Autumn Term 1

Our topic is:

Amazing Adventures

Collective Worship

Collective worship is a special time for us all. We all gather together and listen to a reading from the Bible. We listen and respond to God’s word and consider how this relates to our lives. We reflect on how we can learn from the Bible and what choices we should make going forth. Together we like to pray, listen to songs and sit quietly to remember how lucky we are to be part of God’s beautiful creation!

RE – The Bible

In RE this half term, we will learn how the Bible tells us about God and His love for us. We will learn some Old Testament stories and we will consider how the Bible can help us and others in need. Our research skills will be put to the test as we look up references from the Old and New Testament. By looking up and reflecting on Scripture, we will explore how they link to our own life experiences.


Our theme of ‘Amazing Adventures’ runs throughout our English learning this half term. We will be exploring the classic novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. We will look at the curious vocabulary used in the book and work out the meaning of words and phrases within context. The children are beginning their learning journey by a class debate: Should Alice follow the white rabbit? We will begin by unpicking the key features of persuasive texts to gain a better understanding of the features we will be learning about. Following this, we will write our own pieces of persuasive texts and letters.


At the start of this half term, children will develop their place value knowledge. We will spend time consolidating our place value knowledge about 3-digit numbers. Following this, we will learn to read, write and partition 4-digit numbers and we will investigate number lines to 10,000. We will be rounding, counting in thousands, ordering and comparing 4-digit numbers. Our learning also includes solving worded problems and working on our mathematical reasoning skills.


This half term, we will be learning about states of matter as we sort everyday materials into solids, liquids and gases. We will describe their properties and explore the behaviour of the tiny particles inside them. The children will investigate what conditions  affect changes of state.

We started off by modelling the particle arrangements in solids, liquids and gases by using ping pong balls and using Burn2Learn to act out how the particles move in small groups.

Art and DT

We used the Alice in Wonderland cartoon as our Art and DT inspiration. We recreated some of the wondrous mome raths Alice comes across on her journey.

We will bring stories to life with our next project this term. Children will have the chance to explore moving parts in a variety of storybooks and learn how to recreate some of these parts using different tools and techniques. Children will design, create and evaluate their very own pop-up books. We will take inspiration from Sir John Tenniel and practise hatching and cross hatching to draw and shade our characters for our books.


To begin the half term, we will be using Sketches. The children will choose famous landmarks in the UK and recreate them in digital watercolour. We will work with layering colours and choosing appropriate shades for our artwork. After we have finished this, the children will move onto using Book Creator to create a book trailer for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We will deepen our knowledge regarding the advanced features of the app to combine text, images, audio and video.


We will go for an adventure around the United Kingdom, learning about where the UK is in the world, then exploring its countries, capital cities and counties. We will develop our map skills as we identify the topographical features of the UK and explore famous natural and man-made landmarks. The children will carry out an environmental survey around the school grounds for their fieldwork activity. They will compare and evaluate environmental factors and consider how our surroundings could be improved.


We will investigate the Victorian era this term. We will use historical sources (Victorian paintings and other images) to find out about the Victorian period. Our research will include learning about the life of the rich and the poor and finding out more about the life and work of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll).


As part of our French learning, we will be exploring vocabulary relating to school. The children will develop their vocabulary by taking part in active learning activities, listening to songs and speech. We will be discussing school objects and school routines to practise our pronunciation.


We will use descriptive vocabulary to evaluate music. The children will listen to music pieces composed by Hans Zimmer and express their likes and dislikes. We will take inspiration from film music compositions and how they are used for dramatic effect.


In PE, the children will be developing their skills in team games. They will learn about the importance of warming up before exercise and the benefits exercise has on our own physical and mental wellbeing. They will also be working on improving their fitness, strength and accuracy.


In PSHE, we are focusing on mental health and emotional wellbeing. We agreed our classroom targets and rewards together and discussed how a growth mindset will help us embrace learning challenges and how we can build up our resilience. By having high aspirations for ourselves, we are keen on giving 100% effort in all we do and take our learning forward as we become lifelong learners.

Our focus is on re-connecting as a class and reengaging with school life. We are reading the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers as we are sharing thoughts, ideas and personal responses to the recent events in the world. We use our class journal to capture our reflections and emotional responses about starting school again.