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Miss Clilverd

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Mrs Riorden

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Newsletter Autumn 1 2018-2019



Autumn Term

Welcome back to school after the summer holidays! I am very much looking forward to the beginning of a new year with this class. We have such exciting topics to learn all about this year, I have no doubt that the children will love their learning!


In RE, we have begun with our learning all about ‘Trust in God’, We started by undertaking some trust exercises of our own in order really understand what trust feels like to give and receive.  The children really enjoyed this activity and they really understood the varying feelings it gives.

We have since been learning about parables in which we learn about God’s love and those who have shown great trust in Him. The children have also been working on their skills to find references within The Bible. They have really enjoyed learning to find these and then learning about how they can use these to support them within their own lives.


In English, we have been focusing on the story of ‘Romulus and Remus’ who were said to have been the founders and creators of Rome!

The children have enjoyed their stories and have written some exciting posters to try and help the baddy; King Amulius!

We have also been working on our sentence structure. The children have been working on coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. The children are much more confident with this and I can’t wait to see them reap the rewards of this within their writing!


The children have been working very hard on their place value understanding! They have really been working on their understanding of number by using lots of numicon and counters to support them with this.

They have worked hard on their place value and in Year 4 we are much more confident with using mathematical vocabulary to explain our answers. Go Year 4!


We have been learning all about our new topic, ‘States of Matter.’

We have been familiarising ourselves with the vocabulary solid, liquid and gas and learning what this means. We have even been outside acting how their particles work! It is fair to say, the children loved being a gas and running around in all directions!




Our topic this half term is The Romans.

So far in History, we have been learning about using a timeline to order dates. The children learnt about AD and BC. This was tricky but they got there!

We have been completing some exciting work where the children learnt about what The Romans would have in a banquet. Firstly, they had to complete a hunt around the school to locate all of their ingredients and then they created a menu that would delight a Roman Emporer! Does pickled dormouse sound like a delectable meal to you?


Macmillan Coffee Morning

We have been joining in with the biggest coffee morning! We discussed how we have these wonderful people who support and help the friends and family of people who are sick. We thanked God that we have these people to support our community! We enjoyed some yummy biscuits so that we could join in too!

Lego Workshop- DT/Computing

We had the fantastic opportunity to participate in a Lego-themed workshop which helped to develop our knowledge of coding in order to make the lego move, talk and sense its surroundings. The children had to carefully assemble their lego and then use a special app to code it to complete certain actions. The children had lots of problem-solving to do when it didn’t work or if it wasn’t as effective as they wanted! They completed the challenges well and they were so disappointed when the workshop was over! A fantastic day of using and developing their Computing and DT knowledge!


In Art, we have been creating collages. The children have found this to be a tricky, sticky task which requires lots of careful scissor, glue and design skills. Decorating a Roman soldier’s shield isn’t a quick or easy task so this is taking a while to complete! Pictures coming soon!

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