Spring 2

Welcome back to Spring 2! We hope you have enjoyed a lovely break. There are lots of exciting things planned for this half term, please see our MT plan and Class Newsletter for more information. 

​Religious Education (RE)

This half term our RE topic is Sorrow and Joy.

We have started the topic by thinking about what we do when we have hurt someone else. All the children had a fantastic understanding of the importance of saying sorry and showing that we are in our actions. We then listened to the story of Zacchaeus, who Jesus helped to do the right thing and say sorry. We then considered the difficulties of saying sorry sometimes and needing our bravery to admit when we are in the wrong. To symbolize this bravery each child decorated a Sorry medal.

Lenten Promises

The children have all made their Lenten promises and visited the Prayer Garden to ask God to help them with them. We have also displayed them in the classroom to remind the children of the promises that they have made.

The Feeding of the five thousand

The children have learnt about how Jesus helped a boy to be kind and share his five loaves of bread and two fish with 5,000 people. The children have then recreated the story using different forms of art and re-enacted it through role play.

Palm Sunday 

This week we have started our learning about Easter. To do this we have learnt about when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and the crowds that greeted him with palm leaves. The children have recreated this scene by carefully making their own palm leaves and laying them on the ground along with clothing. A child then pretended to be Jesus arriving in Jerusalem and the rest of the children acted as the crowd and greeting him joyfully. 


The Three Little Pigs

We have began our Traditional Tales Topic by focusing on the story of The Three Little Pigs. The children have loved the story, enjoying building their own stick, straw and brick houses along with writing Wanted posters to catch the Wolf!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The children have enjoyed reading Goldilocks this week and recounting the main events in the story. After we read the story we discussed if Goldilocks did the right thing going into the bears house. The children decided that this was not the right thing to do and said that she should have said sorry. From this we decided to write sorry letters from Goldilocks to the Three Bears. The children did an amazing job of getting into the character of Goldilocks and writing the letters, using the knowledge from the story.




This week the children have been using everything they know about numbers so far to help them estimate how many of each building material the Three Little Pigs have. The children have then recorded this amount by selecting the correct numeral and numicon before counting the resources to see how many they actually have.

It has been fantastic to see the children work as part of a team to estimate how many objects there are, taking on different roles and working together to check their estimations.


This week the children have began to learn about time. We started off by thinking about different times in our school day such as lunch time and tidy up time. We then looked at different ways of measuring time such as a watch, sand timer or stop watch. We then programmed the Bee Bot to move to different places on the map and timed how long it took to get to each location.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

This half term our focus is on working together as a team. This week the children have worked together to add sort and add resources to our new role play area, along with tidying in teams, working together to get jobs done.

Hand Hygiene

This week we have had a big focus on hand hygiene. We have watched videos and learnt songs to help us wash our hands thoroughly to get rid of all the nasty germs. We have also done an experiment with bread, where we have put our hand prints into a slice of bread, some hands clean, some dirty and others just using hand gel. We are excited to see what happens next week! 



This week the children have been applying their balancing skills in PE!

World Book Day PE

Today the children enjoyed a world book day themed PE lesson! They had to move in a way in which their chosen character would and MR Cooper then tried to guess who they came as, with great success. It was fantastic to see the children get into character and make fantastic links between their Literacy and PE learning.

Throwing and Catching Accurately

This week the focus was on throwing and catching different objects in different ways. The children had either a bean bag, a large ball or a small ball. They then had to demonstrate different types of throw and catches, using both or one hand at different heights. There was lots of difficult skills to master but the children listening to Mr Cooper’s instructions and did brilliantly well.

Expressive Arts and Design

Den Building

The children have each designed their own animal home, considering what type of home that animal likes to live in and what extra items it might have. The children are looking forward to using their designs to build the homes in the woods next week!

The children loved building their animal dens in the woods this week! They worked together with a partner to explain their designs and then put them together to create an animal super house. When they got to the woods they carefully selected the different resources that they wanted to build their den, along with a suitable place to build it. It was fantastic to see the children work so well together and show such perseverance and enjoyment.

Role Play Area

The children are loving acting out the traditional tales that we have focused on so far this half term in our new Role Play area. A huge thank you to Mrs Skilbeck for her hard work on this, making the classroom look fantastic!

Brunel Designs 

Following on from our topic circle time where we learnt all about Brunel and explored some of the fantastic structures that he designed and built, the children have began to think about their own structures that they would like to build. The children have considered the materials that they would have to build their structures and have then drawn their designs that they will use to help them build their own models. 

Understanding the World

Animal Homes

The children have loved looking at different woodland animal homes, looking at the similarities and differences between them. Next week we are going to visit the woods and look for signs of the different animals, see if we can find any of their homes and have a go at building our own!

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

This week we have started our Art Project based on Brunel, a famous engineer who designed and built a range of bridges, ships and structures in the 1800’s. The children were excited to learn that one of his projects was Paddington Station! Next week we are going to have another look at some of his famous structures and begin to consider how we can make our own mini versions, the materials we might use and develop our own designs.