FS1 Home Learning Proud Moments

Hello Everyone and welcome to our new Proud Moments page!  Walk tall with your head high and your heart bursting with pride at all that you are learning and achieving at home.

Take a look at what is making your friends from Nursery feel proud- perhaps you would like to try out some of their ideas too!

Mrs Gray and I are so proud of all of you, for the fun, effort and learning that you are sharing on Tapestry and we are missing you greatly. This page is bursting with sunshine and proud clouds!

Please let me know via Tapestry of anything special that you would like to share, just like bringing in a proud cloud, to share on the Nursery hot seat!



A Special Shout Out & Thank You!

A very special shout out is needed indeed for some very special people in our St Joseph’s community..

As your home learning comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you and give a massive shout out to all of our parents and carers at St Joseph’s! Our very special parents and carers have been amazing in supporting you all in your home learning journeys for the past 16 weeks and we say a huge THANK YOU!! We hope all of our families have a very well rested break over the summer holidays! 

This FS1 member has been doing some fantastic maths linked to our topic the rainbow fish.

She did some super turn taking with her brother whilst playing the board game and was able to say what number the dice rolled on. She then coloured in the correct number on her picture!

What a super star!

This kind thoughtful member of FS1 created a collage cross to symbolise the church family linked to our RE. She then said a thank you prayer which Mummy wrote down for her.

Super proud of this member of FS1.

This FS1 member has shown real interest in his sister’s learning. His sister is in Year 1 and is learning all about time.
This superstar then blew me away with his fantastic time telling of o’clock. His Mummy says that he will use the times half past and quarter past but is not quite confident in this yet but WOW!! You are only in FS1 and already using the language of time! We are so proud of this member!

Amazing phonics and reading from this superstar member of FS1!

We are blown away by this member’s amazing phonic work! We are all very proud! Well done! 


Proud moment for this superstar! This member of FS1 cut out some 2D shapes and went on a shape hunt. She spotted each shape and was able to say how many sides and vertices each shape had. She even told her Mummy that a circle has one curved edge! Then it was Mummy’s turn! Super proud moment!

This super chef took on a challenge her brother had been set in year two to make some Yorkshire puddings! Don’t they look amazing?! I am pretty sure Mrs Hemming & Mrs LB will be super proud of you for taking on one of their challenges and I know for sure that Miss Milivojevic will be super proud too as she has been perfecting her own Yorkshire puds! 

A proud moment for this member of FS1 as he cut out the story cards for our story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and then managed to put the story back in order! This is a tricky activity and this member was able to do this with great independence! We are so proud!

Can you believe Aidan wrote these numbers?! His Mummy told me that he was super at his counting too! What a proud moment – well done!!

Superstar reader! This amazing member of FS1 has been reading CVC words independently! Very proud moment! Well done!

On his daily walk this member of FS1 saw a bridge and re-enacted the story of the three billy goats gruff! As he was retelling the story some passer-by’s joined in and became the troll! Well done!!


Another maths superstar! This FS1 member put the numbers in order! Not from 1-10 but backwards! She started at 10 and worked down to number 1! What a superstar!

This superstar member of FS1 not only ordered numbers from 1 -10 but then moved on to order numbers from 11-20! Not only that but he always drew the correct number of boats for each number! Super maths work! Well done – a very proud moment for us!

Baking some yummy gingerbread! This busy member of FS1 enjoys lots of baking! This time he has made some yummy gingerbread. Lots of counting of the smarties and telling his Mummy what colour smarties he had! Don’t they look delicious!

This green fingered member of FS1 has been busy doing some gardening. Lots of looking after the plants making sure they are watered so that they grow. This member should be very proud and they are looking beautiful!

A proud moment for this amazing artist! We have been reading the story ‘The light keepers lunch’ and he has created his very own lighthouse on a desert island. What an amazing picture that shows he has looked very carefully at light houses and used the same repeating pattern with his favourite colours. The light on the top will ensure that the ships don’t crash into the rocks!


A proud moment for this FS1 member. “Mary is Jesus’ Mummy.” This kind, thoughtful member knew that not only is her family part of God’s family but so are all her friends at school, at her ballet class and her teachers too! She was also able to tell us that Mary wears blue just like in her nativity play. Amazing art work !

Making my own breakfast! This young lady like to make her own breakfast and this time she made herself some yummy porridge! She was very careful to pour out the correct amount of milk. A very delicious breakfast to start the day! Super grown up moment!

This is what proud looks like for this little superstar!

This is after a bike ride following a busy day of creative ideas, such as painting pebbles with emoji faces and mum says “always having ideas for something creative to play with”

What effort, patience and dedication Annabelle has put into learning to write her name.

A name of 9 letters no less!

Over the last few weeks she has focused her attention on forming those letters that she finds most tricky and just look at her success!

She has tried this by choosing different ways to practise and her efforts have really paid off.

Amazing Annabelle!


Just look at this competitive game face! This is an expression of pure concentration and precision!

This determined approach has helped this young man turn his hand to chess, football, colour and animal matching games to name but a few! I have heard from daddy that he has recently won some games of chess, using his growing games confidence and skills.      CONGRATULATIONS!

This is what curious looks like for this little animal explorer! Learning new facts about woodland animals and drawing what I have learned. Proud to spark a new interest!

Writing, mark making, experimenting!

This writing superstar has been practising so hard in writing her own and sometimes her friend’s names too.

This has ranged from drawing in the dirt with a stick, painting with water on the patio outdoors, making large collage letters, and forming letters in a tray of baby lotion! I bet this smelt beautiful! 

What amazing effort, variety and achievement!

This little boy is both an artist and scientist at mummy’s school!

Making a gorgeous mosaic rainbow, takes perseverance, problem solving and time to get right!

Exploring the colour spectrum  and experimenting with his science kit to find out more about rainbows. Careful and accurate working!

An amazing creative, rainbow thinker!


Let’s go fly a kite! Such joy and laughter, learning a new skill for this little high flyer!

Learning all about wind direction, cause and effect but mostly having a bright, happy morning! Mummy is also proud of how this little person uses her imagination to create her own special places in her garden, to remember them: Roundhay park, the baths, dance class etc. I am proud of how the power of your imagination is helping you remember those places, that for now unfortunately you cannot visit!

A fantastic way to build links and adapt to changes!



Peter Parker Portrait Picture by Owen (quite a tongue twister!) What an amazing and accurate drawing by this young artist.

Owen has extended himself by developing his drawing skills. You can see that he has put effort, concentration into the detailed features of his character.

He continued by drawing a picture of Jack from Jack and the beanstalk. Wonderful drawing skills Owen!


One of the nicest things that you can be is a kind and caring big brother or sister.

During this time when we have been at home with our families this is especially important.

Just look at this big brother!  You can see how well he is looking out for his little sister, to make sure that she has fun and is safe as she whizzes down the slide.

He looks so proud of her and is taking responsibility to look after her too. We are so proud of your care and brotherly love 


Sparkling and bright just like this little girl herself!

Mixing and matching media and materials, making choices and decisions about what looks best and adapting her creation accordingly!

Having an extended time to work on art helps to create ever more gorgeous and thoughtful work.

This is lovely and is one of many collage experiments. 

A fantastic way to create, choose, revise and shine! You can see how proud of her success she is!



I spy a mathematician!

Lots of different maths skills as this little boy counts accurately one by one, recognises numbers and decides which half of the board has more and which has less.

This is extra fun when the objects for counting are playdough under sea creatures.

Fabulous to see all of these number concepts coming together, with more tricky maths challenges. Great work! 


This little nature explorer went on a woodland walk, he made a den, he made some beautiful transient art, he discovered bluebells and then he wrote his name using twigs.

This little discoverer showed awe and wonder!

He used all of his senses to explore, create and exercise! Well done, by spending extra time being active learners outside, we discover so much about the world!

Hey! Number rhymes are a great way to get to grips with early addition and subtraction and are great fun too!

5 fat sausages are sizzling in this little boy’s pan: He has cut them out, learned the words of the rhyme and is keeping track of how many have gone POP!!

This enthusiasm for learning and trying new activities shines through in this little boy’s journal, as he tries many activities, always wearing his BIG smile. 




I know of a lovely little girl called Scarlett, whose mummy is bursting with pride!

This is because she has been such a lovely big sister and has kept busy and happy while learning at home.

She has tried many activities and made up lots of her own too, She has enjoyed watching Toy Story and using her imagination to make up stories with Woody and Buzz.

Working with numbers, drawing, practising writing her name and helping mummy and daddy. In fact her chart to celebrate what she has been doing has been full of stamps! 

She has been missing her special family members and her nursery friends but has been very resilient and cheerful when learning from home.

This green fingered gardener is looking after his seedlings, ready to plant outside. 

Look at his care and attention as he checks on their shoots and leaves.

Placed carefully at the window in the sunlight, getting watered and looked after, this little boy shows excitement at new growth.

I hope that you share more proud photos of these courgettes, green beans and flowers.In touch with the natural world through hands-on learning.


Proud to be a farm-girl! We know that this little girl knows lots about animals as we have already met her guinea pigs in Nursery. 

Just look at her proud face. The reason is her favourite chicken Angel has been laying lots of eggs.This means lots of opportunities for baking lots of yummy  things: here is what is on the baking menu- cakes, marble buns, syrup sponge, Yorkshire puddings, pancakes and lots more. 

What a fabulous way to understand where we get food from, looking after animals with great care and protection and whizzing up something yummy to eat. Chick, chick, chicken lay a little egg fo rme!






Baking and measuring!

There is lots of great maths in baking and this Easter baking led to some weight exploration, as 2 brothers enjoyed guessing which objects
weighed less or more.

First there was some estimating and then checking out how accurate by the weight on the electric scales. Guess what there were some really good guesses!

Maybe you could try this out when baking! Fantastic problem solving here.

Big cook, little cook! 

Once upon a time, when we were learning in Nursery this little pizza chef got us started on our Pizza Time theme!

Mrs Gray I hope you are hungry? Do you like your pizza?

What a lovely thought to share your great cooking with us! This little police officer has been keeping an eye on his older brother and sisters to make sure that they are getting on ok!


We miss you Julia.

It was lovely to catch up with you on the phone. Julia is so polite and friendly and has beautiful manners.

Julia has been busy at home with her wonderful colourful drawings and paintings. She has a real flair with her wildlife pictures and paintings. She has also been doing lots of puzzles, games and number work and can count way up high on the number line!

Julia has also been looking after her Granma from afar!

She has been having regular video phone calls to help cheer her up and I feel sure that this will have helped spread some happiness! 

Julia has settled in Nursery and was making friends and we are looking forward to continuing on our learning journey.Keep painting Julia, I am looking forward to seeing your new creations!



This expression is pure concentration and effort.

Here is our little on the farmer mathematician, learning about what each number looks like, writing numbers and counting animals on the farm.

I had a lovely chat on the phone and this little friend to many has found time to stay connected to her friends and cousins through video calls.

She is chatty and cheery and I am sure that this lifts everyone’s spirits. She misses some special extended family members very much but is trying hard to stay busy and positive. 


Hello Dominic! Lovely to have a chat with you.

Dominic is missing his new friends at Nursery, especially the children he builds and creates stories with. Once upon a time, when we were learning in Nursery I remember you and your friends at the dinosaur swamp!

Dominic is learning at home alongside his big sister and likes to take an interest in her big girl work!

Dominic stays very focussed on activities that capture his imagination for a long time and this has kept him busy, using his imagination, playing games and enjoying the good weather outside. Dominic has been seeking out extra tricky number challenges too and enjoying working with larger numbers too now. Great job Dominic!


We miss you Holly.

Holly has loved having extended time with her family to play and learn with her brothers at home. There has been lots of fun and laughing in Holly’s house as she has splashed, run around, played games and looked after her babies and toys in the garden.

Being at home has allowed her family to enjoy each other’s company and there has been lots of lovely relaxing and taking the time to not be in a rush and to have some fun!!

She is missing her special friends but is staying super chirpy! You are showing great resilience Holly!




We miss you Alex.

Alex has enjoyed working alongside his big brother in FS2 on his home learning and has enjoyed challenging himself to some tricky number challenges. There has also been lots of fun and laughing in Alex’s house as he has scootered, splashed, played games and enjoyed some good games on the computer.

Mummy said there has also been enjoying  taking the time to not be in a rush and to have some fun!!

Alex is missing his new Nursery special friends but he is staying happy and busy! You are showing great resilience Alex!




We miss this gorgeous smile!.

Staying cheerful and positive is exactly what her mummy is most proud of! During our phone call I was so pleased to share some of this happiness!

Here she is playing hide the rock with these beautifully painted pebbles.

She has also been sharing lots of stories, playing number games, chalking on a big scale outside and working on bite size challenges.

She has loved having extended time with her family to play and learn with her big brother at home. 

Great resilience and positivity despite the challenges of staying at home!