Year 5 Home Learning Shout Outs

Hi Year 5 and welcome to your brand new section of our home learning page! This page is for you to see what each other have been up to. I know lots of you are already keeping in touch which is fantastic and lovely to hear! Hopefully, this page might even inspire you to try something new. This page is to shout out to those children that have wowed me – be it with a project, piece of work, their attitude or even something kind they have done at home! If you think you have something in particular that could be shared with the rest of Year 5, please send me a message on Showbie and I can pop it on here! I am SO PROUD of all of you and miss you all very much! I hope this page brings a smile to you all!

What have Year 5 been up to?

A Special Shout Out & Thank You!

A very special shout out is needed indeed for some very special people in our St Joseph’s community..

As your home learning comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you and give a massive shout out to all of our parents and carers at St Joseph’s! Our very special parents and carers have been amazing in supporting you all in your home learning journeys for the past 16 weeks and we say a huge THANK YOU!! We hope all of our families have a very well rested break over the summer holidays! 

Shout out to Oliver for his beautiful butterfly from our Wednesday challenge last week. I absolutely loved his creation and thought it was SO creative! Well done Oliver! 

Shout out to Sophie for her super poster on the solar system! This was one of the grid tasks on our homework grid. This is our final homework grid so I’d love to see whatever you get up to – send me your work on Showbie! Well done for such a super poster Soph! 

Shout out to James and the Hilton-Green family for their super lock-down squares for our lock-down project! How super are they?! Please return your lockdown squares to school as soon as possible. You can drop these off outside the main office between 10am and 2pm. I can’t wait to see the finished creation after the summer holidays! 

Shout out to to this super scientist for working really hard this week on a range of science experiments. He had a Science morning so worked on Max’s science experiment from this week’s home learning activities and then investigated a range of concepts in his own science experiments. I loved reading about all of these science experiments! Perhaps you feel inspired and want to have a go at one of them? Take a look!

Shout out to this star baker for baking her very own Jewish Kosher biscuits. She made chocolate chip ones – who doesn’t love chocolate chip biscuits?! If you haven’t tried some baking of Jewish goods, head to the home learning grid to find out the task! There are lots of things to choose from to bake! Send me pictures of your baking! If only you could actually send me the baking itself – yummmmmmy!

Shout out to all that took part in this week’s Wednesday Challenge. I loved this week’s one – it was a lovely, get outdoors, nature inspired challenge and so many of you completed it! A big thank you to our challenge master this week – you clearly put a lot of thought and effort into this challenge idea so well done too! Here are some highlights from this week’s Wednesday challenge.

Shout out to Eve for making her very own Mezuzah using lego! How fantastic is this?! So creative and I was super impressed! Well done Eve! 

Shout out to Jake for his wonderful poem to capture his experience in lockdown. I really loved reading this poem and particularly liked his rhyming couplets too. It is clear that Jake put a lot of thought and effort into his poem. What a lovely thing to keep to remember his time learning at home. Well done Jake! 

Shout out to Dominic who has also written a beautiful poem. This poem made me quite emotional when I read it. I think it was the ‘never give up’ phrase that was repeated so many times. This is often a tool used in poetry so I loved this writing technique but I think we can all relate to having to persevere whilst learning at home because it hasn’t all being super easy has it? Thank you Dominic for writing such a beautiful piece. 

Shout out to Oliver for his Anglo Saxon brooch design. He put a lot of thought and effort into this and researched brooches beforehand so that he could try to make his design as similar as possible. Well done Oliver!

Shout out to Brody for being the first member of Year 5 to send in his Family Lockdown Squares! Don’t you think these are brilliant?! Well done Brody and family! 

Shout out to James for his fantastic writing this week as well as practising his typing skills! Don’t you love the background he chose for his writing too? I feel like it really sets the scene! Have a read of James’ writing and enjoy! 

Shout out to our challenge masters this week for their fantastic challenges linked to the world we live in! Check their videos on Showbie if you missed them! These are the highlights of the Wednesday challenge this week. Thanks to everyone who got involved and completed the challenges as well the challenge masters themselves! I can’t wait for next Wednesday to see what our next challenges will be! 

Shout out to Lewis for completing the music task this week. He sent me a great voice note on Showbie to explain why he liked each song and was able to describe each song well using the musical terms. Some terms he used were: melody, texture, dynamics, pulse, beat. I was super impressed!! Well done Lewis! 

Here’s the music for you to listen to you if you’d like to complete this task too – it’s fantastic Viking battle music! Enjoy! 


Shout out to Jess who has really enjoyed learning about Judaism. She has even made some Jewish bread – check it out!!  This is a special type of bread called ‘challah’. Well done Jess!

Can you find out about why this bread is important for Jewish people?

Shout out to this member of Year 5 for creating her fantastic Viking shield! I love the colours she chose. I’ve seen a few shields so far so if you didn’t get chance to create yours yet, go for it! 

Shout out to Jessica for completing the weather forecast task from the home learning grid. She presented this in a really creative way! Well done Jess for learning about the weather in French too. Perhaps if you haven’t yet completed the MFL task from the grid, Jess can inspire you!

Shout out to James for his fantastic map from his book. Looking at this map, you also learn a lot about the story he is reading. I love this task and love how well James completed it! Well done James!

Shout out to Christopher who has been working hard on his writing! Check out his newspaper report he has just completed about a monster being spotted in Collingham! He worked really hard at planning, writing and then editing and improving it! I am also really impressed with the layout of his newspaper too – it looks like the real deal doesn’t it?

Shout out to John for completing the creative reading task to create a map that you imagine in your story. I was so impressed with this and John was the first Year 5 to complete this reading task. Well done!

If you are inspired, go back to Week 12 to see the task’s brief. I’d love to see the maps from the books you’re all reading!

Shout out to Sophie for her beautiful artwork she completed on a trip to Fountains Abbey. How brilliant is it?! Perhaps the next time you visit somewhere with ruins you could draw what you see too! 

Shout out to Zack for baking some Viking themed bread. This was such a creative task! I am really enjoying seeing all of the fantastic things that Zack learns and does at home. Perhaps he can inspire you to create some Viking themed food? Well done Zack!

Shout out to our challenge master for our very first Wednesday Challenge. The brief was to create your own chocolate bar; come up with a name, packaging design, flavour and slogan and wow, you all rose to the challenge well! What a brilliant idea that was brought to life because of so many of you! Here are some of the chocolate bar creations! Shout out to Alice, Zack, Molly, Amy, Oliver, Lewis, Christiana, Dominic, Brody and Jack for their creations! I’m sure the challenge master was super impressed!

Shout out to Brody for creating his very own Viking Longships! How creative are these?! I’d love to see you all complete the DT project on this week’s activities and create your own longship. Send me your creations! Well done Brody!

Huge shout out for this fantastic recreation of a famous painting using household items. This made me laugh very much – I thought it was super creative!! Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did! Well done to this member of Y5 for showing such creativity and imagination!!

Huge shout out to this trickster! He has been learning to juggle and sent me a video of his new skills. How fantastic is this!!! I cannot juggle to save my life!

Do any of you have any cool tricks or skills that I haven’t seen before?

I was super impressed with this member of Y5 for creating his very own Viking Longship. How fantastic is it?! This member inspired your DT task this week. Can’t wait to see all of your creations! 

Shout out to Eve for her fantastic work on recreating a famous painting with household items! I loved the use of ping pong paddle as the red balloon. Well done Eve!

Shout out to Lewis! I was blown away with his artwork! I actually couldn’t tell which one was the original at one point…well done Lewis!

Huge shout out to Jess who has completed the ‘Express Yourself’ reading challenge this week linked to her reading of Goodnight Mister Tom. I love this task and have loved seeing so many of you enjoy completing it too!

Do you all agree with the emotions Jess chose for the characters in Goodnight Mister Tom? Well done Jess! If you haven’t completed this challenge already, please do – it’s a fun one! 

Shout out to Sophie who got really creative with the task of recreating a piece of art with household items. I love this so much! Well done Sophie! you have really shown how creative and imaginative you are!! Sophie also did some research about the artist of this famous painting, Edvard Munch. 

If you haven’t yet had a go at recreating a famous painting/piece of art, check out the home learning page and see my examples and then get your creative hat on! Can’t wait to see what you all create!

A big shout out to Max who has been working really hard on all of his home learning tasks. Here is a recent task of Max’s which is an information text about the Vikings. He has since gone to write an information text about Judaism too. It is so lovely to see Max handwriting his work too – remember, you need to keep writing so that you don’t forget how to write! Having the use of technology is so great but it is also really nice to hand write your work. Well done Max for all of your hard work!

Shout out to Brody for his wonderful Viking helmet drawing. Brody has also enjoyed learning about our new topic and has worked really hard at a range of home learning tasks linked to the Vikings. This was one of my favourite of his tasks this week. Well done Brody!

A huge shout out to Eloise who has been working hard already on our new Vikings topic. Eloise has created a PowerPoint with all of her new learning so far, from reading comprehensions and her own research. Eloise has also, once again, shown off her computing skills with her fantastic transitions in her PowerPoint. I have uploaded the PowerPoint below if you’d like to see it! Well done Eloise!

Eloise’s Viking Presentation


Huge shout out to Jake who was the first Year 5 member to recreate a famous piece of art. This one made me chuckle very much!! What do you think? Has Jake been creative? I think he has and I think his teddy looks great!! Haha!

Huge shout out to Ned & Will who have both finished Goodnight Mister Tom. This is hot off the press as I was literally told yesterday that they had finished the book. They both loved it and I bet they now can’t wait to watch the film adaptation of the book. Well done boys!

If you have finished any books that you have enjoyed, do let me know – I’d love to know what you’re all enjoying reading at the moment!


Huge shout out to Lewis for earning his brown/black belt in Martial Arts with a distinction! This is a fantastic achievement that Lewis has continued to work hard for even whilst learning at home. Congratulations Lewis. We are all very proud of you!

Shout out to another steward of God’s creation in our class. Zack helped to save a pigeon that he was worried had come into harm’s way. Zack has really enjoyed watching the nature in his back garden and has been learning a lot about birds. Well done Zack and thank you!

Shout out to James for his beautiful acrostic poem about Tolerance. James has shown a great understanding of this British Value and I thought this poem really was beautiful. Thank you James.

If you haven’t completed the PSHE task yet for Week 12, I would love to see what you create to show your understanding of what tolerance is.

Shout out to this steward of God’s creation who has been litter picking with his Mum. It’s quite shocking to see that he still picked up a whole bin liner full of rubbish! Thank you for this kind act for God’s world.

Have you done any acts of kindness during this time? I would love to hear about them!


Shout out to Christiana for her research on the Mayan gods and beliefs. I know lots of you have enjoyed learning about the Mayans and Christiana really enjoyed learning about the beliefs of the Mayans as well as the gods they believed in. Well done Christiana!

Shout out to Alice for her Mayan mask she created! I know lots of you have been busy creating your masks and they are all AMAZING! I have enjoyed reading your evaluations too. If you haven’t made your mask yet or completed your evaluation, please still do – I love seeing them and reading them!


Huge shout out to Alfie who worked really hard with his family to build this 3D jigsaw – how fantastic is it?! I am not usually very patient with jigsaws and found them difficult when all the pieces look the same. Alfie and his family definitely have shown great perseverance and resilience in building this giant 3D jigsaw! Well done!!

Has anyone else built anything spectacular or completed something they have been working on for a long time?

Shout out to Molly for her fantastic idea of a Happy Newspaper. I know some of our key worker children worked on something similar in school too. I love the idea and hopefully this is something you all have the opportunity to create yourselves soon too! Well done Molly for showing your creative and kind side to this piece of work!

Huge shout out to Lewis who accepted an extra challenge for him this week!! He completed his gravity experiment from the science task on the last homework grid and I wanted to know what he knew about gravity. He explained gravity so well that I asked him to create a poster so that all of his class mates in Year 5 would benefit from his sharing his knowledge with you! Well done Lewis!

Take a look at his poster – I hope it helps you understand the force of gravity. If you would like to create your own poster to explain another force, that would be amazing! We would then have a collection of Forces Posters! 


Huge shout out to James for his hard work and fantastic efforts on a special history project he’s been working on. He completed this before half term and was working on it for some time. It is a timeline of the whole of world history – including a special section with a timeline of his own life. I know James is extremely proud of this! If you can see, the timeline is propped up against James’ banisters – so these are 4 pictures together. I think the full time line must be the length of his hallway! WOW!

I hope James can inspire you to complete your own world history timeline – it sure looked like a fun project and I know James said he had great fun but learnt LOADS of history facts about different time periods! Well done James!

Shout out to Jack who has been learning about different cultures this week and has especially taken the time to consider how we can treat everyone equally, no matter what. Jack also learnt about the Chinese culture and his family set up a Chinese restaurant in their home – it looked very authentic indeed.

Perhaps you want to learn about different cultures? I wonder what country Jack is going to learn about next. Well done Jack! 

Shout out to Sophie who has learnt about chromatography. Chromatography is the physical process by which complex mixtures are separated. Sophie’s experiment separated one colour and showed the different colours within the colour red. Check out her results! 

Have you explored any scientific phenomenons? Have you completed any fun scientific experiments? Send them my way!

Huge shout out to Oliver for completing the Science task on the home learning grid. He completed a science investigation to explore the force of upthrust. This involved some initial research and he then made predictions about a range of objects and then, using fair test techniques, tested the objects to see if his predictions were correct.

You could magpie Oliver’s method of recording his experiment and have a go yourself! Well done Oliver!

Shout out to Jake who completed the RE task from our PSHE themed week really well. Firstly, I love his artwork to create his tree and I can tell he took great care and a lot of time on finding the Bible quotes and thinking about his qualities.

I hope you all enjoyed this RE task – so many of you completed it so well done and thank you!

Shout out to Brody who, throughout our PSHE themed week before half term completed many acts of kindness. He wrote some special notes to his family members. 

I would love it if Year 5 could continue their special acts of kindness each and every week – try to put a smile on someone’s face every day!

Shout out to this member of Year 5 who has completed the Blue Plaque Trail to learn about the history of Wetherby. I know other Y5 pupils have also completed this so well done! Why don’t you give it a go with your family if you are able to? It’s a great activity which lets you get outdoors and learn some fun history facts!

Check out this document to help you learn more about the history of Wetherby, the market town that our school is in. Learn more about the history of Wetherby…


Shout out to Marcus who created a flower crown specifically for the month of Mary. I love how creative this is! If anyone else created something specifically for the month of Mary or if you have been working on your own Art/DT projects, I would love to see your creations!


Shout out to Maxwell who has been working really hard on writing his very own chapter book AND he has been hand-writing it which was lovely to see! I know if I don’t write by hand for a while my handwriting becomes a little messy! His chapter book is all about football, of course. It has been lovely to read his writing! Well done Maxwell!

Here is a snippet of one of his chapters. If you’ve done any writing and haven’t shown me yet, I’d love to see it!

Shout out to Christopher who has been working really hard on his creative writing. I was really impressed with this piece of writing I received this week. Check it out! I would love it if you could take some time out of your day to read his writing. He has used some fantastic similes!

So many of you are enjoying writing and it is so great to see. Remember, you can use the RAMPS editing and improving sheet to help you edit afterwards!

Shout out to John who has been working really hard on his Maths. It has been so great to see Maths work completed each and every single day and John is really persevering with this! Well done John!

Have any of you been enjoying fun Maths activities or Burn2Learn games? I’d love to hear more about the active or practical Maths you’ve been doing!

Shout out to G’ft who has enjoyed reading Goodnight Mister Tom. She completed a diary entry in the shoes of Willie and enjoyed considering his thoughts and feelings about being evaucated.

I know lots of you have enjoyed diary writing. Why don’t you choose a character from a film you have watched and write a diary entry in their shoes?

Shout out to this super explorer who has been enjoying enjoying finding out facts about the world we live in through Google Expeditions, on a VR headset. He was able to experience lots of places around the world almost as if he was there. He said to me that he had been to Paris, Chichen Itza and many more places! 

You can download Google Expeditions for free on any device and you don’t need a VR headset – you can just drag the screen around with your finger. Why don’t you have a go at exploring the world we live in? You can also find out some very interesting facts on there too!

Shout out to Gabriel who has been enjoying lots of baking recently. This is one of his most recent bakes – a cake for his birthday. Doesn’t it look yummy?!

Have you tried out any new recipes recently? I’d love to see your baking or cooking creations if you have!

Shout out to Eloise who was the first member of Year 5 to write their poem based on the word ‘kindness’. It was lovely that Eloise was creative and chose her own format to write her poem. She chose an acrostic style poem. The message is really clear and shows how important it is to be kind. Thank you to Eloise for sharing this with me! It is so lovely to see you all enjoying the activities from the website.

If you have written a poem based on the word kindness, please send it through to me. I love reading your work! 

A huge shout out to Eve for her fantastic writing on VE Day! She wrote her very own poem that was so beautiful to read. I would love it if you took a couple of minutes out of your own day to read Eve’s wonderful poem. I know she worked very hard on this too! I was super impressed! It definitely deserved a special mention! Well done Eve and thank you for sharing!

Perhaps Eve could inspire you to write your own poem about one of your experiences during your time at home? I’d love to read anything you do write! 

Shout out to Jack who has been enjoying exploring and exercising with his family. He has recently been on a run with his Mum and a very long 12.5km walk with his family (this is a long way)! Well done Jack! He also sent me lots of happy photos of his family whilst on the walk. It is so lovely to see happy memories being made! 

Have you been enjoying your exercise? What happy memories have you made during your time at home?

Shout out to Molly who was the first to complete her very own positivity jar. Molly really enjoyed this activity and then went on to make an activity jar and a happy memories jar! Well done Molly and thank you for completing this special activity.

If you haven’t made your own positivity jar yet, why don’t you try it? It’s sure to make you feel good. Or perhaps you could take Molly’s idea and create an activity jar that you can choose from each day.

Shout out to Zack who has been working really hard on his writing/History linked to VE Day and World War II. He has researched all about the war and learned lots of things about his family history in the process too. This is his most recent piece of work where we learnt about evacuees and why children were evacuated in the war linked to the book “Goodnight Mister Tom”. He considered if he had to be evacuated where he would want to go and he chose the seaside! 

Where would your ideal place be if you were living in WWII and had to be evacuated?


Shout out to Lena who has really impressed me. After I spoke to her on the phone yesterday, I challenged her to a writing task and within the next couple of hours she had already sent me her work plus other tasks she has completed too! Wow! She is currently working on a secret writing project that I hope we will be able to share with you when it is finished so watch this space…

Lena’s writing task that she has completed was all about the different breeds of dogs. Perhaps you could do some research into one of your favourite animals?

Shout out to Alfie who has worked so hard on writing a story. He came up with the idea himself and gave his story the title “Star of Light”. I was blown away by some of his language techniques such as the use of 3 questions to really hook the reader in and make them wonder! It has been so lovely to see you write stories from your own imagination. Alfie is still working on the final version so once he has finished writing his story and has edited and improved (as all writers do), we will share it with you all. Well done Alfie!

I know lots of you have been working hard on your own stories or writing pieces so if you haven’t yet shared, I’d love to read your work! 


Shout out to Dominic for his fantastic MFL work! He has learnt the numbers in French from 1-20 and sent me a fantastic video of him counting in French – he had fantastic pronunciation! Dominic then moved on to learning numbers in Spanish from 1-20 and wrote out the pictures like he did for French (see below) and sent me another video of him saying each number – he found Spanish a little trickier because the pronunciation is a little different. Fantastic languages work!! Well done Domininc!

Have you learnt your French numbers? Perhaps you might be inspired by Dominic to learn them in another language like he did. 

Shout out to Aiden for his fantastic perseverance with kick ups. His highest number of kick ups so far is a staggering 343!! He sent me a video where he managed to do over 200 kick ups. Aiden is now working on his new goal of 500 kick ups! Not only does this take some football skills but it also takes real concentration, focus and determination! Well done Aiden!!

Have you tried the kick up challenge? Can anyone beat Aiden’s 343 kick ups? I’d love to know how you’re getting on with this challenge!

Shout out to Brody who has made his very own sundial! This is a such a fantastic way to explore how the sun appears to move in the sky and see how shadows change throughout the day – although I imagine this is much easier to see when we have sunshine. We certainly were blessed with the good weather last week and over the weekend. What a creative idea Brody! Well done!

Perhaps you would like to make your own sundial? Click on the blue button below to find out about more ways you could create your own sundial.

3 Ways to Make a Sundial


Shout out to Lewis for being super creative and making his own crystals! Another example of a really imaginative, creative activity during learning at home time! You are all coming up with such creative ideas – much better than I ever could! Well done Lewis!

I will find out exactly how Lewis made these crystals so that you can have a go at home if you would like to.

Keep all your fantastic, creative ideas coming! You are all superstars!

I have to give a huge shout out to this amazing dancer who choreographed a full 3min+ dance to the song Halo by Beyonce. I was blown away by the talent that she shared –  a beautiful dancer. There was great teamwork shown too as her big sister helped her so it was lovely to see this going on too! Well done and thank you for sharing! 

If you are inspired, you could choreograph your own dance, your own gymnastics routine or an exercise circuit! 

Shout out to Marcus who has been getting super creative and imaginative at home with some of his experiments! For this, he added food colouring to two cups of water, put a piece of card between the cups and when he removed the card, the water didn’t spill – I still don’t know how he did it!! Well done to Marcus!

Have you tried any experiments that might baffle me too? I would love to see them! 

Shout out to this DIY expert who made his own bunting with his little brother, especially for VE Day! It was all handmade from start to finish, from folding A4 pieces of paper in half to make sure they were all the same size, then hole punching them in the same places and then threading the string through the holes in order to keep it all together! This was then hung proudly for all passers by to see and it really did look superb! It certainly looks like VE Day was fun for all of you! 

Did anyone else make their own VE Day decorations? I’ve seen what lots of you have been up to and it has been so lovely to see you getting involved in such a special commemoration day. 

Shout out to James who has been super busy during his time at home digging a HUGE hole in his garden! He has now planted a tree! What a brilliant job you’ve done James – I bet it wasn’t easy but it looks like you’ve done a smashing job!! This has really wowed me and I only wish I had the strength to do this in my own garden! Well done James! I can’t wait to see the pictures with the updates on how the tree is doing!

Has anyone else been changing their garden or learning new gardening skills? 

Shout out to Jessica for this super creative artwork! She created all this by hand by first sketching the outline of the tree and carefully and intricately sticking the beads on. I think the final piece is so effective! Well done Jess! 

It is so lovely to see how creative you are all during your time at home. Perhaps Jess can inspire you to create a piece of art in a creative, different way?


Shout out to Maxwell who has not only been creative but has also been super kind and helpful to his brother, Dexter. Dexter was sent a task from the National Museum so Maxwell got involved too! Check out his creation below. Well done to Maxwell – not only for being super imaginative but also for being a fantastic big brother!! 

Are you interested in what Maxwell has been doing? If you’d like to see what the National Museum challenge was, click on the orange box below to find out more!

National Museum – Lego Life Forms


Shout out to Alice for her super Science investigative work! She worked so hard to explore friction and sent me lots of evidence on Showbie to prove her thoughts on how the surface affects the force of friction on an object! Well done Al! 

Hopefully you have all explored friction in your house but if you haven’t, click on the green box below to find out more about friction! 

BBC Bitesize – What is friction?

Shout out to Molly who was super creative for the VE Day celebrations and created a tank made out of cardboard. What a great idea!! I’m sure you will have had lots of fun playing in that on Friday! 

If you would like to read all about tanks in World War II, follow the link below in the red box. 

World War II – Tanks

Shout out to Eve who has been working super hard on Spelling Shed! I have been receiving lots of updates to Eve to say where she is in the whole school and at one point, Eve was first in the class and helped push Year 5 6th to 5th place! Thank you for all of your hard work! This is absolutely amazing! Hopefully you are also seeing improvements in your spellings too. WELL DONE!

There are so many ways to practise your spellings. Are there any creative ways you have been practising your spellings? I would love to see! 

Click here to see creative ways of practising your spellings…

Shout out to this super pianist who has continued his piano lessons virtually during his time at home. See if you can recognise the pianist in the picture! Unfortunately, I had trouble uploading the video! Hopefully if I can work it out the picture below will be replaced with the video! 

Have you been developing any new skills? I know lots of you can play an instrument so I would love to see or hear you play! 

Shout out to Jack for his fantastic VE Day baking! Jack has been super creative during his time learning at home. This baking looks so delicious!! I wish I had joined your VE Day tea party!

What did everyone else do for VE Day? Did anyone else do special baking for the occasion?

Shout out to Christiana for her beautiful prayer table! It has been so lovely to see all of your prayer tables since it is the Month of Mary. Have any of you been singing special hymns to Mary? Perhaps you could write prayers for Mary during the month of May. 

If you haven’t already, why don’t you work on your own prayer table at home? You now have Christiana’s and Sophie’s as examples. Thanks girls!

Shout out to Amy for making her own homemade lemonade. There is nothing nicer than a glass of cold lemonade on a hot day and we certainly have been lucky with the sunny weather recently! Well done Amy – I hope it was delicious and refreshing! 

Have you made your own drink? Perhaps Amy could inspire you to create your own homemade lemonade? There is a recipe for you to try below if you’d like.

Homemade Lemonade Recipe


Shout out to Joseph who has been developing his cooking skills. Look at his yummy pizza! Pepperoni is my favourite! Well done for making your very own pizza from scratch! I bet it tasted as delicious as it looks – you have made me hungry now! 

I know lots of you have been cooking and baking and would love to see what you’ve made if you haven’t already shared it with me on Showbie! 

If you would like to make your own pizza, here is a Jamie Oliver recipe below.

Jamie Oliver – Pizza Recipe

Shout out to Will who has been really enjoying our book, Goodnight Mister Tom. I love knowing what you guys are reading and I know that Will is loving this book! I’m especially proud of Will at the moment for his independence too as it can be tricky to just get on with your work or your reading on your own. Well done Will! 

What have you all been reading? Are you enjoying Goodnight Mister Tom?

Shout out to Ned who has been super busy in his garden! We all know how good Will & Ned are at DT, especially when we did wood work but Ned has taken this to the next level and he has been helping his Dad with a range of jobs – like clearing out a shed and moving it, using old materials to create structures and frames. However, this is my favourite project of his because he is keeping me updated regularly! He made his own mini green house to begin to grow some fruits and vegetables, this includes peas, broccoli, shallots (mini onions) and cucumbers. Check it out!!

Have you been doing any gardening or growing your own fruits and vegetables? I’d love to see!

Shout out to Lena who I know is super excited at the moment about her brand new puppy, Stella. Lena has done a really good job of making sure that Stella has settled into her new home and is looking after her really well. I am loving the updates that Lena sends me of pictures of Stella. She is a coccapoo and don’t you think she is gorgeous?

I would love to see more pictures of your pets because they sure do put a smile on my face! Send them my way on Showbie!

Maybe you could send me a drawing of your pet? Here is are some links to tutorials to help you draw animals!

Click here for a tutorial on how to draw dogs. Click here for a tutorial on how to draw cats.

Shout out to Eloise who also has a brand new puppy. Hello Honey!! When I have spoken to Eloise and her Mum on the phone, Mum says that Eloise has been fantastic at looking after Honey and that the whole family are just loving her! Isn’t she a cutie?! Honey is also a Cockapoo! Well done Eloise for being such a great big sister for Honey and keep those cute pictures coming!

If you have a pet at home, maybe you could write a leaflet with instructions on how to take care of your pet or if you don’t have a pet, you could do this for your favourite animal?

Shout out to Zack for his fantastic bird feeder! Not only did he create this bird feeder to put in his garden but he also wrote instructions on how make it and then took the time to observe the new wildlife it attracted. He then, with a tally chart, counted the number of different birds that entered his garden and then created a bar chart to show this! This blew me away! Well done Zack!!

Maybe you are inspired by Zack and could try making your own bird feeder?

Shout out to Sophie who has created a beautiful prayer table in her home for the month of Mary. I know a couple of you have already done this too but this one is really beautiful! I like how Sophie has considered everything you need for a prayer table including the liturgical calendar colours, religious artefacts, having a picture of Mary, the rosary and a Bible. Well done Sophie!

If you haven’t created your prayer table yet, hopefully Sophie can inspire you to create your own in your home.

Click here to see more pictures of Sophie’s prayer table.

Shout out to this explorer! He really looks the real deal doesn’t he – a real explorer! A lot ofhard work went into making this slingshot and this picture really brought a huge smile to my face! Check it out!

It’s really nice to see lots of new skills and interests being developed during your home learning time. Have you developed any new skills or interests?

Shout out to Jake for his fantastic creative writing! Jake decided to write his own story and enter into a competition and what a great read it is!! You might even notice your own name in the story… I was so impressed with Jake’s imagination, description and fantastic writing style that weaved through the whole piece! He worked so hard on this and it was the full process of planning, writing and editing and editing again! Well done Jake!

Do you fancy writing your own story? 

Click here to read Jake’s story – The Legendary Island