Spring 1

Happy New Year! We hope that you have had a lovely Christmas break. This half term the children have chosen “Dinosaurs” as their class topic. Please see our class newsletter for details on what we will be getting up to this half term!

​Religious Education (RE)

The Year of the Word

This week we have started learning about The Year of the Word. We started by looking at our school Mission statement and how we put our faith into action. We then explored what the Bible is and why it is so important. We then recapped the Creation Story as it is the first story in the Bible and drew God’s world as he created it.

We have continued our learning about the Year of the Word today by looking at Saint Jerome. We have then listened to the Parable of the Lost Sheep to help us understand how we should listen to God’s word and out our faith into action. The children then drew their own representation of the Parable and told us how they put their faith into action. See some of their comments below:

I help others when they fall over and take them to first aid.

I am kind to everyone.

I try my best.

Wedding at Cana (John 2:1-11) 

We have started our topic “Getting to know Jesus” by learning about his first Miracle. The children listened carefully to the Wedding at Cana Bible story and were amazed at how Jesus was able to turn water into wine. The children to retold the story themselves by dressing up as the characters and acting out the main events.

A Man Healed at the Pool of Bethesda (John 5)

Today we thought about who looks after us when we are poorly and said a prayer for those who are poorly at the moment. We then listened to another of Jesus’s miracles, where he healed the man by the pool. The children then retold the story in their own words, some of them writing it independently into their book. 



Dinosaurs Love Underpants

We have started our Dinosaur topic with a visit from Dinosaurs who love underpants! After lots of discussion we concluded that they must have come out of the book. The children have loved choosing their favourite Dinosaur and designing their own underpants for them. They have then written a sentence about their favourite underpants and why they like them the best.


Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs

The children have found boxes full of dinosaurs this week along with a bucket and Harry’s book. The children have enjoyed reading the story and sequencing the main events before choosing their favourite parts to write a simple sentence about.

Dear Dinosaur 

Today the children came into the classroom to find a post box, letters, envelopes and pencils along with the book “Dear Dinosaur”. We read the book that contained letters between a little boy called Max and a T-Rex dinosaur from the local museum. The children decided that they wanted to write letters to the dinosaur to tell him about themselves. We look forward to starting these next week.

Learning in Provision

Library Visits

Every week we visit the school library where we choose a story to read, change our books and explore the different parts of the Library. This half term we have been focusing on being able to say what the difference is between fiction and non-fiction books.



Dinosaurs have visited us this week and left different shapes hidden in our outdoor area! The children have had lots of fun finding them and then finding out about their features. They have learnt about properties such as vertices and sides and begun to describe them in order for their peers to be able to name them.

We have also explored 3D shapes, beginning to name them and identify features such as edges and faces. The children loved working in teams to select 3D shapes to build their own Dinosaurs!


This week we have been set a challenge by the dinosaurs to find out which container has the greatest capacity and therefore holds the most pasta (the dinosaurs favourite food)!

Which dinosaur is the heaviest? Which is the lightest?

The children have enjoyed learning about weight and experimenting with weighing scales. They have used this understanding to help Harry find out which Dinosaur is the heaviest and which is the lightest.


This week we received a letter from a T-Rex asking us to help him understand “length”. He sent us a draw of one of his feet and asked us to find items longer and shorter. The children then started to measure the length of different dinosaurs using cubes. The children loved the challenge!


Maths in Provision


Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)


Following our Dinosaur theme we learnt an important message from Pantosaurus that pants are private. The children listened carefully to the important messages and enjoyed singing the song with Pantosaurus and his friends.

Understanding our facial expressions

This week we have been thinking about how we show our emotions on our faces and how we can understand what different facial expressions might mean. After lots of discussions we concluded that we all read faces slightly differently as we are all different. However, we can all ask how people are feeling and help one another by sharing our emotions.

Personal Space

This week we have been thinking about our personal space and how we need to respect each others. We represented this through imagining that we all have an invisible hoop round us. We talked about who we might want in our personal space and when. For example, our family when they give us hugs. We then thought out when we might not want people in our personal space and that it is important to ask permission before we go into it.

Anti-Bullying Fortnight 

We have started Anti-Bullying week by celebrating our similarities and differences through the story of Elma. The children each chose a partner and identified two things that were the same and two things that were different between them. We then watched the story of Elma and concluded that difference should be celebrated, we each have different talents and things that make us completely unique! The children then each chose an animal and decorated in with different materials to celebrate this. 


Run a Mile

Today we did our first Run a Mile! We talked about the benefits of exercising regularly and then read the story of the Tortoise and the Hare to emphasis that it was completing the mile that was important, not doing it the fastest. The children really took this message on board and were all able to complete the mile on the playground. After they had all completed it we felt how fast our hearts were going and then compared them back in the classroom once they had rested. We then discussed why this was and how our hearts pump blood around our bodies. We will continue to run a mile weekly!


The children have loved practicing their balancing skills in PE! They have each practiced a range of different balances along with trying to balance items such as bean bags and cones on them at the same time. Fantastic work FS2.


The children have worked hard to move in time to a beat. At first they found this difficult but with some practice and additional work in our music circle time, they got the hang of it. The children then used this skill to create different dance moves to the song “Row your boat”. 


Expressive Arts and Design

The children have loved making Dinosaur masks this week. They have also enjoyed drawing their own Dinsoaurs outside on the decking area on large sheets of paper.

We have been very fortunate to receive a brand new box of instruments for Early Years. We have explored them together in Music circle times and learnt some fantastic new songs that we can play the instruments along to. We look forward to learning more of the songs in the coming weeks!



Understanding the World

What is a Dinosaur?

We have been learning what a dinosaur is. We have learnt that there were many reptiles that lived millions of years ago, some walked on two legs others on four and some ate plants and others ate meat. We also had lots of fun trying to say all the different dinosaur names!

Show and Tell

This week we began our show and tell sessions. The first five children spoke about their pet cats, special toys, Christmas presents and family holidays. It was lovely to hear them all speak so well about their families, interests and special times.


This week the rainbow challenge in the investigation area was to help the dinosaurs sort the different items into different groups based on their material. The children sorted them in different ways and explained their ideas. For example, one child said that they had a “hard” group and a “soft” group of items. We then discussed what the materials were made out of and grouped them that way, making three different groups. Metal, plastic and wood. The children then drew each item in their group and labelled it with some support.

First Aid

This week we have had two very important experiences in school. On Monday, we received basic child’s First Aid training where we learnt how to assess if an injured person is breathing, how to put them into the recovery position and how to ring 999 for an Ambulance.

We have also had a visit from Mr Ward who is a volunteer with St John’s Ambulance. He told us about his job, the work of the Ambulance service and showed us some of the equipment that he uses. Both sessions were extremely valuable and highlighted how important it is that children have these basic skills.

Mr Ward left us with some bandages that the children have loved using to play Ambulances, bandages up the teddies and each other.

Making our Zoo Garden

The children have loved creating their own Zoo Garden, planting grass seed, watering it and watching it grow. We have talked a lot about what the seeds need to grow and the importance of regularly watering the garden.