Spring Term 2


Our topic this half-term is ‘The Mass’. We will start the topic by looking at the importance of The Last Super. Children will be encouraged to retell he story, and make links to their own faith and beliefs. We will then learn about the different signs and symbols of mass. We will hopefully take a trip to church to explore the features of church, and ask Fr John questions about the mass. The children will be encouraged to make Lenten promises at the start of the half term, and we will be making links throughout this topic about why these promises are important to use as Christians. We will end the topic by exploring ‘The Last Super’. Throughout this topic, the children will be encouraged to make links between mass and the Last Super.

We have started our half term off by creating our own Lenten promises. We will be working hard to keep our promises at school and at home. Our promises have been added to our special Lenten tree on our prayer table. Please encourage your child to talk about their Lenten promises at home, and the importance of making and keeping their Lenten promise.


Over this half term our reading and writing learning will be based around the stories Town is by the Sea and Canary in the Coal Mine. The children will be learning about the skills required to write a recount. Children will then be given the opportunity to apply the skills they have learnt to write a recount. After writing recount, the children will learn the skills on how to edit and improve their recount. We will then be learning about a variety of poems, and the features of poems. Children will have the opportunity write their own poetry at the end of the half term.

In all our cross curricular writing we will be working hard to use conjunctions, contractions, nouns, adjectives and verbs. We will also be looking at how to write in different tenses depending on the purpose of the writing. We will also be learning about homophones and suffixes in the texts we read.

All children will continue to have discrete phonics lessons during the week. We will be following the sounds write programme. We will also be working hard on our inference and fluency in our guided reading sessions.

This half term we would like all children to take part in our new reading challenge. Every Monday children will have their reading records checked to ensure they have read with an adult and taken part in our reading challenge! Remember there are prizes to be won!

Keep returning back to our class page to see what we have been up too!

World Book Day

In Year 2 we celebrated World Book Day in style. We all dressed up as our favorite character and brought our favorite book into school to read. We chose a spot around our outdoor environment and read our books. We had a great time reading in different environments. During the morning we read Mrs Hemming’s favourite story- The Gruffalo.

We imagined we had entered the deep, dark wood and created our own character for the story! We drew our character and then used our writing targets to describe the character!


This week Year 2 have been learning about RAMPS:

  • Remove
  • Add
  • Move
  • Punctuation
  • Spellings

Year 2 were editing and improving their work. We had written a recount earlier on in the week and then we went back to edit and improve our writing. Year 6 have been doing a very similar thing so it is wonderful to see Year 2 pupils having a go at KS2 work! Well done Year 2!

We love reading!

We had a lovely little trip to our school library today. We spent time looking at all of the wonderful books we have. Year 2 enjoy a variety of books – fiction and non-fiction, text books, information books, stories, small novels etc. We spent half an hour having quiet reading time – something we all thoroughly enjoyed!


This half term we will be learning how to tell the time. We will be teaching children to tell the time to five-minute intervals. If you could encourage your child to tell the time at home or use a watch this would really support our learning around time. We will also be learning to add and subtract using column addition and subtraction.

We will be having a big focus on reasoning questions this half term linking all our learning in Year 2 together. We will be using some past SATS papers to support our learning, and applying all the skills we have learnt over the past few years.

We will be going to the woods every Wednesday to take our maths outdoors. There will be a focus of word problems and maths challenges in our outdoor lessons. We will also have some discrete lessons to focus on our KIRF targets and times tables. Please help your child at home with their target too.

To finish the half-term we will be using multiplication and division facts to show calculations and to check the accuracy of our work.

Please keep visiting our class page to follow our learning journey and the fun we have along the way! We really are becoming active and resilient learners In our maths curriculum!

This week we have been learning how to tell the time! We have learnt how to tell the time to quarter past and quarter to the hour. We created our own clock faces and also played Mrs Hemmings time game. For homework this week, the children have created their own time game! We will play some of these games next week. We have also been learning different ways to add. This week we have learnt how to add using column addition! We are getting so good at it! We are ready to take on some harder challenges with Mrs Hemming and Mrs LB!

Year 2 have been practising column addition and subtraction again this week. It has been tricky to learn when to borrow a ten from the tens column or when to add a ten on the doorstep but we are nearly there! We have been working on the board, on whiteboards and completing work in our books. Yellow means we have successfully achieved the learning objective and pink means we need to go back and double check the answer.


Our topic this half-term will be looking at a variety of topics. We will look at the habitat for a badger – linked to the badgers we have in our school grounds. We hope to look at why badgers live underground and what they do to survive.

We will then look at sound and hearing, light and seeing and why these senses would have been particularly important underground when working in a coal mine.

Our final topic will be about electrical equipment. Year 2 will work to create a simple electrical circuit and complete an electricity hunt around school.

Keep coming back to our class page to follow our science learning journey this half term! We are becoming fantastic scientists in Year 2!

Badger Sett

We took a rather chilly trip to the badger sett last week. Year 2 love going to see a real life habitat, we are very lucky to have the sett in our school grounds! We were talking about the following:

  • How badgers survive.
  • What they eat and drink.
  • How they get in and out of their sett.
  • A group of badgers is called a ‘Clan’.
  • Do badgers exercise?
  • Why have they chosen our school as their habitat?

Our next task in Science was to go on a light source hunt around school. We took our clipboards and went off on a search. We found a floodlight outside, lights from the computers and alarms across school, fire exit lights and most importantly – the sun!! Year 2 drew what they could see and labelled their pictures. We discussed how light moves from it’s source – to the object and then onto our eyes.

We had a great time this afternoon – Year 2 took part in a hearing/listening experiment. Mrs Lowe created a sound booth behind a screen in the classroom. Year 2 had to sit and listen to six sounds. Mrs Lowe created the sounds behind the screen so the children couldn’t see. Year 2 then had to guess what the sounds were…it was great fun! The children had to write their predictions and then use their findings to answer questions about the experiment.

Our next lesson in Science was to use the electrical equipment to make a simple circuit. We used batteries, two wires and a bulb. The aim was to make the bulb light up and then move onto using motors and sound buttons. Year 2 loved using the equipment, a great practical activity with lots of scientific language being used.

Design Technology

This half-term we are going to be making coal mine carts. We will be using the Plan, Do & Review concept to work through our Design Technology project.


Our plan is to research the mining carts first, design our own interpretation and then create our own models. Year 2 researched what coal mining carts look liked on the iPads in pairs. We printed the pictures out and stuck them in our books. Next, we drew our own interpretations of coal mining carts and used these as our plans…take a look!


Here we are completing our coal mining carts. We used wheel, axles, cube/cuboid nets, glue, sellotape and little bits of black tissue paper and card to make the coal. Year 2 loved making their carts and it was great to see the end result.


At the end of the day, we sat down as a class and reviewed our work. The children discussed what they liked about their carts and what they would like to improve. We also peer assessed our work and gave constructive feedback to our partners. Well done Year 2!


This half term we will be linking our computing to our underground topic. Children will learn how to use their positional language to direct a character around a screen. This will advance through different levels adding different Sprites.

Children will then create their own plan/map of an underground tunnel. Children will use the skills they have learnt through the IPAD to direct a Beebot through their own tunnel. Children will evaluate their directions and adjust to ensure their Beebot makes it through their tunnel!

Watch this space to see which Beebot makes it through the children’s underground tunnels! Lots of resilience will be needed! 

History and Geography

Before the holidays the children had a discussion about what they wanted to learn this half term. The children, again came up with some fantastic ideas! We decided that we would go with the topic Underground. Our topic will start by the children studying our local environment and the land use. We will draw focus to the Badger habitat and their life underground.

We will then move onto learning about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and also make links to Florence Nightingale and her life in the trenches. As we move through the topic, the children will have the opportunity to learn about the history of coal mining, linked to our class novels.

To end the half term, we will take a whole class trip to the National Coal Mining Museum. The children will get the opportunity to use the geography and history skills they have learnt this half term and make links to their life and historical events.

Throughout this topic we will be continue to have our Oscars reward system – hopefully our Oscar ceremony has been added to your diaries – Wednesday 1st April at 9.15am

We launched our History and Geography learning off today by doing some field work. We discussed what maps were as a class and looked at the meanings behind symbols used on maps.
We also learnt about the differences between human and physical geography. The children were then set a task to look at the land use around our school. We discussed the features we might see before setting out as Geographer.

The children created a sketch map of the land use around school, some children challenged themselves to create a key for their sketch map and also compass points!

This week in our History lessons we have been focusing on reading around our topic. The children had their Top Tips in their books. They were then given the freedom to select books and use a selection of websites to help them gather facts about Florence Nightingale. The children presented their research in a variety of ways. Next week they will use their research to help them create a fact file about Florence Nightingale.


This half term we will be linking our music curriculum to our topic underground. The children will be composing their own music that reflects life underground.
We will be exploring the different tones in pieces of music, and also identifying the different instruments used in a variety of pieces of music.

Children will be working in teams to produce and perform a piece of music.

We will then work on giving our peers feedback to improve their pieces of music.

This week Year 2 worked with Mrs Reddiex on using musical instruments. We listened to the tune of ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ – we came up with our own version and used musical instruments to tap along to the beat.


This half term we will be continuing to build on our gymnastics skills we learnt last half term. We will be looking at a variety of jumps, and balances.
We will then be looking at ways to put our jumps and balances together in a sequence. We will start by creating sequences on the floor, and then we will move onto creating sequences using a variety of pieces of apparatus.

Children will learn how to give feedback to their peers on their gymnastic sequence, and start to use some appropriate language linked to the skills the children are learning.

Keep coming back to out page to look at what we have been learning in gymnastics and how our sequences are progressing!

This week we have been learning lots of new skills in our games lesson. We have talked about how we can transfer some of the skills we have learnt our lessons into our playground games. We have focused on working in teams, and supporting our peers to achieve their goals during the lesson. We have also had a tennis taster session this week. We learnt some great warm up games and lots of children had fantastic co-ordination when we got the bats and balls out. After the session, lots of children asked to go to tennis lessons and wanted to further their skills! Watch this space Andy Murray!

Martin House

This half-term Year 2 are supporting Martin House Hospice. As a school we feel it is important to show our pupils what life can be like for some people – especially those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Martin House provides family-led care and support for children and young people with life-limiting conditions. Year 2 are really going to benefit from learning about Martin House and to understand how lucky we are to have our health.

We will be completing two small fundraising events to raise a little pot of money for the charity. One of their ambassadors came into school last week to talk to the children about Martin House and what they do. We were shocked to hear it costs over £9 million a year to run Martin House – that’s £25,000 a day! 

On Thursday 26th March 2020 Year 2 have decided that they would like to take part two sponsored events:

  1. A sponsored walk to school in the morning.
  2. Sponsored silence in the afternoon.

Fingers crossed we can raise a nice pot of money for those children who desperately need it. 


Today we had our own mini Golden Book Assembly. We celebrated all of our successes in Year 2 – certificates, medals, trophies, Mathletics, Spelling Shed and Nessy achievements. Well done Year 2!