look at this fantastic art work he completed! Harry, it’s really great. Well done and keep up the good work.

A huge shout out to Emily who is really hard working at home every week without fail. This week she has impressed me with some diary entry writing which she has completed linked to the story about a refugee in the Colour of Home. She also listened to the song Running which is about refugees and commented on the words in the song and the emotions it stirred in her. In addition, Emily completed the Wednesday challenge and wrote a long mystery story which she worked hard on all day. Well done Emily.

Colour of Home by Emily. Emily’s comments on music: Running Emily’s mystery story.

A huge shout out to Aimee who has been busy at home after weeks of lockdown and turned her hand to cooking recently. Yesterday she made a yummy pasta and tomato tea and today she has baked white muffins which I have never heard of before. It’s white chocolate and raspberries which are the ultimate partnership as far as my taste buds are concerned!

A huge shout out to our Poppy who has completed the Wednesday challenge. She has gone for a wildlife theme and created a hedgehog cake. Poppy has spent many hours baking during lockdown and teases me with her finished baking every week; I still haven’t had a slice of anything! Sharing is caring, as Mrs Frost likes to say!

A huge shout out to Kenny the cat’s owner who has completed the Wednesday challenge. Look at this fantastic vegetable patch themed cake! Not only did Kenny’s owner manage to make a cake, he also completed his maths for the day and had time to tickle Kenny’s tummy too.

Shout out to Millie for this rainbow themed cake completed for the Wednesday challenge set by one of her friend. It looks like a feast! I think Wetherby must have had a waft of baking coming from all directions as this themed cake challenge has proved to be popular today!

Shout out to super baker Erin who has created a sea themed cake. If you look carefully, you’ll be able to work out the sea creatures she’s included in her topping design. What can you spot?


Shout out to Jess who has taken on the Wednesday challenge to write a mystery story. This one is a mystery story across many years and has a shocking ending! Well done Jess. 

Click to read Jess’ story.

A huge well done and shout out to Olivia who completed BOTH Wednesday challenges. She made this fantastic NHS chocolate cake and found time to write a mysterious story too involving very creepy sounding butchers, nosy neighbours and a cottage at the foot of a forest!  That sounds like a ‘recipe’ for disaster!

A huge shout out to Will who has had a busy week again making a stop motion film using the Anderson shelter theme.

He was inspired by Isobel’s movie and had a go himself. Check out the music and sound effects too. It’s great.

Well done Will and dad who I know enjoyed making it with his son.

Shout out to William who has been busy writing a very long story. He is really happy to share it with you so here you go! The story is called The Cases Mount Everest.

Click to read William’s story.


Shout out to Emily who is a real super star home learner. She sent a fantastic piece of work about music this week and gave so much careful detail about how the music made her feel, how the instruments had influenced her feelings, and what she felt the instruments represented. What I really loved about Emily’s work was her summary. She said she doesn’t usually like classical music but the task had helped her to listen to it in a way that meant she actually quite liked it! The music was from a ballet written for a story by Oscar Wilde called the Selfish Giant. If you haven’t tried this yet Y6, give it a go. It might just surprise you like it did Emily.

Shout out to Ruby who has waited a long time to get her puppy. He is called Teddy. Isn’t he cute? Ruby’s going to be busy now teaching Teddy tricks and not to chew. If you fancy learning to draw cute puppies, click the tutorial below.

Shout out to Henry who is working really hard at home every day. He has designed his own VE day medal and thought really carefully about the meaning behind his medal. I think any soldier would be proud to wear this! Well done, Henry! Keep up the good work. Maybe you could design your own medal too? Maybe you could design a medal for a key worker like the postman, doctor, nurses, teachers, police, etc.


Shout out to Dominic who has once again been drawing characters to share with you. This is Midas and he turns everything he touches to gold! Great art work Dominic. If you would like to read a very short story about a King called Midas who turned things to gold, click on the button below.


Click for short story of King Midas.

Shout out to Isobel who is loving the home learning theme this week. She made an awesome Anderson shelter and then a Stop Motion film of how the shelter would be used. It’s awesome. She’s also written a diary of what it was like to sleep in the shelter. Watch the film, read the diary and get inspired! A massive well done to Isobel.

Click to watch Isobel’s stop motion film. Click to read Isobel’s diary.


Shout out to our very own DIY Aimee who has been learning to use a power drill this week. She took on the learning grid challenge which was to ask to look at tools a family member has and learn what they are and how to use them. It’s a very handy life skill to have Aimee. You could teach me if you like as I still ask my dad to do those types of jobs for me!


Click to see video of Aimee doing DIY.

Shout out to Olivia for making a mini-bug hotel. Caring for the environment is such a good thing to do and Olivia can hide this away in her garden; it’s sure to have residents moving in pretty quickly. It will make a cosy new home for some little creatures. Well done, Olivia. Have you got things in your garden which you could use to make your own design?

Shout out to Poppy who is working really hard on her art skills at home at the moment. She sends me lovely messages and pictures of what she has done. Here is a little taster but there’s loads more to come too! Poppy is going to try the week 8 tutorials next and let me know how she gets on. 


Shout out to Erin who has been busy learning about local history and the role it played in WW2. She has a walk in Thorner to a piece of land used as a decoy airstrip and researched how it was used to protect Leeds from bombing. She made a video too to show the actual area in Thorner. This is really interesting and has made me want to go away and learn more myself. Well done, Erin!

Shout out to Dominic who made a fantastic Meccano helicopter. It has a working propeller! Well done Dominic. If you’re not lucky enough to have a proper model kit to make your own helicopter, watch the video below and you can make a paper one instead!

Here is a massive shout out to William who made my day by sending through his Happy News Edition 1 to me. It’s brilliant! With so much sad news on the TV at the moment, William’s happy news was a breath of fresh air for me to read. You must take a minute to check it out – I guarantee it will make you smile! Why don’t you watch out for happy news moments too and share them with me like William did? Well done William for making me smile today.

Click to read William’s Happy News

Shout out to Harry for his super art work this week. Harry followed one of the tutorials on the Y6 home learning page for week 8 and sent this lovely piece of art through. Very impressive! Well done Harry. If you haven’t tried the tutorial yet, why not have a go now!

You’ll see why one of your class mates deserves a massive shout out. Watch the video and see if you can be inspired by your super class mate to recall as many countries in Europe as possible. Not only does he recall the names, but he also locates them on a map. AMAZING!

Shout out to Maya who took on the challenge of creating her own recipe. She’s done it to a very professional standard indeed. Not only did she design her own recipe, she actually made it too – it looks delicious! Maya’s recipe is available to follow by clicking the button below. If you haven’t tried creating a recipe of your own yet, why ever not? It’s great fun and you can include all your favourite flavours too!

Click to see Maya’s recipe.

Shout out to Toby has been busy with home learning in music. He is practising lots on his drum kit and sending audios which sound amazing! He is a talented drummer. Get inspired by Toby and make music! You can send any audios and photos to me via Showbie. Well done Toby.

Click here to listen to him drumming.

Shout out to Francois for his amazing imagination. He is currently writing a story called Dragon Mysteries. It is about a teenager called Tharrock and his friends: Thrassur, Zon, Miler and Thrain (I love the names). They set out across Asgaroth on a quest to find dragons and prove they are real but they come across unwanted difficulties and realise not only do they to find dragons, but they have to save them before the Dragon amulet turns to silver and the dragons are lost! Maybe you could be inspired by Francois to write your own dragon adventure or maybe you could draw some illustrations to go with his story?


Click here for art tutorial to draw dragons.

Shout out and well done to Matilda who sent this amazing 3d map of England, Scotland and Ireland. Look at the 3d landmarks too. She put a huge amount of effort into this project. I love the little flags to indicate where places are too. It’s brilliant. If you haven’t tried this task, why don’t you get inspired by Matilda’s and give it a go.

Click here for ideas how to make 3d maps.

Shout out to George and his little puppy. How cute is she? George is having lots of fun with Lyra as she explores her new home. Please feel free to send pictures of your pets to me via Showbie too. Maybe you could draw pictures of your pets or write stories about them too?

Click here for a tutorial about how to draw dogs.

Click here for tutorial on how to draw a cat.

A great big shout out to Ruby who was inspired by Francois’ writing about dragons and decided to have a go at painting a dragon for his story. I think it’s fantastic and I’m sure Francois will be pleased to have an illustration for his story now. Maybe someone will now be inspired by Ruby’s dragon and draw another one so that Francois has a number of dragon’s for his story? Well done Ruby.

Shout out to Joshua for practising his piano during lock down. He is a talented pianist and puts in many hours of practise to get to the fantastic standard he is at. Well done Joshua. Click the audio below to listen to his excellent playing.


Shout out to George for great motivation on a Monday morning.

He has already followed a tutorial and drawn this super dog and it’s only 10am! Well done George.

Check out Y6 home learning page for the art tutorials this week.

Shout out to Olivia who has impressed me with her creative writing skills. One of my favourite pieces she has completed so far is a poem about a mountain. Well done, Olivia. Maybe you could be inspired by Olivia to write your own poem?

Click here to read Olivia’s poem in full.

Shout out to Isobel who has spent a lot of time making bunting and decorating her window to celebrate VE day. Look carefully at all the different images that she made like the soldiers, spitfire and Union Jacks. The whole display looks great Isobel!

Shout out to William C who’s loving the shout out page and sent this great VE cake picture to me which is definitely very worthy of a shout out! Mmmmm….looks great! Well done William.

Shout out to Emily for all her hard work writing a diary about life in the Sahara Desert. She put in a huge amount of work into this so have a read if you get a few minutes to spare.

Click here to read Emily’s Sahara diary.

Shout out to Jess who has been really busy being very creative with some old cardboard boxes. She’s made a lock down den with everything you need to be comfortable and happy for the day: a bed, a book, some felt tips and, of course, lots of snacks! Watch out, Jess; your sister will probably want to squeeze in too!

Shout out to all the Key Worker children who made bunting to decorate Mrs Ward’s window ready for VE celebrations. It looks great! Mrs Ward really enjoyed watching the programmes on television to remember this special anniversary, and joined in singing “We’ll Meet Again” with the neighbours on her street. 

Shout out to Will who spent a long time doing this fantastic art work. He’s taken really great care and used colours well too to make it vibrant.  Doesn’t it look great? He’s really proud of this art work and you can see why. He told me that he is also loving the weekly art lessons and asked for more! There will be art tutorials every week on the Year 6 home learning page so check it out.

If you would like to try some art inspired by Will’s picture, click on the button below for an art tutorial.


Click for art tutorial – shapes.


Shout out to all the children who are drawing pictures of their pets or other animals inspired by George’s cute puppy picture. Keep them coming. Matilda has drawn her own dog, Elsa, Isn’t it great? Keep your art work coming.

Shout out to Isobel for taking on a challenge that Dominic set which was to design your own roller coaster or building. Isobel chose to design her own house using computer software. When I chatted with Isobel about this design, she told me it had taken her hours to complete and she had really enjoyed the task. She is very proud of it! Well done Isobel. 

Shout out to Olivia who has been busy learning about the different countries in Europe. She challenged herself to recall as many countries from memory as possible in 1 minute. See if you can have a go at this. Olivia does very well! How will you do?

Click here to listen to Olivia.

Shout out to Jake for asking for more maths tasks linked to code breaking. He really liked the Morse code activities from week 8 and wanted more, so I sent him a spies and espionage puzzle to solve as a tester to see if it was something that he thought everyone would enjoy. Guess what? He thought it was great and recommends that you all have a go! Check out week 9 maths to have a go.


Shout out to Sophia who has been spotting wildlife in her garden. Her dad set up night time camera and they spotted a hedgehog. Sophia then did her own research about hedgehogs and shared lots of interesting facts with me. 


Shout to Dominic for this careful piece of art work of a cat called Shadow Meowscles. He assures me that lots of you will know who this character is! Dominic had a fantastic week of home learning and has sent through lots of art work this week, as well as keeping on top of his other subjects which is great. Well done Dominic!

Shout out to Millie who is a very busy home learner. She was the first to send me a video of her completing Mr Cooper’s PE challenge this week. She’s also been busy with all her subjects and managed to squeeze in some cooking too. She sent me a picture of her lasagne which looked yummy so I sent her a picture of mine! I think she would win the cook off as she has lots of chewy bits at the edges which are my favourites bits!

Shout out to Max for putting in lots of effort into his Anderson shelter using Lego. He also then completed the computing task for week 8 and made a stop motion video. It takes so much patience to complete this so well done Max.

Click here to watch Max’s stop motion video.

Shout out to Francois for this amazing illustration to go with his story which he wrote a few weeks ago. I love how he has included his signature like a professional! 

Shout out to your class friend who is busy snuggled away in a den reading even more than usual. Do you recognise him? He’s busy reading Beast Quest so do not disturb him!