Welcome to Foundation Stage 2!

Miss Collier

Miss Collier

Class Teacher


Mrs Skilbeck

Mrs Skilbeck

FS2 Teaching Assistant




Academic Year 2018/19

Welcome to FS2!
We hope you have had a lovely summer and are as excited as we are to start the school year!
Please keep checking this page for regular updates on all the exciting things we have been getting up to.

In Foundation 2 we follow the EYFS curriculum that is underpined by four key themes.
1. Every Child is Unique. We cater for every child’s individual needs, teaching them at their level. By doing this we enable all children to be challenged and make good progress in their learning and development. In turn this creates resillient, confident and capable learners.
2. Positive Relationships. We focus on children developing positive relationships with their peers and adults in school in order for children to learn to be strong and independent.
3. Enabling Environments. We believe that children learn and develop best when the enviroment reflects them and responds appropriotely to their needs. We do this by putting the children at the centre of teaching and learning through them choosing the topic for each half term based upon their interests. We also change and adapt the setting and planning daily based upon children’s responses to teaching and learning. To do this effectively we also develop strong partnerships with Parents/ Carers.
4. Learning and Development.
We ensure that we adopt the key characteristics of effective learning to ensure children’s success.
These are:
• Playing and exploring
• Active learning
• Creating and thinking critically

To do this effectively across the year we continuously:
Observe- Looking, listening and making notes
Assess– Analysing observations and deciding on the next steps.
Plan– New experiences and opportunities, setting up learning environments and selecting appropriote resources

Within the EYFS curriculum there are three prime and four specific areas of learning, that planning and assessment is based upon.
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
• Communication and Language
• Physical Development
• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding the World
• Expressive Arts and Design

If you would like any more information on the EYFS curriculum please do not hesitate to ask.

Autumn 2

Welcome back to our second half term in FS2! This half term the children have chosen “Our World” as their class topic. Please see our Autumn 2 class newsletter for all the details on what we will be learning this half term.

Religious Education

This half term we will be learning about “God’s Family” and the role we play in this.



This half term in Literacy we will be focusing on applying our phonic skills from our Sounds Write lessons to enable us to begin to write simple captions and labels as we explore “Our World”.





This half term in Maths we are going to be focusing on understanding more and fewer before learning what we mean by one more and one less. Towards the end of the half term we will also begin to explore addition and subtraction using concrete objects.





Outdoor Learning


Autumn 1

This half term we will be focusing on settling the children into FS2, learning the rules, routines and developing positive relationships. Each half term the children choose their own topic for learning. This half term the children have chosen Superheroes! Please see our Autumn 1 Newsletter for more details.

Religious Education

Over the last couple of weeks the children have taken part in daily collective worship in class and in the school hall with KS1.

The children have also visited the Prayer Garden and the statue of St Joseph at the front of school. During these visits they have thought about the significance of each part of school and their importance to them.

This week we have also had out first RE lesson where the children learn’t about God’s love for them. The children then showed us how big they though God’s love was them and named something that they thought God’s love was bigger than.

In Collective Worship and our RE lessons the children have been learning all about how God created the world. They have then put actions to the main parts of the 7 days of creation and each created a part of it to make a whole class representation of the creation story.

This week in RE we have been learning about the importance of looking after God’s world. We then considered ways in which we can do our bit to look after our world. The children came up with some fantastic ideas such as helping parents to plant flowers in their gardens.

As a class we then decided to help look after our school community by collecting rubbish from the playground to keep it tidy.

This week we have also visited the Prayer Garden again. During our time in the Prayer Garden we explained to the children that there would be the opportunity at lunchtimes to pray a decade of the Rosary in the garden with other children and teachers. We discussed further the Rosary Beads and what this would look like. We then said our lunch time prayer in the garden before going for lunch.

Last week in Collective Worship the children were thinking about Noah and reflecting on how and why he built his Ark. The children then considered how they could act as a disciple as Noah had done.


Over the last couple of weeks the children have been creating their own Superhero characters. As part of this they have been coming up with their own Superhero names and powers! We have been so impressed with how hard the children are working on their letter formation. Well done FS2!

To support the children’s fine motor development the children have also been enjoying Dough Disco!

This week the children have been learning about Superworm and his many talents! Together we have re-told the story and sequenced the main events. We have even began writing key description words!


Last week the children had a visit from some of the characters from Super Tato! Together we talked about how each character might have felt in the story and their different personalities.

Our learning on Super Tato also led to a discussion about how the potatoes that we eat get from the field and into our homes. From this we watched a video about this process and the children made links to the potatoes that they grew in FS1 last year.






The children have been focusing on counting objects accurately to 10, recognising numbers and beginning to record them.

This week the children have been learning what we mean when we say “the same”. We have been so impressed with their reasoning skills when they have explained how they know that two people have the same and their persistence in proving their answer.

This week the children have been applying their mathematical understanding in the different areas of provision.


The children have loved their PE lessons so far in FS2! They have been focusing on balancing, throwing, catching and learning their left and right.

This week in PE the children have been learning different ways that they can kick a football. Mr Cooper was very impressed with the children’s listens skills and engagement, well done FS2!

PE Class of the Week!

Last week FS2 were Mr Coopers PE class of the week! Mr Cooper told the children that he had chosen them as the class of the week because of their fantastic listening listening skills and answers to his tricky questions. Well Done FS2!

In PE the children have been working on their spacial awareness and movement skills. We were so impress with how the children move din different ways, being careful not to touch anybody else.


Outdoor Learning

The children have loved exploring our outdoor area and completing out outdoor Rainbow Challenge to find as many Mini-Beasts as they can!

Road Safety

Last week FS2 were very lucky to receive a visit from Anne who taught us some very important road safety messages. The children loved the interactive lesson and answered Anne’s questions fantastically! The children also enjoyed the Road Safety puppet show and were able to explain what the little boy should do when wanting to cross a busy road.

Our first week in FS2!

This week the children have enjoyed exploring their learning environment inside and out. As part of this the children have chosen their class rules and started to put them into practice. They have also met their Y6 buddies, had their first PE lessons and enjoyed school dinners.