The School Council is made up of 16 elected representatives comprising of one girl and one boy from classes Foundation Stage – Year 5 and two girls and two boys in Year 6. They are elected by their peers.

The School Council looks at our Mission Statement for its values.

The School Council is about:
– Learning to work together
– Learning about democracy
– Learning how to play a positive role in our Community

The School Council’s job is to involve everyone:
– Providing a link between children and adults working in school
– Finding out about things children want to change
– Coming up with ways to make things better
– Putting those ideas into action
– Seeing what works (evaluating)

Autumn Terms

The School Council have created suggestion  boxes for each class and each week we have gathered together and discussed what children have put into these boxes. The Council have made a list of the suggestions and over the terms they will tackle these ideas.

The School Council have also got together and talked about safeguarding in school. They have created questionnaires for children to answer and using what the children have said, they have put together a child friendly safeguarding leaflet for children to read.

Pupil Safeguarding Leaflet


The School Council were lucky enough to have a trip to London to visit the Houses of Parliament.