Year 2 Home Learning Shout Outs

Hi Year 2! Welcome to the new page on our website – Shout Outs! We thought you might like to see what your fellow pupils and friends have been up to. We know lots of you have been in contact with each other, so this page will show you what your friends have been doing during their Learning at Home Journey. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and work from Year 2. 

A Special Shout Out & Thank You!

A very special shout out is needed indeed for some very special people in our St Joseph’s community..

As your home learning comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you and give a massive shout out to all of our parents and carers at St Joseph’s! Our very special parents and carers have been amazing in supporting you all in your home learning journeys for the past 16 weeks and we say a huge THANK YOU!! We hope all of our families have a very well rested break over the summer holidays! 

We think that Joseph’s and Maddie’s class of 2020 T- Shirts need a shout out today! We love how Joseph has put his favorite topics from year 2 on his shirt! After reading all your letters this week, Dumbo was by far your favorite topic! We will need to do this topic again next year! We also think Maddie’s T- Shirt is really clever as she has carefully drawn our school mission statement on it and used our school colours! Thank you for taking on this challenge! You have both created great class of 2020 T- shirts!


This week we have been blown away by the quality of Casper’s writing. He got a special delivery from Mrs LB and I and since then his writing is on fire! We think this letter is absolutely fantastic, and we are so proud of the progress you are making with your writing. Keep it up Casper, you are a super star writer! We hope he inspires you all to write a letter to your future self!


Today we received some wonderful book recommendations for our new Year 2 children! We like the range of books in his selection! We hope he inspires some of you to read one of these books and we are looking forward to having these books in our Year 2 classroom next year! Keep send your favorite books to us Year 2!

What a great end to our week with this amazing time line from Alfred! He has thought carefully about when each of Roald Dahl’s books were written and put them into a detailed time line. We think your time line is fantastic Alfred and very creative! Thank you for taking on this challenge, you are a learning at home superstar! We hope you inspire some of your friends to take on this challenge too!

Well done to Casper for completing some great research on Leeds. Me and Mrs Hemming have learnt something new today too – the oldest flying aeroplane was built in Leeds. How fascinating! Great work Casper!

How lovely to see this young lady’s happy, smiley face! We liked hearing about what you have been getting up to – including growing an apple tree, reading Isadora Moon books and her beautiful prayer for people in the world. Thank you sharing your work, it is fantastic!

Me and Mrs Hemming loved reading Madelyn’s poem today. We like how she has talked about her favourite topic – Dumbo, which we know you loved Year 2, and how she included us in her poem too! Thank you Madelyn, this really made us smile.

Today we were blown away by the quality of all of this little superstars home learning. She has worked so hard with all the learning that we have set and she has even taken it upon herself to research independently about spiders that keep entering her house! We are amazed that she knows her 8 times table and we love the game she has made. You really are such a great learner, and you are ready for your new adventures in Year 3. Thank you for sharing all your amazing work with us this week. It really has made our day! Here are a few of her outstanding home learning challenges.

What another fantastic achievement from Maddie this week. She has been working so hard on her Mathletics challenges over the past few months. Her hard work has paid off and she has achieved her Gold Mathletics award. You are a math’s superstar Maddie!

Look at this amazing model of the Titanic! We are so impressed, all of the family helped to create a wonderful creation in DT. It is so life-like and realistic. Very well done, we love it!

We think you will all agree that the language used in this video is an extra special language. I am really passionate about children learning sign, and I think this little superstar is well on her way to being confident in communicating in sign. This Thank You NHS really brightened our day. We hope you think it’s as special as we do. Such a super talent, keep spreading your love. thanks, and kindness through sign.

Within an hour of launching our Wednesday challenge, Joseph R was straight onto the challenge and blew us away with the different ways to say Thank You to the NHS! You would be getting lots of house points if you were in school Joseph! We have sent your answers to Orla to check them out! You are a superstar!


Another super week for Erika! Not only has she completed so many of our home learning tasks already this week, she has also managed to achieve her Gold certificate on Mathletics! This is such a fantastic achievement Erika, and all your effort and hard work is really paying off!


Today we received this wonderful poem about the NHS. Maddie pulled the heart strings of Mrs Hemming and Mrs LB. This is such a thoughtful poem, and it summaries how fantastic our NHS are. Mrs Hemming is sending it to her sister in law who is a Dr. It will make lots of people smile. They will definitely be looking after mummy when your new baby arrives!


How amazing is this letter to Prince Philip? Carlo has asked him the most fantastic questions. His handwriting is out of this world too. We hope he posts it to him! We think he deserves to go to his 100th Birthday, what do you all think? We also asked him to get a special invite for myself and Mrs LB. We are really proud of your achievements at home, and thank you for taking on the Wednesday challenge. This really is a wonderful letter Carlo. You are a royal superstar!


Joseph is on fire this week! We think his Geography work that he sent us yesterday needs a BIG shout out! His presentation is outstanding, and the facts he told us about all the animals are very interesting. We are also impressed with his accurate labelling of the rainforests. He has gone one step further and labelled the Oceans, this is next week’s challenge so extra house points for you Joseph! You are a superstar! Keep up the amazing work!

MASSIVE shout out to Niamh for completing the rainforest in a bottle challenge. We think it is an amazing achievement. Look at the colours and detail. Well done Niamh! 

This amazing superstar completed our baking tray Maths challenge. She successfully found the correct coins and put them in the right place to match the amounts. Great work, we are so proud of you! 

William was the first one to take on our Wednesday challenge! We think he did a great job, and we hope Martha is impressed! A super letter William! Thank you for your enthusiasm to your learning! You are a pleasure to have in Year 2!


This afternoon we were blown away by this fantastic diary entry written inside the rainforest by Ava. She has used some fantastic language, and it really felt like she was there. We hope she inspires you to step inside the rainforest and create your own dairy entry! You are a superstar writer Ava!

Shout out to Madelyn for creating a great six times tables game. This looks like a great idea – write the number on the inner petal and the answer on the outer petal. Can you make a times table game like Madelyn?

Well done to Casper for using the highlighting technique on his rainforest work. Great idea Casper, this will help you to look for the important words when reading information. Can you use the highlighting technique like Casper too?

Shout out to William, he has completed a great rainforest diary. We love the description in your diary William, we feel like we are there with you! 

It was great to see this amazing rainforest explorer visit the woods this week. Well done for being so creative, we love your trusty walking stick too! Have a great rest of the week enjoying our topic!

Well done to Hollie for creating such a beautiful piece of artwork. Look at all of the amazing colours, Hollie’s technique was paper tissue art. How effective!

Erika has been reading Wuthering Height after Mrs Hemming’s recommendation!  We are glad she enjoyed it! Erika would like to pass on her book review comments to Evie too.

Massive shout out to this amazing superstar for creating our first Wednesday challenge! It is so lovely to see how grown up she is! Thank you for thinking of such a great challenge for your friends in Year 2. 

Our first shout this week goes to Joseph Riddington. His research, and presentation of information on Captain James Cook was outstanding. He has taught us lot of facts about his expeditions, and we hope you enjoy reading his fact file. Keep up the amazing work Joseph. You make us so proud; you are a real home learning superstar!

This week we have really enjoyed seeing all your Yorkshire pudding pictures! Since I became Vegan, Yorkshire puddings are something I really miss, so your pictures have been torture this week! This is our final Yorkshire pudding star of the week! We think they look amazing and glad they tasted nice too! Not sure we agree about having them dry though! You are a super chef!

Big shout out to Dexter for his very creative and imaginative take on The Good Samaritan – this time in his own version of The Good Sith. We are very impressed Dexter. Well done!

Huge shout out to this superstar worker! She has been a busy little bee working on Phonics, writing stories and has completed lots of RE work. Very well done, we are so proud of you!

We are really enjoying seeing your Yorkshire Puddings this week. Miss Milli is really impressed with the effort you are all putting in, as are we! Here is another great Yorkshire Pudding! Great you turned into toad in the hole too! Hope it tasted as good as it looks!


Well done to this amazing chef. Focaccia Bread Art – how amazing! We are looking forward to coming round for dinner soon! Can you have a go at making something similar in your kitchen?


Big shout out to Rufus for completing so much work this week, including the weather charts to show how much rain we have had! Well done Rufus, keep up the good work. 

A big shout out to Joseph C-H who has continued with his robot story this week. It is absolutely fantastic and we are so proud of the progress he is making with his writing. He wanted to learn about robots next week, so we would like you to have a go at creating a story about a robot, and see if you can make a robot friend for Joseph’s Robo Man! Keep up the amazing writing Joe!


Here comes another round of Yorkshire Puddings! They are looking amazing! We like the twist on Yorkshire Pudding too to toad in the hole! We need that meal on a day like today! You are both super chefs!

Today we loved receiving this Yorkshire Jigsaw that Alfred has been working hard on. Can you spot any places that you have been learning about this week? Great jigsaw, and super persevering Alfred! Thank you for sharing your jigsaw with us!

Maddie was the first person to guess the places in Yorkshire Mrs and Mr Hemming have been to! She nearly got them all right! Thank you for rising to the challenge Maddie! We hope your friends can take on the challenge too! Great knowledge of Yorkshire Maddie!

We were blown away by Jack’s retell and understanding of the Good Samaritan today. He has worked so hard to keep up his writing standard that he shows us in class and we are super proud of him! Keep up the great work Jack!

It was great to come home today and see a picture of these wonderful Yorkshire Puddings! She followed her Great Grandmas recipe! We think they are amazing! We hope you are enjoying them tonight with lots of Gravy, just like your Great Grandma said! Miss Milli will enjoy seeing these this week too! You are a super cook! Keep up the amazing home cooking!

What a great start to the week for this Superstar Chef! Look at these amazing Yorkshire puddings! We think Miss Milli has a bit of competition on her hands! We have enjoyed seeing all your Chinese food today too, you are off to a great start this week!


A big shout to everybody who designed a castle as part of our theme this week! Well done to Niamh, Erika, Madelyn, Harry Mc, William, Orla, Hollie, Alfred, Carlo, Harry H and Joseph R! Well done for working so hard Year 2!

This was a great end to our week! Our Showbie was bursting with the most wonderful work from the week! The dedication he had to making this fantastic castle, and with the figures too blew us away! It was great to hear that he has enjoyed our castles work this week, and you can tell by the super work he has produced! We are so pleased you are back at football training too! Great footy boots and free kicks! You are a superstar!

Free Kicks

Shout out to Emilia for building her cosy reading den, one of the tasks from our home learning grid. Well done Emilia, this looks so lovely and a great chill-out zone. 

How about this for hard work and effort in building a castle! Harry and his brother worked hard to create a castle linked to our DT challenge! We love the detail he has added to his castle, including arrow slits! We hope he inspires you to make a castle out of any recycled materials around your house!

A big bien joue (well done) to Joseph R for his fantastic work on his French and Spanish! We really like how Joseph took one of our home learning tasks and did such a creative job of learning pet names in French and Spanish. Super trabajo Joseph (great work)!

Today it has been great to see two of our children take on our art challenge of drawing a castle. This morning, we added a link on how to draw castles. Mrs Hemming and the boys tried to create a castle too and shared our pictures on the website and Showbie. I think we can all agree that The Airey’s and Alfred (plus Betty and mummy) rose to the challenge and produced even better castles than Mrs Hemming! Thank you for your enthusiasm on the challenge, and working so hard to complete it! You are both great artists!



Another massive shout to to Hollie for her amazing work. She created a story using her computer, take a look. Mrs Hemming and I were so impressed at the effort Hollie put into this piece of work that we had to put it on the shout out page. Keep it up superstar! 

Shout out to Joseph C-H for his beautiful sketches of nature. We thought these pictures were so bright and colourful and Joseph has clearly taken his time to complete this task from our home learning grid. Well done Joseph! 

Our first shout out this week goes to Hollie. Over half term she continued to work on her baking skills and produced the most wonderful baked goods! They looked so delicious! We were really proud of Hollie for preparing a box of her baking for Ava and Jack and sending it to their house! Such a thoughtful thing to do! We are sure they will have enjoyed your gift! Here is a sample of her baking!



How about this for a super half term activity! She helped her dad look after the bees! We think she is really brave and also a super beekeeper! We are looking forward to hearing about how she has helped with the bees and what the honey tastes like!


This afternoon, it was lovely to log onto Showbie and see this fantastic keyboard achievement. It was her first piece playing with two hands! Such a hard skill, and she is super talented. We are looking forward to hearing more of her keyboard songs over the next few weeks! You are a superstar!


Our first shout out this week goes to Shelby. Shelby has been teaching herself to play the piano over the past few weeks. We were blown away by her piano skills and we wanted to share it with you all. We hope you enjoy listening to her as much as we did!


Today I was super proud to speak to him on the phone and find out all about his new bike!
We hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow and enjoy lots of bike rides on your new bike! Keep up all the hard work- you are doing a super job!

We have our first book cover creation in! What a fantastic book choice and super recreation of the story! We hope you inspire your friends to take on the challenge! You are a superstar!

Today it was lovely to log onto Showbie and see that Maddie had taken on our RE challenge. We were blown away by her understanding of the Holy Spirit and her wonder questions. Its great to see she is keeping up with the outstanding RE that she does at school, in her home RE lessons. We hope Maddie’s work inspires you to take on the challenge. Remember you can use the slides we provided to help you!

Maddie’s Holy Spirit work


How amazing is Ellie-Mae’s robot? She has spent the day working on building her robot using a variety of materials. She has even worked hard to get her 2D and 3D shapes on him! He is now the proud new resident to her house and his name is Robert! Thank you for working so hard on your robot and preserving! He is amazing! I wonder if anymore robots will be taking residence in Year 2 houses this week?!




We are super proud of Maddie this week. She has really got her teeth stuck into our Olympics work this week. She has sent us so many of her tasks and we have loved seeing how much effort she has put into her learning this week (and every other week during our time away from school). Today, her newspaper report blew us away. She carefully planned her newspaper, and the planning played off to produce this outstanding newspaper report! We hope she inspires you all to write your newspaper articles- we have another newspaper challenge coming next week too!


Shout out to Joseph R with his lockdown poem! We agree with all his points about lockdown! Please all continue to keep safe and well as Joseph has said in his poem! We are missing you all so much, and we hope you to see you soon!



We were blown away by the effort Joseph R put in to his robot. He used a variety of materials and we like the legs that he added too! Very creative! We think it might be bigger than you though Joseph! We also like the name Joseph created for his robot. He has called his robot- Tobor (robot backwards)! Great idea! We hope you all like the addition to the Riddington family!


A big shout out to William for his hard work and perseverance on his newspaper article this week. William carefully planned what he wanted to write, and during the week he added little bits each day to his newspaper. We are really proud of the effort you have put in to complete this fantastic newspaper report! Keep up the amazing work you are doing at home William! We are so proud of you.

How wonderful is this poem? It is based on Kitt Wright’s the magic box. We love how it uses all the senses and her reading of the poem is beautiful. We are proud of all the English skills she has learnt at home; this is our favorite so far! You are amazing!

We would also like to share Hollie’s amazing work this week. Every day Hollie shares all the thing she has been up too. She is working incredibly hard at home and we are so proud of her. She really brightens up our day with all the effort that she is putting in. We really liked her art work this week and also her Jam tarts looked fantastic! Thank you for bringing a smile to our faces every day.

Over the past few weeks, we have really enjoyed following the updates on his piano lessons. Yesterday, we were blown away by his progress on learning how to play the piano. This is such a wonderful video, and it shows how  hard work and dedication can pay off. We wish we could play the piano like you! We are looking forward to hearing you play when we see you again. We hope you all enjoy listening as much as we did!

Big shout out to Emily for achieving her gold certificate in Mathletics today, as well as her bronze and silver award! Amazing work. Well done Emily!

Great big shout out to Casper for writing some wonderful questions to Mrs LB’s brother who is in the RAF. Casper made a brilliant army tank for VE Day and it just reminded me of the tanks my brother drives as a soldier. Well done Casper!