“Mistakes are proof that you are trying.” Anon

Welcome to Year 1

Hello and thank you for visiting Year 1’s class page!

Please keep visiting this page for updates on our learning journey and all of the exciting topics we will be learning about. In Year 1, we follow the children’s interests and ensure all of the subjects taught in our National Curriculum link to the half terms theme. We work together as a team and try our hardest with our work!

Miss Mac

Miss Mac

Class Teacher

Mrs Armitage

Mrs Armitage

Autumn 1

Hello and welcome to Key Stage One! I hope that the children have had a lovely summer holidays and are ready to come back and stuck in! Our topic for this half term, chosen by the children, is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! 

Our role play area has been transformed into the chocolate factory with a chocolate waterfall, large TV and golden tickets everywhere!

Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival in school has been another huge success! There has been so many donations of food and money contributions that have been taken into Leeds to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. It is so lovely that as a school community, we can pull together to help those in need. The children were fantastic during the assembly and even some of our own in Year 1 stood proud at the front holding up the letters to spell harvest. Well done everyone!

Collective Worship

Here is our Collective Worship table in Year 1. We look to our statement of the week to guide us through our school lives and to be our focus for the week.


In RE this half term our topic is God’s Great Plan. 

We are starting our learning by thinking about the beauty of God’s world, what we are grateful for and what we wonder about God’s creation. The children have some interesting questions about creation and had some lovely prayers to say thank you to God for everything we have in our lives.

We have been looking at the 7 days of creation. The children have created some wonderful art to show their ideas and really enjoyed learning the story and discussing God’s creation. We then moved on to how does God show his love for us? We realised this was a very tricky concept so we began by thinking about how our family shows love. The children demonstrated their ideas through role play and had fantastic ideas such as play, washing the dishes, hugs and kisses.


In English we have began our learning journey by writing recounts of our favourite activities in the holidays. There have been such a range of exciting things going on such as going on a plane, riding our bikes and going to Grandma’s house! Our focus has been letter formation and sentence structure such as capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. The children have worked really hard to write their recounts and have been so excited to share their stories, it was difficult for them to choose just one!

We have been looking at adjectives and using these to describe Charlie in our class text, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children engaged in plenty of activities to develop their understanding of adjectives. We have been working both in teams and independently to produce some fantastic work that the children should be proud of.



In Maths we have had plenty of things going on! We started our learning with looking at the number system and counting. Then we moved on to addition and subtraction. The children have been working really hard with these methods and have come up with plenty of ways to help themselves with their learning such as with objects, fingers or ask a friend. We have been working hard with our number formation too, using our working wall and resources in the classroom to support us. 

10 has been our magic number this week. We have been looking at numbers up to 10 and focusing on the place value, 1 more/ 1 less and making the number 10 in different ways. The children have really embraced the challenges this week and are really coming on with their number formation and their understanding of the number system. We took a Burn 2 Learn approach to making numbers up to 10 which the children loved!

We have also been using the numicon to work with to find the number bonds to 10.

We have been focusing on numbers up to 100! The children have been looking at tens and ones in numbers, counting in patterns and practicing our reading and writing of greater numbers. The children have been engaging in written, practical, Burn2Learn and group work to develop their learning and have given everything their best efforts!


In Science this half term, we will be focusing on Animals, including Humans. We started our learning by labelling the basic parts of the human body.

We have been labelling the external parts of the human body in science. We began our learning with the wonderful song ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ to introduce the learning. Afterwards, we labelled all of the external parts of the human body before working independently on our tables to label a body. The children have expressed an excitement about starting Science in Year 1 so i’m looking forward too continuing our learning together.

We have been looking at the 5 senses and had such a fun time doing it! We began by identifying the senses and their purposes. We then took part in 5 different stations that focus purely on the use of one sense at a time. Hearing station where we particiapte in a blindford course where we need to listen to the instructions of our friends, taste where we taste different fruits, smell and sight where we go on a walk to smell  and look around the outdoors and touch where we had a feely box and had to guess the item. 



In Art we have been exploring the primary colours and how they mix to make the secondary colours. The children were given the opportunity to explore and mix the different primary colours in different quantities to see what secondary colours they could make and how to make the different shades of colours by adding more or less of one of them.

We have been mixing white with colours and black with colours to change the tones of the colours. We have been working independently choosing how much of each of the colours to add and the children have noticed depending on the amount of white or black added, completely can change a colour! The children have really loved the freedom to express their ideas in art so far.




We have been using our new school ipads in computing and using them to explore input and how this makes something happen.The children have been working independently to understand the iPad functions e.g. turning it up/down, finding apps and exploring these. The children worked in pairs to support each other and by the end they were confident exploring the apps given to them.

We have taken our computing learning into the ICT suite and been practicing our mouse and keyboard skills. The children have been working really hard on their mouse control and understanding that they have to input an action into the computer for it to do anything! We practiced our mouse skills on BBC website ‘Cbeebies Games’ and on ‘Paint.’


In Geography we are looking at the local area. However, before we can even start this, we have to look at what Geography even means! We have been learning about all of the different topics we could learn about as we move through school and we have created posters of the topics we are most looking forward too learning about e.g. the weather, local area and physical Geography. The children were excited about all of these and can’t wait to get started with our local area learning.

After looking at what Geography means, we moved on to the physical and human features of some of our favourite parts of Wetherby. The children were fantastic at locating the features and labelling pictures e.g. at the river.

Afterwards, we looked at maps of Wetherby. We looked at a Google Maps one and a typical map. The children had to locate different key places on the maps and then estimate distances using the streets and their knowledge of their home town.

To finish our learning journey of Geography in Autumn 1, we looked at the features of villages and towns. In this, we took a Burn2Learn approach where the children had to come and find an image from the classroom and race back to their group to put it in the right column. The children loved the challenged and the element of competition!


We have really been getting into the swing of our music learning with Mrs Reddix! The children have been learning the melody and the words to different songs from the film ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ They have been singing along and even extending their learning by adding actions to help them remember the lyrics.



In PE, we have been learning different throwing techniques and practicing how to catch accurately. We played lots of mini games to practice these skills and discussed what sports they would be useful in. The children were fantastic at playing fairly with their partner and catching/throwing the resources sensibly.

Our learning around catching and passing didn’t stop here either as the next day we developed the skill with Mr Cooper, practicing the use of our left and right hand and learning to tell the difference. We completed lots of mini games involving our left or right hand. This was tricky at first but the children were soon getting the hand of it.


We have been focusing on balancing in PE and the different ways we can balance. We played lots of different team games and independent games to improve our balancing and the children were all really engaged in their learning and keen to improve. Great work!


Autumn 2

Show and Share

We have had our Show and Share in Year 1! We invited our parents/carers into our classroom to join in with our collective worship and a phonics session. The children absolutely loved having their loved ones in to learn alongside us and would like to thank the parents/cares for coming in to work alongside the children and for their continued support. 

Collective Worship

Here is our Collective Worship table in Year 1. We look to our statement of the week to guide us through our school lives and to be our focus for the week.


In RE this half term our topic is Mary, Mother of God.

We have been looking at when Mary was told the good news about the new baby Jesus. We thought about what Mary might have felt when the angel came to her to share the good news and wrote down what some of her thoughts might have been. We then discussed how she shared the news with her cousin Elizabeth and the importance of this moment as it shows the promise God made about the new baby.

We have been thinking about how we can prepare for this very special time of year. We looked at the ways Christians prepare for the birth of Jesus and how we can celebrate. One of the ways we looked at was the symbols on the advent wreath. We discussed what each candle shows and the importance of evergreen branches making the circle.

We have been looking  at the story of Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem. We discussed the story and all of the people present at this wonderful time. This discussion helped the children to understand the true meaning of Christmas, a theme that has also been discussed during our collective worship. The children were given the task of asking questions to Mary and Joseph on their travels and answering questions about the story. Afterwards, they drew pictures of them travelling to Bethlehem. 


In English this half term, we are building up to writing a letter to the mean old Captain Hook! Our theme this half term is Peter Pan and we will be learning different skills to write the best letters! We have started our English learning journey with learning about the different characters and understanding our text. We then moved on to understanding adjectives to describe the characters.

We then moved on to using prefix ‘un’ to describe the characters of Hook and the Crocodile. We all looked at how the ‘un prefix changes the meaning of words and how we can use these to describe the baddies in the story. The children had some excellent ideas and are now applying these in their writing!

We have been getting to know Hook lots better this week through comprehension style questions and freeze frames. The children worked together to create freeze frames from different parts of the story involving Hook. This is so we know the character well enough to write brilliant letters to him. The children performed their freeze frames, really considering the emotions of the characters, positions and the story line so far.

We are preparing to write our letters to Hook! We have been looking at the structure of letters and how to tell if it is formal or informal. Once we had a good understanding of the structure, the children were set the challenge of putting a letter in the correct order! We did this through a Burn2Learn activity and the children were really confident in the order and what each part of a letter is for.

We then brainstormed ideas for our letters, talking about which sentences might go in each section and the sorts of things we might want to ask or tell him about us.

We have been improving our editing skills in Year 1! We have written our letters to Hook (which are fantastic!) and we have recieved a letter back. However, it isn’t very well written! The children have worked together to edit and improve his letter and to help him out because we don’t think there is any school in Neverland for him!


In Maths this half term, we are focusing on lots of different things such as place value, the 4 operations and shapes. We began our learning with a recap of place value and recapping our understanding of tens and ones in numbers. The children are showing a really good understanding of place value and this will really help them as we move through our learning journey into working with addition and subtraction.

We then looked back over counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. The children are starting to show a great understanding of this and identifying the patterns in each system. This knowledge will  not only help them throughout their Maths journey in year 1, but throughout their school lives as they continue to grow in confidence with them.

We have been looking at 2 out of the 4 operations so far; addition and subtraction. It has been a really successful topic for the children as they have all gained so much confidence and independence when working in maths. We practiced these operations using concrete objects and number lines before moving on to the inverse and rapid recall of addition/subtraction facts. Fantastic effort Year 1!

After looking at adding and subtracting, we moved our focus onto the 2 other operations, multiplying and dividing. The children have been looking at a couple of methods for them to use to practice their multiplication and division before we moved on to understanding the inverse and how to apply these to a number of questions. The children are becoming much more confident with their recognition of the symbols and which methods they can use for each question.

We have been looking at shape in maths. This includes 2D, 3D and the properties of these shapes. The children really enjoyed the guess my shape game before we discussed the properties of them. The children noticed that all 2D shapes are flat and that 3D shapes are solid! Afterwards, we looked at the mathematical vocabulary needed to work with shapes and to work out their properties such as edges, corners, faces and sides. It can be tricky to remember the meaning of these new words but in true Year 1 style, we kept persevering and trying our best!


In Science this half term, we will be continuing to focusing on Animals, including Humans.

Science Week.

We have started our half term learning in Science with Science Week! The theme for science week this year is Our Diverse Planet. This has linked brilliantly to kick start our learning journey this half term with learning about the diverse amount of animals we have on the planet and to learn about what they eat, where they live and how they survive. It links with learning about different people who work in the science field too.

We were visited by Mr and Mrs O’Hare who kindly worked with the children to show them all of the fantastic things that they do when working in the medical profession. The children were given the opportunity to try out some of the different tools that they might see at the doctors, make their own plaster for a broken bone and look at x-rays. I know this visit has really inspired the children and opened their eyes to the work doctors do daily to help people.This has linked nicely into Miss Costello’s assembly, where we looked at some different scientists and at Flemming, the man who invented Penicillin.

We had another visitor during our Science week! This time it was a company who came to talk to us about bones. The visitor started by showing us all of the different bones in our body and just how many there are! We discussed what our bodies would look like if we didn’t have bones and the visitor, Mr Holmes, told us we would be like jellyfish! Afterwards, we made our own split pin skeletons and the children absolutely loved them! Thank you to Miss Costello for organising this!

Science Fair

We have visited both Year 3 and Year 5 to have a go at their amazing science experiments. The activities were amazing and Year 1 were so excited to try everything out. It has been a fabulous week in science week and I know that Year 1 are already excited to be in Year 3 and 5 so that they can have a turn at creating their own experiments and sharing them with the school!

We have been looking at the variety of animals on our planet and how to differentiate some of these. We have begun with looking at reptiles, birds and amphibians. We have been researching what makes them different and their qualities that make them similar. We took a Burn2Learn approach to our learning to categorise the animals before moving into our books to look at some questions such as “what makes a bird a bird?” “Is an Ostrich a bird if it cannot fly?” “Do all reptiles eat meat?”

We then focused on 2 more groups of animals; the invertebrates and the mammals. The children loved to learn all about what makes these animals what they are. They espicially loved learning that invertebrates don’t have a spine and that we are mammals!

To continue our learning about groups of animals, we started to learn about another way to classify them. This is through what they eat. We have looked at the 3 different types of food we can classify them into, herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. This was tricky for us at first because the words are very big but the children soon got the hang of it through perseverance and were able to use a Venn diagram to put the animals in the correct places according to what they eat.



In Computing, we are learning all about coding through the app Scratch Jnr. The children have been learning all about how the iPads need instruction to work and how to successfully navigate around the app. We began by choosing a character from the selection (plenty of pirates and crocodile characters!) and choosing a background appropriate for the character. Afterwards, we explored how to make the characters move by using algorithms to control them. The children could input commands such as how many steps to move. Great work Year 1!

We have continued our learning on Scratch Jnr for the children to build up their confidence with the app and to understand that technology cannot work without giving it instructions on what to do. We have continued our understanding of how to make the characters move, as well as how many steps we need to take to get from one end of the screen to the other. This involved some maths learning as we had to estimate how many steps it would take.


In DT this half term we are focusing on food, glorious food! We will be looking at how to cook hygienically, safely and for a purpose. By the end of our DT learning journey, we will have baked some lovely Christmas treats which I know the children are excited about!

We have started off by looking at the importance of hygiene when cooking and eating. The children discussed what we could do to ensure we keep clean and try our best not to spread germs. I asked some of the children to dip their hands in glitter and then they started to touch things in the classroom and could see the glitter being left on the objects! The children were amazed with how quickly the glitter went everywhere and this is just like with germs! We then created posters for our tips for staying hygienic when working with food.

In DT, the next important part of cooking is to use the equipment safely. We practiced our cutting skills using knives and fruit. In small groups, we discussed how to hold the knife, how to cut safely and how to hold the fruit safely and stable when cutting. The children sometimes found this a bit tricky but with a bit of practice got the hang of it. The best thing was eating our sliced fruit at the end!

After learning our new skills, we put them into practice! We have been baking buns in Year 1. The children helped to measure, mix and decorate the cakes. We made them a Christmas theme by putting a santa hat on the top of them. The children were excellent at discussing the ingredients, hygienic cooking and mixing to make sure that the cakes were amazing. We really loved eating them too!


Our History topic this half term is all about Grace Darling. However, as our first History lesson fell on November 5th, it felt only right to share with the children all about Guy Fawkes. The children heard the story of the Gunpowder Plot and why Fawkes wanted to blow up parliament. We then discussed how long ago this was and the children were amazed by the year! We then moved on to making wanted posters for Guy Fawkes and ordering the events in a timeline.

We then moved on to Grace Darling, learning all about who she was, when she was alive and why she became famous. We produced some fantastic fact files using the key dates and moments in her life.

For us to get a better grasp of History and to understand just how long ago Grace Darling was alive, we went back in time to look at schools in the era when she was alive, the Victorian times. The children were amazed at how different things were for children at this time and were very grateful for how their school is now! We applied our maths skills in History by presenting our work about the similarities and differences between our schools and theirs in a Venn diagram.

We have moved our learning on to look at a timeline of Darling’s life. We looked at the key events of her life and the dates that these happened. We then discussed chronology and putting the dates in order. The children were fantastic at placing her life in order and using time language to explain.

To understand that Grace Darling lived a long time ago, we looked at the similarities and differences between things in her time and ours e.g. toys, schools, jobs and medicine. The children worked together on a Burn2Learn activity where they needed to sort the descriptions into things that we have/do now and things they had/did back in Darling’s time.


We have been practicing so much in our music lessons for our Nativity! The children are learning the words to the songs, following the melody, learning actions and some of us are even learning to play some instruments to accompany our performance! We are practicing lots and lots to ensure we are at our best to show our best selves to friends and family!

Rehearsals have well and truly got under way! We have really got to know our songs and have included some dances and some actions to the song. We have been focusing on following the melody of the song to make sure it is the best it can be for our audience!

We have performed our Nativity! The children were absolutely fantastic and gave each of their performances 100% effort! The children sang along to the songs brilliantly, keeping the pace and rhythm of the songs throughout. Our percussionists played the instruments fantastically, keeping the beat of the songs and helping the singers keep in time too. It was truly a wonderful performance and the children have worked so hard in all of our music lessons to achieve this amazing outcome.


In PSHE, we have been focusing on feelings and emotions that we might feel. We have been learning what these emotions are called, how to identify them and how to deal with them if we are finding them a bit tricky. The children have been engaging in art, role play and conversations to express their feelings and opinions in a safe space.

We then moved on to talking about fairness in both school and outside of school. This lead us on to link this to the story of the Good Samaritan in our collective worship where we discussed the importance of treating others how you want to be treated and showing kindness and fairness to anyone in need.

Another wonderful PSHE lesson where the children were learning about filling each other’s buckets up! The children discussed how they can make other people feel happy (fill their bucket) and how sometimes our actions or words can lead to our bucket dipping and us feeling sad. The children were fantastic at sharing how to fill a bucket and what we can do to prevent bucket dipping.

We have had a workshop all about friendships and secrets in Year 1 with Catholic Care. The children engaged really well with the topics and could discuss what makes a good friend and what a good secret and bad secret looks like. Thank you so much to the Catholic Care team for the workshop, it was very useful!

We have had a fantastic time learning about the Green Cross Code. Our learning began in a whole school assembly to learn about the way to cross the road safely.

Afterwards, we put our learning into practice by having a visitor come into our class to talk some more with us about how to stay safe out and about near the roads. We the applied this learning practically when we went outside and had a go at using the Green Cross Code. The children all behaved amazingly and respected and understood the need for this fantastic session.


This half term in PE, we will be focusing on dance. With our class topic being Peter Pan, we have been focusing on how we can convey emotions and feeling through our movements. The children were fantastic at re-telling parts of the story through dance and showing plenty of emotions that the characters might feel.

We have moved on from just focusing on emotions to creating sequences of movements to re-tell some of the scenes from the story. The children built on their knowledge of expressing emotions and applied this to their next task of re-telling a scene through dance to the group. The challenge was, could the class guess the scene based on their movements, facial expressions and sequencing of steps?

We have been continuing our dance topic in PE by practicing our dances for the Nativity. The children all had many actions and dances to perform for the day so  it was important that we practiced these as often as possible. The children were required to move with careful coordination and spacial awareness. They also had to keep the rhythm and evaluate their own performances for their dance moves to improve. On the day, the final performances were amazing and the children did us proud remembering all of the movements and actions needed.


In PE with Mr Cooper, the children have been focusing on balance and moving whilst incorporating the skill of balance. They began with balancing bean bags on their tennis rackets (which the children quickly got the hand of!). Afterwards, the lesson progressed to include balancing on different points of their bodies, balancing the bean bag with their weaker hand and moving forwards and backwards balancing the bean bag. They focused on the skill through games and direct teaching.

We have been working on our catching skills in PE using a variety of resources. The children absolutely love getting active and learning new skills in PE. We started with simply throwing the bean bag to one another and looking at different catching techniques before adding different resources in for more challenge. The children worked in 3s for this activity where one of them held a hoop and 2 of them worked together to get the bean bag through the hoop to their partner who was ready to catch it. To add even further challenge, the person holding the hoop was moving it around to test the children’s hand eye coordination, concentration and their power behind the throw.

We have been working on our aim and accuracy in PE. The children worked hard to hit targets and worked as a team to do so as well when needed. There were some really difficult challenges in PE for this session but the children worked hard and kept going to ensure they were giving it their best shot. The skill of accuracy will come in useful for the children in a variety of sports and therefore it is a life long skill for them to learn.