“Play is the highest form of research.” Albert Einstein

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2 (Reception)

Miss Collier

Miss Collier

Class Teacher, Design and Technology Coordinator, Burn 2 Learn Coordinator

Mrs Skilbeck

Mrs Skilbeck

FS2 Teaching Assistant

FS2 Prayer Table

FS2 Prayer Table

Autumn 1 Newsletter
Autumn 1 Medium Term Plan

Academic Year 2019/20

Welcome to FS2. We hope you have had a lovely summer and are as excited as we are to start the school year! Please keep checking this page for regular updates on all the exciting things we have been getting up to.

In Foundation 2 we follow the EYFS curriculum that is underpinned by four key themes.

  • 1. Every Child is Unique. We cater for every child’s individual needs, teaching them at their level. By doing this we enable all children to be challenged and make good progress in their learning and development. In turn this creates resilient, confident and capable learners.
  • 2. Positive Relationships. We focus on children developing positive relationships with their peers and adults in school in order for children to learn to be strong and independent.
    3. Enabling Environments. We believe that children learn and develop best when the environment reflects them and responds appropriately to their needs. We do this by putting the children at the centre of teaching and learning through them choosing the topic for each half term based upon their interests. We also change and adapt the setting and planning daily based upon children’s responses to teaching and learning. To do this effectively we also develop strong partnerships with Parents/ Carers.
    4. Learning and Development.
    We ensure that we adopt the key characteristics of effective learning to ensure children’s success.
    These are: playing and exploring, active learning, creating and thinking critically.

To do this effectively across the year we continuously:
Observe- Looking, listening and making notes
Assess– Analysing observations and deciding on the next steps.
Plan– New experiences and opportunities, setting up learning environments and selecting appropriate resources

Within the EYFS curriculum there are three prime and four specific areas of learning, that planning and assessment is based upon.

• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
• Communication and Language
• Physical Development

• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding the World
• Expressive Arts and Design

If you would like any more information on the EYFS curriculum please do not hesitate to ask.

Autumn 1

This half term we will be focusing on settling the children into FS2, learning the rules, routines and developing positive relationships. Each half term the children choose their own topic for learning. This half term the children have chosen Superheroes! Please see our Autumn 1 Newsletter for more details.

Our first week in FS2!

The children have enjoyed a fantastic start to FS2. They have explored the learning environment through engaging with the Rainbow Challenges and continued to developed their relationships with their peers and teachers that began back in July when we started our transition process.

During their first full week in school the children have also enjoyed eating lunch with their friends, visiting the woods. learning about our badgers and experiencing their first Golden Book assembly. 


Religious Education (RE)

This week we have began our first RE topic of “God’s World”. We have started by thinking about who the children love, who loves them and how this love is shown. This has led us to think about God’s love for us as his children. The children have each described how big they think God’s love is for them. 

We have continued our RE learning this week by learning about how God created the world. The children have listened carefully to the story and added actions for each of the 7 days to help them remember it. 

This week the children have each chosen a different part of God’s world to create. for our RE display. As the children made them they each explained why they had chosen that part of God’s world and talked about how God made it for us to look after. 




This week we have continued our Superhero topic by learning about Super Daisy and her super powers! From this the children have thought about what their would want their Superhero name to be and what power they would like to have. Next week the children will create their characters and write their name. 

This week the children have worked together to sequence the familiar story of Super Daisy. Great team work!


The children have also been very busy marking making in all areas of provision, where they have been expressing their interests.

We have been so impressed with the children’s attitudes towards phonics. They have all worked incredibly hard on during our Phonic’s lessons and we are seeing the results! 

This week we started to read Superworm! The children were challenged to spot the rhyming words in the story and put actions to them. Later on in the week they had to find a rhyming word hidden around the classroom and find a partner who’s word rhymed with theirs. The children did a fantastic job!



This week we have been helping Super Daisy get all the peas back to their planet by using our counting skills. This has required the children to read the number of peas that need to be returned to the planet and count them accurately to ensure that no peas are left on Earth! Next week we will be continuing to help Super Daisy in her mission. 

This week we have worked in teams to count the extra large peas back to their planet accurately. This required us to communicate and work together. 

We have also been applying our skill of counting objects accurately to a smartboard game linked to our new focus book Superworm. To complete the challenge the children had to count the spots on the ladybird and select the correct numeral to match it. 

This week we have continued our learning on the concept of “the same” with the help of Superworm and his friends. The children have successfully identified when Superworm and his friend toad have the same or different amounts of friends and explained how they know this.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)  

So far in FS2 we have developed our class rules during circle times and agreed them by signing with our thumb print. 

We have also agreed on our rewards and come up with class and individual targets to help us grow. 

Well Being Week 

This week we have been thinking about our emotions, how we show them and how they effect ourselves and others. We have done this through thinking about the power that a smile can have and how we can pass our smile on. We have also incorporated music, thinking about how music might sound different depending on our emotions. 


The children have enjoyed practicing their balancing and movement skills in PE so far this half term. It has been fantastic to see the children skills improving each week.

This week the children practiced their football skills during a lesson where Mr Cooper used only Mime! The children watched and followed Mr Cooper’s instructions fantastically which enabled them to learn how to pass the ball with the side of their foot. They were so fantastic that Mr Cooper nominated us as PE class of the week! Well done FS2!

Expressive Arts and Design  

This week the children have enjoyed making their own Superhero Capes as part of our Rainbow Challenges! The children have carefully selected materials and joined them together in different ways, taking great pride in their end result. 

Today the children had a visit from one day creative where they acted out parts of the Jungle Book story! The children had a brilliant time putting movements to music and acting out different characters. 

Understanding the World   

This half term we have been focusing on the People and Communities aspect of Understanding the World by getting to know the children’s likes, dislikes and their families. 

This week the children have enjoyed investigation our Superworm tough tray. The children have also enjoyed searching for Superworm and his friends in our outdoor area.

Harvest Festival 

This week we have learnt all about Harvest time and why it is so important to give thanks for the food that we have. We have helped Harvest our own apple trees in our school grounds and learnt how apples go from the trees to our shops.

We have also collected items from the woods to decorate some of the Harvest letters that will be used in the Harvest Festival next week. The children had lots of fun collecting items and then sticking them on to the letters to decorate them.