Year 3 Home Learning Shout Outs

Hi Year 3 and welcome to your brand new section of our home learning page! This page is for you to see what each other have been up to. I know lots of you are already keeping in touch which is fantastic and lovely to hear! Hopefully, this page might even inspire you to try something new. This page is to shout out to those children that have wowed me – be it with a project, piece of work, their attitude or even something kind they have done at home! If you think you have something in particular that could be shared with the rest of Year 3 or something you are proud of, please send me a message on Showbie and I can pop it on here! I miss your smiles. Keep smiling every day! I’m immensely proud of you all.

                                                  What have Year 3 been up to?

A Special Shout Out & Thank You!

A very special shout out is needed indeed for some very special people in our St Joseph’s community..

As your home learning comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you and give a massive shout out to all of our parents and carers at St Joseph’s! Our very special parents and carers have been amazing in supporting you all in your home learning journeys for the past 16 weeks and we say a huge THANK YOU!! We hope all of our families have a very well rested break over the summer holidays! 

Shout out to Raphael who has had something exciting happen this week- his peacock butterfly caterpillar have turned into chrysalises! How exciting is that? I can’t wait to see when they turn into beautiful butterflies!

Shout out to Seb who achieved a gold certificate on Mathletics! This takes such a lot of time and dedication and I am SO proud of this! Well done Seb!

Shout out to Aran for his brilliant hard work! He is working so hard and completing lots of different activities. He should be so proud of himself! I certainly am!

Shout out to this smiley member of Scarlett and her brother Ryker! They have both completed their family squares and don’t they just look brilliant?  Sewing takes a lot of effort and patience too! Well done- I am so proud!

Shout out to this top chef who has been busy in the kitchen making delicious chicken salad! That looks so yummy! Could you be inspired by our chef to make some food today?



Shout out to Sophie for her amazing writing! She has been working hard to be a nature detective and should be very proud of her efforts!

Shout out to Celia for this amazing quiz all about the Tudors. She clearly has learnt a lot about the Tudors and was able to ask lots of great questions such as:

  • How old was Henry VIII when he died?
  • Who was Henry’s first wife?
  • How many brothers did Henry VIII have?

How brilliant is that?

Shout out to Niamh for her lovely sewing! She has worked so hard on her sewing skills and it is really paying off.Well done, Niamh!


Shout out to Freya, Scarlett, Shevaun, Imogen, Marius, Lauren and Miles for being in the top 20 for the WHOLE SCHOOL on Spelling shed this week! An amazing effort that will really help with their spellings!



Shout out to Miles for achieving his silver certificate on Mathletics! A brilliant effort and I am very proud of  you for this!

Shout out to Charlie for his amazing efforts with his learning at home! He is completing work from a wide range of subjects which will really help support his learning. Well done!

Shout out to Lauren who has been earned herself a Blue Peter badge! How amazing is that? Well done Lauren. What an exciting badge to earn!

Shout out to Ben HG who has continued to work really hard on his home learning! I can always rely on Ben sending work every day and I am so proud of his effort! 

Shout out to Cara for this great acrostic poem! It is clear that she has done lots of research about the Tudors and knows lots about them. An excellent effort!

Shout out to Freya for her amazing effort on Spelling Shed. She has been making lots of effort to be top! She was very proud to have been first in the class and second in the school last week! Can you get yourself onto these top spots too?

Shout out to this Tudor soldier! He has made that excellent crown and looks like he is ready for battle!

Shout out to Liam for this brilliant coat of arms that he has designed for his family. He has explained his reasons for his design amazingly too! I am very proud! Have you tried this activity yet?

Coat of arms worksheet

Shout out to Sophia for getting 24/24 on a Maths Factor challenge! How amazing is that? She must be working so hard to achieve such brilliant things! Well done to Sophia!

Shout out to Seb for this sheild that he has made! He has added some great detailed design to it too! I was very impressed with his design!

Shout out to Oliver for being a superstar! He has worked so hard! I was sent lots of work on Showbie and was VERY impressed by his amazing effort! Well done to him!

Shout out to Edward for completing a brilliant fact file all about Henry VIII. It was clear that he had done lots of brilliant reading to find out all of this information!


Shout out to Lauren who has been feeling creative and made her own tie dye shirt. The colours are just amazing! I can’t wait to see you wear it Lauren. We will definitely stand out wearing it.

Click here to find out how to make a tie dye t-shirt.

Shout out to Aran for this brilliant map of Wetherby! It is so clear for the different parts of the map. I would find it very easy to travel around Wetherby with this! Well done Aran!


Shout out to Lola  who created this beautiful, colourful mosaic. This takes a lot of patience and I’m sure you will agree how pretty it looks. Well done!

Shout out to Miles who has completed a great advert for another wife for Henry VIII! It was so convincing that I thought Henry must have written it himself! Have you tried this activity yet? Press the button for the worksheet below!

Henry VIII Wife Advert


Shout out to Amelia for this beautiful artwork! The use of blue is stunning. Could you complete a piece of artwork in this style?

Shout out to this artist who created his own Andy Warhol pop art photo of himself. I think he did a great job and I’m sure you would agree. Why not have a go yourself at something similiar.

Shout out to Charlie who has continued to make a brilliant effort in his learning every day! He is obviously working very hard and it is paid off. I am very proud of you!

Shout out to Lachlan for all of this brilliant work! He has clearly been very busy! Have you been keeping up with your maths learning? A little bit every day will really help. 

Shout out to Thomas and his grandma who baked these delicious cakes over FaceTime! They look delicious! Yummy! Could you bake some cakes soon?

Cupcake recipe

Shout out to this nature detective! She has been to so many places to explore and found so much nature whilst she was there. Have you been looking for wildlife whilst on your walks? It is great fun to do!

Shout out to Lola for doing some brilliant History work finding answers about the Tudors. I can see that she has done brilliant reading to find these tricky answers. Have you completed this work yet?

Shout out to Freya for this brilliant research about Elvis. She worked with her dad to find out lots of information about him. Could you find out about a musician this week?

Shout out to Liam who got his gold certificate on Mathletics this week! Well done to him! This takes a lot of time and effort and he should be so proud. I know how determined you’ve been to achieve this. Well done!

Shout out to Edward who has made his own Land Rover Defender out of Lego. This must have taken a lot of patience as well as a lot of time! Well done for being so resilient. Maybe this has inspired you to build something out of Lego..

Shout out to Joseph who has been busy writing his own creative stories. He used some story cubes to help inspire his writing! I am so proud of him and he should be too! Why not have a go yourself. I have added some story cubes to inspire you and get you started.

Story telling prompts

Shout out to Celia who got her gold certificate on Mathletics this week! Well done to her! This takes a lot of time and effort and she should be so proud. 

Shout out to Raphael who has written a great piece of writing in role as Henry VIII. Have you taken this task on yet? Don’t forget to mention his many wives and beheadings!

Shout out to Ross who has managed to become 3rd in the world for Mathletics! What an absolutely incredible achievement! I am so proud of him and he should be too!

Shout out to Miles who has now managed to get himself to the top of the leader board on Spelling Shed. What a fantastic effort. 

Shout out to Thomas for this amazing presentation that he completed all about Henry VIII and his wives. I was really impressed because I sent Thomas away for some edits too and he did it so quickly and well! 

Shout out to Luca for his amazing Keynote presentation on South Africa. He even included a quiz at the end with links to different pages! Have you created a Keynote whilst at home? Challenge yourself to make one this week and don’t forget to sent to me on Showbie!

Shout out to Cara for completing this brilliant family tree! She has used her research and understanding of timelines and dates to complete this. Have you tried this activity yet? 

Tudor family tree worksheets

Check out this shape hunter! She has been looking around her house to find objects that are different shapes. In the button below there is a mat to help you find shapes around your house. Give it a go- this smiler certainly had a great time!

2D shape mat 3D shape mat  

Shout out to Celia for making a great fruit salad. How delicious does this look? Have you been making sure you get your five-a-day?

Shout out to Scarlett who has managed to achieve two royal bees on her spelling list and become first in the class and the whole school on the leader board! Wow! Can you achieve a royal bee this week? Make sure that you send me a message on Showbie and I will upload your amazing achievement onto here!


Shout out to Lauren this week who has made an amazing effort in her learning at home. I was astounded by the amount of work that she had completed. I am very, very proud of her!

Shout out to Shevaun for completing this incredible portrait of Henry VIII! What a lovely use of colour! Could you try to complete a portrait of him?

Shout out to Oliver for his fantastic jungle themed poem! Oliver decided to write his own poem had fun using lots of different adjectives and similes to bring the sounds and sights of his jungle alive. He was really proud of his final piece of work and especially the effort he had put into it. Well done Oliver!

Do you fancy writing your own poem using adjectives and similes?

Click here for Oliver’s jungle poem

Shout out to Celia for her incredible effort and achievement working on her spellings on spelling shed. Remember I set a challenge for Year 3 to be top of leader board on spelling shed?Well, Celia is currently 1st place on the leader board for the whole of St.Joseph’s! This is an incredible achievement and one that you said you would work hard on to make me proud! I am super proud of you Celia and you should be too.

Shout out to Luca for his incredible effort and achievement working hard on Mathletics. This is Luca’s first gold certificate. He said he has been working hard consistently for 20 weeks to achieve this. This is an incredible achievement and one that you should be super proud of!

Shout out to this mad scientist who made his own exploding volcano! This looks like so much fun! Maybe this has inspired you to carry our your own scientific enquiry and set up your own experiment.

Shout out to Ben who made this healthy snack. How cute is it? Ben said he had made it look my puppy. Maybe this has inspired you to get creative in the kitchen and make something similar.

Shout out to this budding historian. He followed his own interests to research, write and answer questions about castles, sieges and battles. He even made his own shield. Feeling inspired? Why not follow your own interests and write about something you enjoy.

Information about soldiers Information about sieges

Shout out to Ross for his incredible effort and achievement working on his spellings on spelling shed. Currently Ross is in 1st place on spelling shed with a whopping 69,045,706 point! This takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Well done Ross, you super star!

Shout out to this kind person in Year 3. He has been busy baking cakes and then cycled a 14km round trip just to drop them off at his Great Grandparents house. Wow! What a lovely act of kindness this is! I hope you saved a cake for yourself too. Let me know what acts of kindness you did during our PSHE kindness week.

Shout out to Ben HG for his fantastic action packed Lego movie, that he made on stop motion with his brother Max. I think you will agree how fun this is to watch and how much effort the boys put into making it. Why not have a go at making your own stop motion movie. First you will need to download the app.

Ben’s lego stop motion movie

Shout out to Scarlett for her amazing presentation on Spain. She has worked really hard to make her presentation interesting and packed with facts. She even added a quiz. Why not have a go?

Scarlett’s key note presentation on Spain

Shout out to Imogen for this gorgeous fairy garden she planted and made. Maybe this has inspired you to plant and make your own miniature fairy garden?







Shout out to Amelia who has recreated her own bedroom but miniature sized! This was Amelia’s idea to do and I just think it is adorable. Do you? I wonder if the the Minpins have been living in there? I like how Amelia has considered everything in her bedroom and made the size of each item perfectly to fit in the shoe box. Well done Amelia. Hopefully this may inspire you to create your own shoe box sized bedroom.

Shout out to Sophie A who has been busy planting lots of different types of vegetables. She told me she had planted different types of beans, beetroot, sunflowers, lettuce and cucumber plants. Sophie said she carefully labelled the plants, and is watering them on a daily basis. This picture was taken at the beginning of April and when I spoke to Sophie recently she said her sunflower is now 80cm! I know lots of you had planted some seeds for various flowers and plants. Feeling inspired after looking at this? Let me know if decide to plant anything and record the height they grow to. Does anyone already have a sunflower greater than 80cm? Send me a picture and I’ll add it to this page.



Shout out to Lola who has been busy painting this wonderful painting by numbers picture. The detail on it is just incredible! Lola said it took her 3 days to paint. You worked so hard on this and I am super proud of your effort and achievement. Maybe this has inspired you to paint one of your pets or something else you like.

Shout out to Aran who has put so much effort into his presentation about Argentina. I love the way he has chosen to present his work with writing and pictures. I know how proud you are of this piece of work and I am too.

Shout out to this budding chef, who told me she has been helping her family in the kitchen to cook. She said she has also made home made chapatis. Maybe this has inspired you to help your family regularly cook more often.

Shout out to Lauren! She has worked incredibly hard on power point to create her own presentation about Italy. She added all the text herself and imported the images. Lauren even included at the end useful key words in Italian. Molto bene

Click here for Lauren’s power point !

Shout out to Thomas! He was been busy making 3d shapes using spaghetti marshmallows. What a brilliant, practical idea that is so much fun to do! Maybe Thomas has inspired you to make 3d shapes. All you need is spaghetti and some marshmallows. Send me any pictures of what you make via Showbie.

Shout out to Seb who has enjoyed drawing the Tudor rose and Henry V111. The effort that Seb has put in is fantastic and I’m sure you will agree his pictures are so life like! Well done.

Shout out to Liam who created this keynote presentation on The Tudors. I know Liam really enjoyed creating this and I’m you will agree it’s packed with interesting facts. Why not have a go at creating your own presentation about the Tudors.

Liam’s Tudor presentation

Shout out to Lachlan who has created his own presentation about Scotland. Did you know that Scotland’s national animal is a Unicorn? Well done Lachlan. I know lots of you are enjoying creating your own presentations so send me them via showbie.

Lachlan’s presentation about Scotland

Shout out to Joseph and his brother Andrew who has been super busy star gazing for satellites in their garden! Watch the sky closely in the dawn or dusk hours, and you’ll likely see a moving “star” or two sliding by. These are satellites. Maybe Joseph and his brother have inspired you to do the same. I know I will be! The sky is so beautiful on an evening at the moment. Well done boys.

Shout out to Seb who wrote a brilliant poem for Earth day recently. Seb decided to write about his Cherry tree in his garden, that he loves climbing. He planned and wrote this to include lots of brilliant similes to describe it. I can imagine how beautiful it is Seb! Well done. Perhaps this has inspired you to write about something in your garden, using similes.

Shout out to Raphael and his family who made their own special prayer altar, for the month of Mary. Raphael chose what he wanted to put on it. I think it looks beautiful with the flowers on too. Maybe this has inspired you to make a special prayer altar too in your home.

Shout out to this little geographer who has been busy using an atlas and globe to locate European countries. Sometimes there is nothing better looking at maps and finding out new facts about countries. Feeling inspired? Why not have a go yourself.

Shout out to this little fashion designer who has been inspired by nature recently to design her own t-shirt, with this theme. This takes a lot of creativity and patience but I think she has done a great job! Feeling inspired? Why not have a go yourself. Let me know how you get on.

Shout out to this little happy face. It is a PSHE focus week in school and this person has made their own happy/positivity jar. They said this jar is going to be for their whole family to add to and use. Keep smiling you are all amazing!

Shout out to Ross who made this beautiful memory jar! Ross used different coloured sand to represent his happy memories. What a lovely idea! May be you are feeling inspired too now to make your own memory jar. Let me know if you do.

Shout out to this super talented Musician who is playing one of his favourite songs to play on the trumpet. Can you name the song? He also had a go at playing his Dad’s french horn. I’m sure you will agree how great it sounds. Maybe you are learning to play an instrument. Why not send me a video clip showbie?

Listen and watch Listen and watch French horn

Shout out to this talented footballer who has been practicing his ‘keepie uppies’. He has now set a personal best of 288 non stop and is determined to break this! Well done that’s I what a call perseverance!

Keepie Uppies!

Shout out to Sophia, who traced and coloured this great portrait of a famous king. What a great job Sophia has done!