Spring Term 1 2020


Collective Worship



Our topic this half-term is ‘The Good News’. This topic is designed to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of the joy that Jesus brings and to reflect on how we can bring joy to others. Over the half term, children will learn that Jesus brings the good news of God’s love through his miracles and so turns sadness into joy.

This topic builds on previous learning in Year One during the topic ‘Following Jesus’ that encouraged the children to reflect on how they can be followers of Jesus. It builds on ‘Miracles’ from which the children learnt that Jesus performed miracles to show God’s love and compassion to people.

This week we started our topic off by looking at the story of Jarius’s and his daughter. The children made predictions at different parts int he stroy, suggesting what Jesus was going to do and how the different family members  were feeling in the story. The children then went on to write a diary entry as Jarius’s daughter and ask questions about how the family members were feeling. The children were encouraged to put themselves in Jarius’s daughters shoes, and produce I wonder thoughts about how she was healed by Jesus.

This year we have been called to take time to reflect and share our faith with others. In Year 2 we will be putting time aside to focus on  activities and prayers that link to The Year of the word – The God who speaks. This week we looked at the story of the Epiphany. Children learnt about the importance of the Three Wise men, and created their own picture to explain the story of the Three Wise men visiting baby Jesus. Next week, we will be looking at the Lords Prayer in detail, and creating our own prayer to take home to use in our personal time with God. We will also be reflecting on Sundays mass intentions – Jesus’s baptism – Matthew 3:13-17.  We will discuss why this was important to Jesus, and reflect on our own baptisms. If children would like to share their baptism pictures with the class, they are welcome to bring them in.

This week in RE we have been learning all about the story of the Ten Lepers. The children listened to the story in class. We then went into the hall to re order the story through a quick burn 2 learn lesson. We then got into groups, and retold the story of the 10 Lepers through drama. The children then showcased their drama to each other! We had some fantastic pieces of drama; the children really got into role and shared the moral throughout their drama. We then went back into class and created a Thank You letter and card to Jesus.
After our RE lesson, we took some time to think about the Year of the word. We unpicked the Our Father and what it means to us as Catholics. The children then wrote the Our Father to say to God in their own time at home or at school.

This week in RE we have been learning about the story Jesus shared with us- Feeding the 5,000. We listened to the story and thought about how the boy might have been feeling in the story. We shared some of our ideas and created questions to the boy as a class. We then got into teams. We had a selection of cards with the story on. We had to re arrange the cards so the story was in the correct order. After that, we used our maths skills to divide the bread and fish into equal groups. The children wrote some of our division calculations down and talked about the vocabulary around multiplying and dividing. We have left the props in our RE corner so the children can role play the story and practice their multiplying and dividing using the bread and fish.






This half term we are learning all about the text Dumbo. The children have started their topic by reading the text. We then unpicked the character Mr Vandervere. The children created questions they wanted to ask Mr Vandervere. They thought of some fantastic questions. We decided to turn decided to turn Mrs Lowe into Mr Vandervere. The children asked her lots of questions! We came to the conclusion that Mr Vandervere was not a very nice person at all! The children have worked hard on joining all their handwriting this week. We have been wowed with some of the punctuation and conjunctions the children are using in their writing.

This week in English we are focusing on writing formal letters. We are unpicking the features of formal letters, and then we are going to write a formal letter to Mr Vandervere. We started off our letter writing by using a letter on the IWB to look at the language used in a formal letter. We talked to our carpet partners to unpick the language and format. We then went off with a partner to create the start to a letter to Mr Vandervere. Our aim was to tell Mr Vandervere that we are not happy about him capturing Dumbo and his mum, and his treatment of all the animals! The children will write their own letter later in the week, that we will send off to New York!


In our English lessons this week we have been focusing on our class text Dumbo. We started the week off by re reading the text. We then talked about what debating is. We looked at some clips of children debating, and talked about how we debated to get our current Prime Minister. The children then got into teams. Their task was to create an argument for or against keeping Dumbo and his mum in the circus. The children came up with some fantastic ideas. Each team stood at the front of the class and we had a live debate! We really enjoyed learning about debating, and we are looking forward to doing some more in future topics!

To finish our Dumbo topic off we decided to write our very own elephant stories. Year 2 loved having the freedom to write at length about their elephant and what a treat it was to read them! So many wonderful ideas. The children planned their stories first and then wrote a wonderful piece of work. We then went back and edited the work using purple polishing pens.


We have started this half term by completing a Burn 2 Learn lesson outside. The children had to work in teams to complete the three times table. Some teams were able to put the three times table back together in 10 minutes. We have also been learning how to add ten more to three and four digit numbers this week. We are looking forward to some harder challenges in Year 2 and taking our maths learning outside every week!

Today we extended our learning on from last week, by learning our 4x tables. Today was our first lesson on using and applying our 4 x times tables. We sang some songs in the classroom, had some quick-fire questions as a class, then we headed outside for our burn 2 learn lesson.
The children worked in teams to complete the 4 x table challenge. Hoops were hidden all around the outdoor learning environment. Children had to work out the answer to each calculation, and place the answer in the correct hoop! We had lots of fun as well as learning new 4x table calculations!

We have extended our learning from last week in place value, to ordering thee and four-digit numbers. The children had a quiz to see if they could spot how many thousands, hundreds, tens and ones a number has. We then moved on to looking at way to order numbers using the skills we have learnt in our place value lessons. The children worked in teams to order a selection of three- and four-digit numbers. They then took on some of Mrs Hemming’s challenges to extended their understanding of ordering numbers. They all blew me away with their skills and took on my harder challenge! Keep up the amazing maths Year 2!

This week we have been learning how to tally. We took our lesson outside to complete a mini Burn 2 Learn lesson. The children loved using chalk to tally outside on the playground. We love active lessons!

This week we have started to explore the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We have looked at a selection of shapes in our local environment and handled shapes. We created a fact sheet to explain the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Jack then came up with a fantastic idea. He asked if we could use our knowledge so far of 3D shapes, and build a 3D elephant house for Dumbo. The children loved his idea. We planned our 3D elephant houses, thinking about the 3D shapes we want to use and their properties. Tomorrow we will attempt to make our elephant houses for Dumbo!



This half-term we have been learning about Humans and Animals. Our first lesson was to go on an animal hunt around school. Taking our clipboards and pencils, we walked around school to search for animals and their young. Our challenge was to tally the amount of animals we found – this linked to our Maths lesson from earlier on in the day when we used tally charts. What a great start to our Science topic!

Our next lesson in Science was to learn about the importance of exercise and why humans and animals need lots of it! We started our experiment by writing down how we felt before exercise. The children used words such as: cold, calm, cool, hydrated and chilled. We then went outside and completed a high intensity workout with Trainer LB! The children then described how they were feeling afterwards – words such as hot, sweaty, energised, dehydrated amongst others. A great Burn 2 Learn lesson with some very active learners – well done Year 2!

Germs, germs, germs! Today we learnt about germs. Year 2 were discussing what they knew about germs – so we decided to do an experiment to reveal how much we use our hands and how germs can spread so quickly. We all took a blob of hand lotion and coated our hands in glitter – the glitter represented germs. Year 2 were amazed at just how much the glitter spread and how important it is to wash our hands…hopefully a life long lesson was learnt today!


Our topic this half-term is to take ‘Inspiration from the Greats’. We have been exploring ideas and using different methods as these ideas develop. The artist we are currently learning about is Andy Warhol. We have been using his paintings as our inspiration to create a new Oscars statue/statuette. This links to our topic of Hollywood and our text Dumbo. We are using the concept of Plan, Do & Review where the children plan their ideas, complete a piece of Art and then review it at the final stage.


First, we researched Andy Warhol and images of the Oscars statue. Year 2 decided they liked the look of the repeating images so we would use those pictures as our inspiration. 


Take a look at our amazing Art work! The pictures below show the children’s plans and the final results. Year 2 worked hard to take inspiration from Andy Warhol and design their own Oscars statue in the repeating form. We tried to use a set number of colours and we are thrilled with how the pictures have turned out.

Review: Year 2 went back to their work the following week and made small adjustments to their pictures. They also gave me verbal feedback and self assessed their own work.

Salvador Dali

We love painting!! Our next learning objective was to look at the famous artist Salvador Dali and his work on elephants. Year 2 loved painting their own version of Salvador’s elephants. Our next task will be to add art straws to create the long legs Salvador was famous for.

Our completed Art work…



This half term we will be linking our computing to our Hollywood topic. We will teach the children how to green screen themselves into the Hollywood back drop so they become a famous actress/actor. We will also be focusing on mouse control in the computer suite. Children will be using paint to crate a scene from the circus and also a back drop to their own Hollywood that they will be creating here at St Joseph’s schoool!

This week, we started our topic off by researching places in Hollywood on the IPADS. We then looked for pictures that we want to use for our Hollywood green screen piece. We selected pictures, and created a file on our IPADS to save the pictures. The children were really excited by all the pictures that they found in Hollywood! We can’t wait to get ourselves in the Hollywood action in the next few weeks!

This week we combined our History and Geography lesson to enhance our computing skills. The children looked at a selection of websites identified by the teachers. The children typed the websites into the google search. We taught the children how to save images and also how to use the information they found on their website to make notes. The children found out some fantastic facts about Hollywood. We will continue to use the iPads to enhance our research in our Hollywood topic, and create a travel brochure as the end product!

Online Safety

We had a whole school assembly on Monday morning to remind all children of the very important tips to stay safe whilst using the internet. The key message that we took from the morning was that if we are unsure of anything on the internet we should ‘STOP, BLOCK AND TELL!’

Here were the key top tips we learned for staying safe online:

  • Keep your personal information safe and private (don’t share it with anyone).
  • People online are not always who they say they are (don’t become friends with someone online that you haven’t met before in real life and never meet up with anyone you speak to online).
  • Ask before you share – think carefully about the photos you post on the internet. You need to have permission before you post photos of other people online.
  • Think carefully about the words you use on the internet.
  • If you see something you feel uncomfortable with, STOP, BLOCK AND TELL! 
  • Always speak to a trusted adult.

For more information on how to stay safe online, watch the video below that was shared in our assembly or visit the following websites for more information:

Safer Internet day

As a class we have looked at how to protect ourselves online. We watched some videos to help us understand that sometimes, people aren’t always who they say they are online. After talking about staying safe online, the children went into groups and created some songs and raps to help spread the message on how we can protect ourselves, and stay safe online.
The children also took on a class challenge to create an internet safety poster competition. The winner will get their poster enlarged and shared around school! Watch this space!

IMG_5983 IMG_5982 IMG_5978 IMG_5977


Meet our new friend Camembear! He is here to help Year 2 learn a little bit of French each week. We are going to look at French greetings, numbers from 0-20, colours and simple French phrases.

History and Geography

This half term the children have decided to learn all about Hollywood. We have started our topic this week by locating America on the map. We then talked about how America is split unto States. The children used maps to located California on a map, and then they located LA and Hollywood. The children also created lots of questions that the wanted to find out about Hollywood. We had some fantastic questions, and we are looking forward to exploring these over the next term.

Today we have been learning all about what an Oscar is, how you can get an Oscar and looking at different actors throughout the decades that have received an Oscar. The children used their Maths skills to look at different decades and learn what a decade is. The children then had a Burn 2 Learn lesson, creating a timeline of when actors received an Oscar throughout the decades! We had lots of fun, and we are looking forward to working on receiving our own Oscars in class!


This half term we are linking our music lessons to our Hollywood topic. We will start the half term by looking at different music playlists that you find in the circus. The children will then pick out instruments that they can hear in each piece of music. We will then focus on putting our own piece of circus music together. Children will work in small groups, and at the end of the half term we will have a showcase to celebrate our circus music. We will hopefully add some of our new circus tricks that we learn during our circus day to our musical circus finale!



This half term we are learning lots of new skills in gymnastics. We have started or topic off by learning how to perform different stretches and jumps. We learnt how to do a stretch, tuck, pike, star and straddle shape. We then turned all these shapes into jumps. The children were fantastic at putting the jumps together, and they showcased their skills to each other. We are looking forward to learning about different gymnastics skills and putting sequences together this half term.

This week we extended the jumps and stretches that we learnt in gymnastics last week onto the beam. We had to look carefully at the jump and stretch on the cards and perform these skills on the beam. We had some fantastic stretches on the beam, and also some great jumps from two feet to two feet of the bench! Here are some in the action pictures!

Aikido Taster Session

We have been so lucky in KS1 to have had Mr and Mrs Grundy come in and show us Aikido. The children were first shown a demonstration of Aikido and given a background to the sport. Afterwards, it was a competition between the boys and the girls to see who could get the stick from behind the opponents back! We then had a go at wrestling to get the wristband off of our opponents. After a close match and a LOT of fun, the girls came out victorious! The session was so much fun to have in school and I know the children learnt a lot about this martial art. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Grundy for sharing your knowledge with us!

Visit from Mr Thirlwell

We had a very special visitor in class this week. Mr Thirlwell came in to support us in our Inspiring you week. He talked to us all about his job a professional footballer in the premier league, and also about his job at Harrogate Town. The children thought of some fantastic questions and they were amazed with all the information that Mr Thirlwell gave them. His England Caps went down well, and his picture with Paul Scholes was definitely my highlight! We were all truly inspired, and hope we have some future footballers In Year 2! As long as they follow the three R’s!

Circus Day

To end our Hollywood topic this week, Year 2 took part in a full day of Circus skills. The children selected a circus day as it linked to their book Dumbo that we have based our learning around this half term.

During the day, the children learnt lots of different circus skills. We started the day by watching Jay, our ring master do some circus and magic tricks. We then went into small groups and tried to master some of the circus skills. The children learnt how to plate spin, juggle, diablo, flower sticks and magic balls. At the end of the day, the children put on a mini circus skill show for the Year 2 parents.

We all had a fantastic day learning new skills. Myself, Mrs Lowe were blown away by everyone’s positive attitude, determination and concentration in learning all the skills. We definitely have some future Circus stars in the making!


This half-term we are looking at girls, boys and families. We have been looking at the differences between girls and boys and how we are all similar and different. As a class we are learning how to be respectful and how we can care for each other.

Anti-Bullying Week

Over the past fortnight we have been working on Mind Mate, Anti-Bullying tasks and Finding our Bravery. Year 2 enjoyed learning how to deal with situations involving friendships, possible bullying scenarios and ways in which to cope and handle such problems. We discussed how other people’s behaviour can affect us and how it is important to discuss things that are on our minds. We thought about times when we could ‘find our brave’ and overcome situations when we might be feeling scared or vulnerable. We ended the fortnight with an assembly to showcase all of the work we had completed and how much we had learnt.

FS2, Year 1 and Year 2 all participated in our end of the week assembly. FS2 were very proud of their work, they had been learning about Elmer the Elephant and how we are all special yet different. Year 1 were very proud of their work and had a collection of both worksheets, posters and written tasks in their English book. Year 2 ended the assembly with a short discussion about how they found their bravery, the difference between falling out and bullying and what we need to say to people whose behaviour is affecting us.