St Joseph’s School Library

Here at St Joseph’s, we really promote and encourage a lifelong enjoyment of reading. Reading can be an escapism to other worlds. It lets the imagination take over and we strive to immerse our children in that during the school day. The library is used often for class reading lessons, quiet reading time, a space to choose and swap books to read, a place to listen to audio books and discover new things. The library is used by all of our children during lessons and spare time.

Library Council

Usborne Readathon: Ready, Steady, Read! 

We organised a a sponsored reading week across school to raise money for new fiction and non-fiction books for our school and class library. The project has been organised in conjunction with our local Usborne Organiser, Stephanie Todd. This week is being promoted in school to celebrate and encourage a lifelong love of reading at home and in school. The idea of the sponsored read is that the children log what they read throughout the week, whether that be a book, a magazine, the back of a cereal box, a comic, street signs on the road, the back of a chocolate bar wrapper, and for everything they read they are sponsored an amount. Reading is everywhere! 

The sponsorship money raised a huge amount of money for new books to revamp our library. The Usborne organisers came into school to launch the Readathon week and the children were very excited! Thank you Usborne and a very special thanks to the Friends of St Joseph’s who organised this fantastic event!