“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” Anthony J. D’Angelo

Welcome to Year 4

Mrs F. Harrison

Mrs F. Harrison

Class Teacher

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Mrs Boyes

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Y4 Curriculum Newsletters

Year 4 Autumn 1 Newsletter

Y4 Medium Term Plans

Y4 MTP Autumn 1

Physically Active Learning

Physically Active Learning

Autumn Term 1

Our topic is:

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Collective Worship

Collective worship is a very special time for us all. We all gather together and listen to a story from The Bible and consider how this relates to our lives and how we can learn from The Bible with the choices we make. Together we like to pray, sing and sit quietly to remember how lucky we are to be part of God’s beautiful creation!

RE – Trust in God

To begin the half term, the children have been completing some trust exercises in order to help them understand the feelings that trust can bring. We completed a walking obstacle course where the children had to be close their eyes and be led through some cones and then walk the plank of the adventure playground. They had to consider how they felt in trusting someone to lead them and also how it felt to be trusted. These are the feelings that the children felt:

-I felt scared- I hoped they wouldn’t let me fall off!

-It was nerve-wracking because it was the first time I had to put my trust into them!

-I felt relaxed! I knew that they would help me the best that they could!

-I felt happy; they trusted me!

Our next step is to consider how we put our own trust into God and we will look at Bible stories where different people had to show faith to God in some tricky situations. 

We have also been learning about how The Bible can help us to trust in God by reading scripture. Before we started, we learnt that we need to be able to locate this scripture in a Bible. We worked in pairs to locate this scripture. 


We are taking our inspiration from the seaside this half term and will be using Flotsam by David Wiesner as inspiration. 


To start the half term, we have a strong vocabulary focus to develop our writing skills. The children this half term will be writing figurative language poems. We have begun by looking at the purpose and features of poems. We decided that:

-Poems do not have to rhyme. We even said that sometimes they are better if they don’t!

-Poems are usually written to entertain.

-Poems have a different structure to other types of text. We have discovered that they are written in lines and stanzas

We then looked at some poems and picked out some figurative language. We thought using the term figurative language was very grown up and the children were surprised when they realised they had been using it for years and hadn’t realised it!

We spent a lesson looking at personification and the children had some excellent ideas for this. Some of our favourites were:

The sun tiptoed on the sea. 

The beautiful, blue waves danced together. 

The vicious waves threw themselves angrily and drowned the sand below. 

Diary Entries

We have now moved onto writing diary entries. So far, we have looked at the features of a diary entry and thought about their purpose. We have also been hotseating the main character of our class book, Flotsam. The children were given the opportunity to plan their questions and responses and then some children took the hot seat! We obviously had to put accessories on to really get into the shoes of the main character!


In Maths, we have begun our learning journey with looking at the value of numbers within the thousands. The children have been looking at different representations of number and working out the value. We have been using different equipment to help us to learn and the children have learnt some new vocabulary. 

The children have been looking at new vocabulary as well as revising past vocabulary to solve problems. 

We have since moved onto understanding what each part of a number is really worth. We have had to remember how many ones equal ten, how many tens equal one hundred and how many hundreds equal a thousand. This sounds easy but if you look at the picture below, we REALLY had to work hard to solve these problems!

We completed a Burn2Learn to help us with this learning too!

We also love Burn2Learn in Maths! Here are some pictures of us doing some angle aerobics and a game to learn our times tables!


Our Science topic is ‘States of Matter’ this half term. 

So far, we have been learning about what different states of matter are and we have been acting them out in the playground. Our teacher, Mrs Harrison, called out a noun and we had to work as a team to decide whether to act as the molecules a solid, liquid or gas.

We have been investigating what affects a change in a state. The children tested this out using chocolate! We experiemented by holding chocolate in our mouths for a minute, with an open fist and with a closed fist. We learnt that it was infact temperature that affected this change! As you can see, this was a messy but fun investigation. Lots of children even said that this made them LOVE Science lessons!


This half term we have a topic called, ‘Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!’

To begin the half term, the children have been recapping some previous knowledge and building some new knowledge too. We have started by learning all about the invisible lines of the Earth. The children have used play-doh to create their globes where they used string to place the equator, tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, place the poles and to label the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. 

We have then revised some previous learning about the continents and where they are in the world. We will soon move onto getting closer and closer to our own location and then spotting the not-too-far-away seaside town of Scarborough!


To begin the half term, Year 4 have been designing their own fish designs in keeping with our seaside theme. We used the skill of overlapping to create these excellent creations. I am sure you will all agree that they look fantastic!

Design Technology

Before we begin to make a fishy soft toy, Year 4 have been working on our different stitches. We have worked on our running stitch and backstitch so far. It takes a lot of patience but the children love it. To quote one child, “This is better than video games!”


Dance Workshop

We were really lucky to have Katie, an ex pupil of St Joseph’s, come to teach us a dance lesson this week! The children created shapes and patterns with their bodies. They absolutely loved their lesson and it was a great start to our dancing learning journey in PE!


In dance, we have been learning about warming our bodies up before exercising and stretching when we are warming down. We start off each lesson with a quick jog then we complete an aerobics routine! We have been creating our own routines and counting to the beat of four to make sure it is easy to follow. We have to ensure our routine has exercises that stretch our whole bodies so that we feel really warmed up!


To begin the year, we have created some class rules. During this discussion, we made links to British Values. The children thought carefully about what would make a safe and effective classroom. We linked this to rules of law and why we need boundaries set and, by adhering to the rules, we are attaining individual liberty. We considered how these rules would support us to show mutual respect and to support us to show tolerance to others. We devised the rules together and now they are on our wall so that we can remember the rules that were agreed by the teachers and children. 

We also learnt all about using democracy (another one of the British Values) when electing our school council. The children who wanted this role came to the front and made a speech about why they would be a great school councillor and then the children had a polling card which they had to complete within a polling booth and put into a ballot box. We successfully appointed two new school councillors who will help to improve all of our experiences within schools and share our class’s viewpoints. 

World Smile Day

For World Smile Day 2019, we decorated some cakes today! The children (nearly) all decided that cake was really yummy and they would love to be given some cake! However, there was a twist! We made cakes to give to someone else outside of school to make them smile! We thought about how even though we would like them, giving them to someone else would make them feel really happy and would put a smile on their face! The children were really happy to give their cakes away and we certainly made some parents and adults smile!



We started our computing learning by looking at creating excel spreadsheets and then using formula to help us to solve some money maths problems! The children learnt some new formulas and were able to complete some solutions to the problem that they faced!

We also thought about how this was useful in different jobs and we thought of different examples of how we would use this skill outside of school. 



To begin our half term, we have discussed how how music makes us feel. We compared two seaside themed songs and rated them on a scale.

We discussed the fact that scales are subjective as we would all have different viewpoints about it and ‘i really like’ to some would look different on the scale to others! Some children loved ‘Under the sea’ because it reminded them of fun times with the families and friends. Others said that they disliked it because they had heard it too much or didn’t like the film that it originated from. A great lesson had by all!


This year, we are going to be learning some French. We have started with some of the basics with saying ‘hello’ and telling everyone what our names are and what age we are. Our teachers weren’t as keen to share that one!

We have been learning about how to say the weather in French. With the weather this week, we know that we have had a lot of ‘pluie’ this week!