Year 4 Home Learning Shout Outs

Hello Year 4!. Welcome to your new section of home learning!  You are all doing such wonderful things at home and it is such a shame that you can’t see what I can see on Showbie. So, now we have this page to celebrate your hard work. I will be building this up over time so please keep sending me pictures with what you have been up to. I am starting with some of the most recent work from the last couple of weeks. Like I have said before, my daily check ups on Showbie are the highlight of my day and I love to see what you have been up to so keep sending me lots of updates and you never know, your work could end up on here 🙂


What have Year 4 been up to?


A Special Shout Out & Thank You!

A very special shout out is needed indeed for some very special people in our St Joseph’s community..

As your home learning comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you and give a massive shout out to all of our parents and carers at St Joseph’s! Our very special parents and carers have been amazing in supporting you all in your home learning journeys for the past 16 weeks and we say a huge THANK YOU!! We hope all of our families have a very well rested break over the summer holidays! 

Shout out to Julia who has worked hard and created these delicious looking cake pops. I am very jealous- they look too yummy! Have you been inspired by Julia to do some baking? I certainly fancy doing some baking this weekend now!

Look at Charlie’s amazing family square! I am so proud of his efforts and you can really see how hard he has worked on this! Well done to you Charlie!


Shout out to Ava who auditioned for her drama last month. She was auditioning for a role in ‘Toy Story’. She is very proud to tell you all that she got the role of Barbie.How fantastic is that? Well done Ava! We are very proud of you!

Shout out to Lucca who has managed to achieve what I thought was impossible! Lucca has worked so hard on his times tables and he has shown such a great focus that he is now be able to answer the times table check questions with a 2 second timer. How amazing is that? 

Maths Frame – Times Table Check

Shout out to Eamonn who managed to get 100% on a maths test on Mathletics! He is so proud and he definitely deserved to be! I am very proud too!

Shout out to this scientist! She has been working hard at placing organs in the correct place and I was sent a brilliant video of her naming all of the organs too. What a brilliant activity!

How exciting is this? Lucia has had some butterflies hatch this morning! It is so exciting to see caterpillars turn to butterflies. Thank you to Lucia for sharing this!

Another marvellous week for learning on Mathletics! Well done to these children:

  • James H with 4 hours 39 minutes
  • Isabella with 3 hours and 38 minutes
  • Jake with 3 hours 15 minutes 

Well done to them! Keep up the brilliant effort. Remember to just try little and often. 

Shout out to Julia who managed to get gold on Mathletics recently! What a fantastic achievement. It takes lots of time and effort to do this so she should be very proud!

Shout out to this girl with a pearl earring! Isn’t this brilliant! She has recreated a famous piece of art work by Johannes Vermeer, Have you tried this yet? Find a painting or artwork and recreate it in any style that you like. I love seeing these on Showbie!

I am so proud of Jayden! He has worked sooo soooo soooooo hard on his spellings lately! It is very impressive to see! Well done, Jayden!

Ava achieved a gold certificate on Mathletics last week! Well done to her for this brilliant achievement. I am so proud of her effort to achieve this!

Yet another fab effort this week for your effort on Mathletics. Our top spots for last week go to:

  • James H– 6 hours
  • Eamonn– 3 hours
  • Isabelle  2  hours and 39 minutes

Could you get yourself onto this leader board next week?

Shout out to Isabella for doing some brilliant work all about keeping yourself in the sun. She did two whole pages of top quality writing that I was very impressed with too! I could see she used her learning from her reading too which was great to see. Well done Isabella!

Well done to Lila who has been inspired by the Year 2 topic of Titanic. She has written an amazing diary entry in the role of someone who was on the Titanic as it sank, She has included so much detail- it feels very authentic! Well done to her!

Shout out to this amazing artist! How creative is this portrait? She has done a brilliant job and I think it looks just like her!

Jake has managed to continue to stay at number 1 in the WHOLE school for his amazing effort on Spelling Shed this week! Well done to him. Can anyone manage to steal that top spot? It would be very tricky!

Check out Amber’s brilliant French work! She has showed that she can recall both the seasons and the months of the year on here all in French! Have you tried this work yet?

Shout out to Jack for amazing poem! He spent a lot of time researching his words and then editing and improving to produce excellent results. Well done, Jack!



A big shout out to Anna who has continued to impress with her amazing effort! She has done lots of great work and I am so proud of her attitude to learning!

A big well done to Isabelle this week for her continued outstanding effort to her learning at home! She has had some brilliant achievements with her work and should be very proud of herself. 

A big well done to Isabella who has made an excellent PowerPoint all about the River Nile. She has included lots of brilliant facts from her reading. Click the button to read it below. 

Click to watch!

Check out what this Ancient Egyptian embalmer has been up to! Look at the amazing results from using ‘natron’ to dry out some fruit. This embalmer said it was a bit stinky in the end. Have you tried this DT investigation? Click below for instructions. 

How to mummify fruit…

Ribbit ribbit! Shout out to Lauren who now has three frogs. Last time we saw that the tadpoles were just changing but now they are fully developed into frogs. How exciting seeing this great nature in your back garden!

This week I set you the task of writing a poem and this poet did exactly that! They even went for a walk by the River Wharfe for a bit of inspiration. Well done! Click the button below to read their brilliant poem. 

Click to read the poem!

Shout out to Sienna who is putting more and more effort into her learning. I am very proud and can’t wait to see more! Remember Year 4, it is just like Miss Milivojevic said – little and often is key 🙂

Well done to our key worker children in Y4 for creating this excellent river Nile at school. They have been very creative with their design.

Shout out to this smiler! Look at her amazing River Nile that she has created. Have you tried this task from our our learning grid this week?

Wow! Another brilliant week for your effort on Mathletics. Our top spots for last week go to:

  • Annabelle– 5 hours and 48 minutes
  • Jack – 5 hours
  • Isabelle  3  hours and 48 minutes

A special shout out to Isla and Lila too who both clocked 3 hours which is an excellent effort! Well done you! Can you be on our top spots next week?

Oliver has created a PowerPoint all about Egypt! How amazing is that? Take a look at the full version by clicking the button below.

Oliver’s PowerPoint

Anna has had a great start to her week and she has researching the River Nile. She has had to do some reading on the links found on our learning at home page to do this. Have you started this yet?

Look what our friend has been up to at home! He has enjoyed learning about mummies last week so he made some models at home with his mum. Click on the buttons below to make your own at home.

Building a mummy packInstructions to build the mummy

Shout out to Isabelle who has done lots of brilliant work whilst learning at home. Her effort has been absolutely outstanding! I even set her an extra task to write some facts after watching David Attenborough documentaries and she wrote some brilliant ones down! An excellent effort!

Check out the tadpoles that Lauren has been looking after in her garden! Lauren has been caring for God’s world beautifully and as you can see one of the tadpoles has grown legs. She told me that she has been giving them fish food which is helping them to grow big and strong.

Look at Jack‘s fantastic drawing of Whitby Abbey! He has worked so hard on this and it looks so realistic. I almost thought it was a postcard from Whitby! Has Jack inspired you to do some artwork?

Shout out to Eamonn who has continued to work on his Maths at home! He is getting stronger and stronger in his Maths skills and he is SO proud of this. He deserves to be too!

Big shout out to Isabella who has stretched herself that little bit further with her Science learning. She has found out all about food and drinks that are good and bad for your teeth. Have you looked this up yet? 

Well done to Oliver for writing out the story of Pentecost! He has used his Computing learning here to work on his RE learning too. Do you know the story of Pentecost? Could you use your writing and typing skills to show rewrite the story?

Check out this hard worker! Not only has she been doing all of her Maths, English, Science and RE, she has managed to complete extra tasks too. Have you taken on the fruit mummification task yet?

Mummify fruit activity


This marvelous baker has been busy in the kitchen. He baked a lovely looking pie- I was very jealous that I am going to have to make one! Have you tried baking a pie? 

Pie recipe

Shout out to Isla who has made these brilliant canopic jars. She made sure she decorated them with the different Ancient Egyptian Gods too to make them look really authentic! They don’t contain real organs so they aren’t too authentic though! Well done Isla!

Ava and her brother Ethan managed to get a shout out from Joe Wicks! How incredible is that? Are you still taking part in this 30 minute PE lesson?

Shout out from Joe Wicks

Shout out to our class gardener, Julia! She has been planting seeds and patiently waiting for her strawberries to grow and managed to pick some this weekend. Have you planted anything in your garden lately? Send me any pictures! 

Wow wow wow! To be in this week’s top 3 for effort in Mathletics, you needed to be over 4 hours! What an incredible amount of time. Our top spots for last week go to:

  • Isla – 5 hours and 17 minutes
  • Jack – 4 hours and 17 minutes
  • Annabelle  4 hours and 8 minutes

A fantastic amount of effort in their learning! Remember that I’m not looking for points but the amount of time you have put into your learning. Well done!

I am so impressed with Jayden! He showed excellent perseverance when trying to solve this SPaG mystery. Can you solve this?

SPaG Mystery

Erin has been baking this week! How delicious does this look? Could you try baking a Victoria sponge this week? Use the button below to go to the recipe.

Classic Victoria Sandwich Recipe

How amazing is Reuben‘s model of teeth? You can tell each type of tooth from their shape and size. Have you tried this yet? Give it a go and don’t forget to send me a picture of them on Showbie.

Jayden was given an incredible present for his birthday last month (I am very jealous of this) and asked his Dad to make it up for him. His parents set him a challenge to build this himself and guess what? He did it! I was so proud to hear that he completed this challenge; I know that his parents were too!

Look at how many royal bees that Louis has earned on Spelling Shed. Have you got any royal bees lately? Get working on Spelling Shed and see how many you can achieve this week!

Click here to go straight to the Spelling Shed website!

Shout out to Jake who has completed this excellent piece of artwork. He is so proud of this work and I can definitely see why. Have you tried this yet? Give it a go!

On week 9 of home learning, we had some INCREDIBLE efforts on Mathletics. Look at the effort of these children this week:

  • Reuben who spent a total of 6 hours and 50 minutes. A new top time!
  • Annabelle with 4 hours and 35 minutes,
  • Lucca with 3 hours and 31 minutes. 

Can you make it onto this leader board this week? Remember, if you spent just half an hour every day you would clock 2 and a half hours worth of time. Give it just a bit more each day and you could see yourself on here!

Shout out to Lauren, Orla and Amber who I know have both been working on their gymnastics at home. We know these three are very passionate about their gymnastics and I am so pleased to hear they have kept up with their training at home so that when gyms open again they’ll be ready to go again! Have you kept up with any sports at home while clubs have been closed? Send me a message on Showbie for a shout out on her for your brilliant perseverance and attitude!

Shout out to Ruari who has also completed my art challenge this week. How incredible is this? He was very careful to include the shadows from the suns glare and to make the River Nile brown due to all of it’s sand. Click on the button to take on this challenge too!

Click to draw your own pyramid landscape.

Wilf’s chicken’s eggs have hatched! Look at how tiny they are! Wilf has had to wait to patiently for this and been checking every day. How exciting?!

How amazing is this bee and bug house made by Isabelle? She has had to measure, cut the pieces of wood down with a saw and then smooth it down with sand paper. It looks so professional! Well done Isabelle on working on hard to complete this.

How incredible is Amber’s artwork? She has taken on my challenge this week and completed this piece of work which took her ages to complete! The end result is incredible and Amber knows it was worth working so hard on! Well done, Amber!

A big shout out to Annabelle who has managed to achieve 50/50 on a times table quiz! How incredible is that? Annabelle has worked tirelessly to achieve this and should be so proud of achieving this! I have added a link so that you can test yours too. Can you match Annabelle‘s incredible score?

Times Table Quiz

Shout out to Isabella who is being such a great big sister to her younger brothers! This week is all about kindness and that is exactly what Isabella has shown. She even created a phonics game to help her younger brother. How kind is that? What kind things have you done this week? Don’t forget to share with me on Showbie!

Check  out this amazing poet! This poem is based on Kitt Wright’s Magic Box. In the poem you can hear beautiful descriptions of all of the poets favourite/ beautiful things, memories, smells and tastes. I was thoroughly impressed by this!

Jessica and Lucia have both done amazing PowerPoints all about King Tut! They have both put lots of effort in to research facts about him and then presented their information beautifully! Take a look and try this yourself!

Click to read Jessica’s work! Click to read Lucia’s work.


I received a great video over Showbie from this hard worker!  I was so pleased to watch the video and see how the jar had been made and the lovely messages that were inside. Have you tried making a positivity jar yet? Give it a go. It is lovely to see you writing/ receiving great messages about yourselves!

Shout out to Julia who has created AMAZING posters for the NHS in her window! She sent a great video where she explained all of it well. She explained that the tree symbolises that they are strong and safe, the hearts are to represent love and the colours show hope! Have you created a window display? Could you give it a go creating a message using different symbols?

Check out the hard work that Erin has been trying! Erin has been working on developing her fraction and decimal equivalences knowledge which is not an easy task. Could you try learn these? Click the link below to go to a video to help!

BBC Bitesize – Fraction and decimal equivalences

Check out this hard worker! I have given her a shout out because I was so proud that she decided to combine her learning at home whilst still enjoying the warm weather we are having! I know she was looking forward to using a paddling pool during her break times too!

Check out Lucca’s classification key for his household! He has done an amazing job to think of questions to classify the different people in his house and he has combined this with his computing skills too! A brilliant job done! Have you done this with your family yet? Give it a go- it’s great fun!

Check out Reuben‘s Ancient Egyptian Cat sculpture! This looks like it would fit in in an Ancient Egyptian tomb now!  Do you feel inspired to make your own now? Give it a go!

Isla has some very exciting news this week! Look at her new puppy called Teddy. Isn’t he adorable?! What a lucky family to get such a cute pup!

Today, I was sent a very impressive email to tell me about two superstars who have done spent lots of time on Nessy over this past half term. Well done to Eamonn who has done 944 minutes and Joseph who has done 1045 minutes. How incredible is that! Together that is over 33 hours! That certainly deserved a shout out, doesn’t it?

An absolutely amazing effort for last week’s Mathletics Year 4! I am so proud of the effort that I could see! A big shout out to these children particularly:

  1. 1st- Oliver with 4 hours 42 minutes
  2. 2nd Julia 3 hours 8 minutes
  3. 3rd Lila 2 hours and 56 minutes! 

They have shown an excellent effort to their Mathletics learning at home activities. Who can grab that top spot next week?

This superstar has been in the news this week! If you go down on this page, you will see a shout out to this performer for her weekly singing to her neighbours after the NHS clap. Well, this week she has been recognised for this in a newspaper. How incredible! It’s like having a Year 4 celebrity!

This week is our special PSHE week. On the home learning page, I set you all the task of designing a sun and on the rays writing about what is lovely and special about you all. Ava quickly took on this challenge and designed a beautiful sun with some really lovely messages about herself! I absolutely agree with these words and I am sure you all do too!

A big shout out to Jayden who completed and surpassed (this means went above) a challenge that I set him to achieve 1000 points on Mathletics! He got a bronze certificate too for his wonderful efforts! Well done superstar!

Julia has worked hard and created her own Eatwell plate. You can see that she has learnt all about the different food groups and how much of each type of food that we should eat. Could you have a go at this task? Click on the button below to get this worksheet.

Plain plate to design

Jessica has absolutely blown me away with her writing!  She has written in the role of Hoard Carter and it is so realistic! I really enjoyed the variety of sentence openers that she used. Have you written your diary entry yet? Click below to read Jessica’s writing.

Click to read Jessica’s diary!


Check out this 3D Lego pyramid made by James G! How amazing is this? I set James the challenge to make one and he completed it and now he wants to set YOU the challenge. Can you make a pyramid out of Lego? I can’t wait to see your models on Showbie!


Check out Lucia’s 3D model of a pyramid! Lucia has designed a net and then put it together to make the shape of a pyramid (or a square-based pyramid as we know them to be!)I have attached a net for a 3D pyramid below if you would like to have a go at creating this.

3D pyramid net

Annabelle has been thinking about how to look after God’s creation. She decided to write an informative PowerPoint all about her favourite animal. We all know what animal this is, don’t we Year 4? Rabbits of course! A very informative piece of text that I thoroughly enjoyed reading 🙂

Click to read Annabelle’s PowerPoint!


Bobby has managed to do an incredible 111 kick ups. That’s right one hundred and eleven! This has taken a lot of patience and hard work; I am so proud of him for this! Bobby has challenged you to try get over 100 kick ups? Can you beat his challenge?

Check out Joseph’s drawing of a video game character! He is so proud of his drawings and following a step-by-step guide of how to complete this. Click on the button below to go to a website that gives step-by-steps for how to draw different animals.

Website- How to draw animals

Orla has been very creative this week and she has created a model of Pompeii! Look at the detail she has gone into it! Have you been inspired by Orla’s amazing work? Click the button below to hear Orla explain he design, 

Orla’s model of Pompeii


Check out this new master chef! He was so proud to have accomplished making homemade pizza at home. The end result looked delicious! Why don’t you try making some pizza at home? Try the recipe below if you feel inspired!

Pizza Recipe

Last week, I said that I would post anyone who managed to get get a royal bee and we got 2 royal bees! Lucia, Joseph, Jessica and Lila achieved this last week. Can you earn this tricky reward?

Spelling Shed

Ruari has managed to read ALL of the Harry Potter books! I looked it up and there are 4,224 pages all of the books altogether- how impressive is that? Why don’t you start a new book or series of books? Press the button below to find some recommended books for Year 4 children!

Year 4 Reading List

Look at this loving brother! What a kind thing to do and I bet his brother really appreciated having someone read to him so beautifully. What extra kind thing could you do this week? I have attached a link of some kindness activities for you to try 🙂

Kindness Checklist

Check out this smiley girl! She has worked so hard and I get lots of worked sent to me each week. Here she is showing her lovely smile after completing one of the activities set on our class page. 

Charlie sent some lovely pictures to show how he enjoyed the VE day celebrations this weekend. Check out this lovely chalk artwork that he completed. Have you done any inspiring chalk work outside?

A special shout out to this amazing singer! Every week after the clap for the NHS,  this singer treats her street to a song using her karaoke machine. This brings so much joy to the whole street and I am sure you will agree that this is a special treat for them all! It brings a tear to my eye every time I hear this voice and knowing that she does this every week.


Results from w/c 4/5/2020

This week we have some new people on our leader board of effort on Mathletics. Well done to the following children:

  • Bobby- 2 hours 48 minutes
  • Annabelle- 2 hours 31 minutes
  • Anna- 2 hours 30 minutes

Well done to these children! What a close 2nd and 3rd too? Could you be on the leader board next week?

Isabella has been very creative at home and she made up her own Ancient Egyptian Goddess. It was such a good description and drawing that it took me a few minutes to realise she had made it up! Could you take on this challenge this week?

Check out this musician! He is begun his learning of the piano using the ‘Simply Piano’ app which was part of the home learning grid challenge. Can you guess the tune that he is playing?

Shout out to Wilf who is eagerly awaiting the hatching of some chicks!  Wilf’s chicken Angel is currently keeping her eggs nice and toasty ready for them to hatch. Keep an eye out because I will share some pictures when the babies are born!

We have some budding chefs in our midst and as you can see Lucia is one of them. Check out these delicious peanut butter dates! Click the button below to read her brilliant instructions of how to make these at home!

Peanut Butter Date Recipe


Reuben managed to earn a ‘Queen bee’ badge on Spelling Shed this week. Have you achieved this yet? Please remember to tell me on Showbie if you do- it will be the only way for me to know 🙂

Oliver has been busy baking! This involves lots of weighing, using timings and reading of a recipe to complete! The final cake looked so delicious. With all the baking going on in Year 4’s kitchens I think we might have the next Great British Bake off champion!

Amber and her brother have been using the apps iMovie and Garageband to make a movie about predators and pray. They set up the scene themselves, recorded it and then composed music. How fun! Could you complete this task this week?

Isabelle and her sister have been getting reading to celebrate VE day by painting and decorating some bunting to decorate their house with this week. What a lovely thing to do!

Check out James H! He has been doing lots of comprehensions this week to improve his reading skills. It looks like he’s been doing this little and often! Have you been cracking on with some reading activities? Don’t forget to check our learning at home page where lots have been uploaded.

Results from w/c 27/4/2020

I have looked at last week’s Mathletics scores and I have been astounded by some of your efforts. Here are this week’s champions for the time they have put into their Mathletics learning:

  • Jake- 6 hours 0 minutes
  • Annabelle- 3 hours 5 minutes
  • James G- 3 hours 2 minutes

Well done to these children. Some people were really close too! Can you get yourself onto the top 3 chart next week?

A very happy birthday to Lila! Lila was a very lucky girl and got two bunnies  for her birthday this weekend She has named them Buttercup and Bluebell. Aren’t they cute? She then wrote a set of instructions for how to look after her new fuzzy pals. Why don’t you write a set of instructions for how to look after an animal like Lila did? It could even be a made up animal!

Check out this top scorer! Eamonn has worked hard on his spellings this week and received a gold star! His spellings have been homophones this week too which we know as some of the hardest ones to learn. Have you cracked homophones? Use Spelling Shed to help and quiz yourself on these tricky words!

Jessica has had an incredible attitude to her learning at home and I get lots of pictures every day of what she has been up to! Here is a picture where she has taken inspiration from the learning at home grid to create a prayer table to pray to Mary throughout the month. What a lovely place to pray the rosary every day!