Autumn 2

Welcome back! We hope that you have had a restful and enjoyable half term break. This half term the children have chosen “Under the Sea” as their class topic. Please see our class newsletter for details on what we will be getting up to this half term!

​Religious Education (RE)

God’s Family
This week we have began our new RE topic of “God’s Family”. We have started by thinking about our own families by sharing family photographs and discussing the similarities and differences between them. We also talked about our families being unique and special as God made us all to be part of his family. The children then painted different people who they identified as being part of God’s family.

Showing our love
This week we considered how we show our love to our family and friends before thinking about how we can show this love to God.

The children came up with some lovely ideas…

Be kind to one another as we are all part of God’s family

Pray to God to say thank you for making us

Listen carefully when we go to Church

The children then decorated a love heart to represent this love.

Gifts given to us by God
Today we brought together our RE learning so far by thinking about how we can use the gifts that God has given us, to show our love to others and God..

The children then each decided on which gift they were going to use and set off using it to make others happy. We had children drawing pictures for each other, teaching their friends a dance and sharing stories together. It was a lovely afternoon full of kindness and friendship.

Preparing for Jesus’s Birth
This week we began thinking about how we prepare for Christmas when Jesus was born. We started this with our Crib Service on Thursday evening, where the children made beautiful cribs that they will add hay to each night as they count down to Jesus’s birth.


In our RE lesson we introduced the Advent Wreath and learnt about what each candle represents and when we light each. We will light our first one on Monday to signify Hope.

This week we have been busy practicing for our nativity with KS1. Lots of singing practices have been taking place and costumes have arrived in class. We look forward to our performances on Wednesday!

The children were all amazing during our Nativity performance and did us all extremely proud!


Sharing a Shell
This week we started our Under the Sea topic with the book Sharing a Shell. Before we read the book we explored a rock pool (where the story is set) and discussed the different items in it and the clues that they may give us to what happens in the story. The children then used the rock pool and sounds on shells to build words from their phonics learning and begin to write them independently.

Phonics Show and Share

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for our Show and Share this week. The children loved having you in the classroom, sharing their learning and hopefully getting some ideas on how you can support your child’s learning at home. A Phonics pack with all the information from the Show and Share has now been sent home for you to refer to.

The Rainbow Fish
This week we decorated our own beautiful scales and then considered if we would give one of our scales to a friend, why we might and why we might now. We then read the story of the Rainbow Fish and realised the importance of sharing and being kind to others in order for us to be happy.

On Wednesday we then got a mysterious message left in the classroom that we soon realised was from the Rainbow Fish! He wanted us to help him identify some parts of the seaside that he had never seen before and set us a challenge of writing a simple sentence to describe the picture that he had left us.

This week the children have enjoyed a B2L activity where they had to find a piece of the picture left by the Rainbow Fish and with friends write the key word label before putting all their pieces together to make the complete picture.

The children have then used their key words to build a simple sentence, that we wrote together using the different resources in our writing area to help us. These included, finger spacers, alphabet strips and checker strips. It was fantastic to see the children then use these resources to support their independent writing in provision!

The Snail and the Whale
This week we have started to explore a new Under the Sea book, The Snail and the Whale. On Monday we looked at the fantastic places that the characters visit in the story and started to use descriptive language to describe some of the things that the children could see.

Later on in the week we then chose our favourite picture from the story and as a class, used our phonics to write key word labels.


More and Fewer
We have started this half term by exploring more/ fewer, progressing on to being able to find one more and one less than a given number using concrete objects. The children have applied their accurate counting skills and number recognition to be able to count the shells and match them to a digit before either comparing two groups or finding one more or one less.

This week the children have furthered their learning of one more and one less by using a number line with growing independence. This will support our learning next week on addition.

This week the children have been introduced to an adding mat and how we use it to add two single digits together. They have done extremely well with many children being able to use it independently! As an extra challenge some children have extended their learning by also learning how to add using a number line, counting on to find the answer. Fantastic work FS2!

Today the children enjoyed the B2L game of domes and dishes! The children were in teams of girls vs boys and they had to turn the cups with + and = symbols to be either a dome or a dish, saying what each symbol represented as they did so.

This week we have started looking at Subtraction! We have begun subtracting one number from another using playdough and a number line. The children have used their understanding of addition to help them with this and have even been adding and subtracting in their own self-directed learning!

This week the children have enjoyed playing games to help them remember what each Mathematical symbol represents. We have been focusing on + – and = so that the children are able to read addition and subtraction sentences. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

Listening to one another
We have started this half term by focusing on listening to one another and valuing one another’s ideas. To do this we have established talk partners for discussions during directed teaching. We are also modelling how to do this in play with the children.

Caring for each other
This week we have been focusing on the statement of the week “I know what to do when I see anyone being hurt” in our circle times. We have thought about how someone can be hurt physically and how we can help them by going to first aid for an adult to clean up a wound or put a plaster on. We then also thought about how someone can be hurt by unkind words and how we cannot see this hurt or fix it with a plaster. We talked about other ways that we could help such as saying kind words and admitting when we have made mistakes and say sorry.

This week we have used our book the Rainbow Fish to help us consider how we can make others and ourselves happy by working together, making links to our statement of the week in Collective Worship. One way that we have done this is through our trip to the woodland area where we had to work in teams to collect items and make a representation of the Rainbow Fish. This required good listening skills and teamwork.

Kind hands
This week we have been focusing on having kinds hands at all times. We have talked about what God has given us hands for such as giving high fives, hugs and thumbs up. We have then talked about what to do when someone does something that makes us sad or cross. Responses included, telling a teacher, saying “Stop it I don’t like it” and thinking before we act.

We then helped the Teddy bears solve their conflicts in our circle time.



This week in PE the children were focusing on their kicking skills. Mr Cooper set them a range of challenges that required them to practice kicking and controlling the ball with different parts of their feet. It was tricky but the children worked very hard and the progress could be seen throughout the lesson. Well done FS2!

This week we focused on our tennis skills! The children learnt how to hold the bat with one and two hands and practiced balancing a bean bag on it before tossing it up in the air and into hoops. It was a great sessions where the children showed great determination.

Travelling Safely 
This week we have been focusing on travelling safely in our PE lessons with Mr Cooper, with a Christmasy theme! To be successful the children had to travel from one area of Christmas land to another without bumping into anyone. To do this they needed to look carefully where they were going, control their speed and move in different directs to dodgy between their friends. The progress between the two lessons was amazing! Mr Cooper was so impressed that he awarded FS2 PE class of the week!

Expressive Arts and Design

This week we learnt how to correctly use the powder paints to mix new colours together to enable us to paint our families in RE.

As part of our RE learning the children experimented with different materials to decorate their own love heart. Some children chose to apply their colour mixing skills from last week and others chose to express their ideas on how we show our love to God in drawings.

The children have also loved performing on our new outdoor stage, singing songs, developing dances and experimenting with the instruments. They have also been able to link in some Maths, creating music with a repeating pattern and standing on different shapes to perform.

Exploring materials and joining them together
This week the children have loved making Under the Sea pictures using the different materials along with puppets to use to act out “The Snail and the Whale” story. To do this successfully the children have had to experiment with different materials and effective ways of joining them with glue, cellotape and string.

Christmas Crafts 
This week the children have been busy making their own Christmas cards and tree decorations for their families. They have used the medium of paint to do this on both card and wood, finished off with a sprinkling of glitter!


Understanding the World

This week in Collective Worship we focused on remembrance and peace. We discussed why we sell and buy red poppies in remembrance and why it is important to be thankful for how lucky we are. Some of us then decorated our own poppies using our fingers and black and red paint.

Science Week

The children have loved Science week! We started the week with an assembly with Miss Costello where the children wore their Science coats that they made at home. Following this assembly we did a science experiment of our own when we looked at how Mentos reacted with water and with coke. The children gave some fantastic predictions on what might happen and afterwards considered how we could further the experiment. We decided that next week we are going to repeat it with a different brand of coke to see if we get the same outcome!
Finally, we ended the week with the school Science Fair where we got the chance to look at the different science experiments made by the Y3 and Y5 children. We had a fantastic time!

Science Experiment!
This week we tried out our second experiment with coke and mentos to see if different brands of coke would react the same as the one originally used. The children loved considering the different possible outcomes and we discovered that different brands reacted in different ways!

Ice Exploring
This week the children also made the most of the cold weather, making ice pies in the mud kitchen and experimenting with the ice and water that they found. We had some lovely discussions about what ice is, how it is made and why it melts away.

Looking after our “Blue Planet”
As part of our under the sea topic we looked at how our use of plastic is effecting the animals and wildlife that live in our oceans, through watching a small snippet of “Blue Planet”. We then discussed as a class how we can ensure that we do our bit so that our plastic does not end up in the sea. The children came up with great ideas, such as not using single use plastic bottles, recycling our plastic and using bags for life. We concluded that it is important that we do our bit to ensure that our community and wider world is looked after.

Christmas Decorations 
Today the children enjoyed putting up our class Christmas decorations, even adding their own presents that they made in the creative area to the bottom of the Christmas Tree!

Road Safety
This week Leeds Council came in to speak to us about the importance of being safe both whilst we are in a car and when walking around our local area. We learnt the importance of wearing our seat belt, along with how to cross the road safely by learning the green cross code. 

Inspiring me week!
This week the children have been considering their future careers and how they can use their talents when they get older. We talked about why we work, discussing that there is more to just working for money and that enjoy is very important. The children the drew themselves in their possible future careers and told us why they wanted to do that. We have some fantastic professions and reasons why! 
Some of the things the children said:
“I want to be a fireman to help people”
“I want to be a policeman to stop the baddies”
“I want to be a book seller because I love books”

Next half term we are looking forward to a visit from Mr Auld who is going to tell us all about his job as a dentist! We also look forward to Mr Ward coming to speak to us about his work with St John’s Ambulance Service.