FS2’s Home Learning Proud Moments

You have all been doing so much fantastic learning at home that has made myself and your families very proud. This new page is going to show some of this fantastic work and gives you a chance to see what your friends have been up to. Everything I put up will be from Tapestry, so if there is something specific you would like to be added please send me a message on there. Enjoy!

A Special Shout Out & Thank You!

A very special shout out is needed indeed for some very special people in our St Joseph’s community..

As your home learning comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you and give a massive shout out to all of our parents and carers at St Joseph’s! Our very special parents and carers have been amazing in supporting you all in your home learning journeys for the past 16 weeks and we say a huge THANK YOU!! We hope all of our families have a very well rested break over the summer holidays! 

Proud Moment for Fleur who is working super hard on her halving. Mum has told me that Fleur has even taught her how to half numbers! Well done Fleur.

Proud moment in the garden doing amazing doubling work using a dice!


Proud moment for Hugo and his family have made these beautiful Easter Bonnets.

A proud moment for Ethan completing addition and subtraction sentences!

Proud moment for Quillon making his very own wooden train with carriages! A super activity linked to Quillon’s interests. I also know that Quillon has been very busy with lots of fun learning activities, working very hard and helping his little sister to learn too. Well done Quillon we are very proud.

A proud moment for this member of FS2, writing sentences that include tricky words that they are working on and then reading them back independently. A huge well done!

A proud moment for this member of FS2 who is working super hard on her reading at home.

An incredibly proud moment for this member of FS2, who has learnt to play the keyboard during this period of home learning! As you can see she has learn’t incredibly fast and has even learnt how to read the music! A fantastic achievement, I hope that this love for music continues to blossom.


Super proud moment for Freddie!
He wrote a shopping list for his Mummy.
We are all very proud of Freddie’s beautiful neat writing and his super sounding out!
Well done Freddie!

A proud moment for this member of FS2 went to Fewston and Swinsty reservoirs for a walk. There was a Gruffalo challenge in which you had to find all the characters and then find Gruffalo’s hide out. At each location there was a code which gave co-ordinates. This then led to completing a secret winners geocache location. This superstar found the winners cache. Just look at the medal!  Unfortunately, Gruffalo was not in his hiding place he was out!

Oliver has amazed us with his wonderful writing about his favourite fantasy pet!


Proud moment for Daisy making this beautiful flower by finger painting. This activity enabled her to complete her secret mission set this week.

Proud moment for Bella and her family had a lovely idea to make and send an Afternoon Tea to their grandparents. What a thoughtful idea!

Proud moment for George who helped his Mummy make these delicious looking Rocky Roads!

A super proud moment! After a lot of hard work and perseverance this member of FS2 is beginning to blend words with independence and confidence.


A proud moment for this Hoola Hooping Star! She is now able to keep the hoop going round for over a minuet! I can’t manage that long! Well done, your practising has paid off.

Proud moment for this member of FS2 creating his own Burn to Learn game based on doubling. Do you think you could come up with your own B2L activity?


A proud moment for making such a beautiful Angel to represent the Angels that were in the tomb where Jesus rose from.

A proud moment for this member of FS2 has achieved a total of 107 Keepy Uppies!


A proud moment for Ethan and his sister this week when they got a shout of from Joe Wicks! I know Ethan has enjoyed following Joe’s workouts each morning and glad that he was recognised by Joe.

This member of FS2 is extremely proud of her new pony and so she should be, riding it with such confidence! I am also really pleased that she is just as enthusiastic about looking after the pony as she is about riding it.


This Superstar has been very busy with all his amazing learning. He has written some amazing fun facts about space! We are very proud of this member of FS2!


Proud moment for Sean completing this fantastic piece of independent writing.

A super proud moment for Freddie writing and ordering all his numbers correctly to 20!

A proud moment for Rose G who is working super hard on her reading at home. This is just one of the reading activities that she has completed.

A proud moment for Ronan as he works hard writing sentences that include some of our tricky words. Super writing!

A proud moment for this member of FS2, hunting down the tricky words and blasting them with his big brother! A fantastic game that means the tricky words will be learnt in no time.

A proud moment for this member of FS2, writing beautiful extended sentences that include tricky words!

Proud moment for this member of FS2. Identifying the initial sounds of his toys in the garden.

A proud moment for Evan drawing himself and writing all about himself.

A proud moment for Oliver this week, completing his shape colouring. I know that Oliver really enjoyed this activity, naming the shapes and spending time carefully colouring each one in. Well done Oliver!


Annie has done some amazing writing about Roger the rabbit and all the things he likes!
Amazing neat writing with super sounding out and she remembered all those top tips of capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!
We are really proud of this fantastic writing!

A proud moment for Jenson who has been busy doing some addition sentences using a number line! We are so proud Jenson! Amazing maths and super writing of those numbers!

Check out this amazing rocket! This member of FS2 got creative and made a rocket that you could get in! I wonder where he will travel? My favourite was the painting of a dinosaur on roller skates! Amazing!

Quillon has done some super learning about space! He has even tried some astronaut food! Quillon explained that it was very sweet!