Autumn Term 2 2019

It is lovely to take stock of how settled the children now are. They have all returned after the half-term break full of beans and pleased to be back with their friends.

Musical Magic: Indoors and Outdoors

Expressive Art and Design

Learning a repertoire of good old-fashioned Nursery rhymes is an important early building block for language and reading.We are learning about rhyme, alliteration, sounds,keeping a steady beat, having fun with tongue twisters and playing with words, body percussion and instrumental sounds. It is also lots of noisy fun and interactive! We sing, dance and explore the instruments in our music area.

We sing, dance and explore the instruments in our new stage area outdoors.

We also sing and learn about special instruments with our very special Wednesday visitor- Mrs Stoney!

Mrs Stoney is a really special friend to all of the teachers and children, and she has amazing musicality. Where Mrs Stoney goes, the magic of sharing songs and music goes too.We sit together and learn how to make our voices go on a singing adventure. It is funny when we learnt about the tonal scale. Doh ri me fah soh la ti doh!

We learnt a new song but first we practise keeping a steady clapping rhythm.

I like to sing, I like to rhyme,
I like to sing, most all of the time!

We sing lots of Nursery rhymes: some old, some new, some that we switch the words to make them our own too. Which ones do you like best at your house? Twinkle Twinkle, Hickory Dickory Dock, Humpty Dumpty, 3 Blind Mice, Baa, Baa Black Sheep, 12345 Once I caught a fish alive, The Grand Old Duke of York….these are some of our favourites!

Jump on Board: An African Bus Mathematical Adventure!

There was so much excitement and safari bus buzz in the room, that I would like to share the whole learning story.

We began with Mrs Gray creating a Mind-map of what we already know about bus journeys, what we might need to take with us and what could happen on the way.

There was lots of rich, imaginative talk about snacks, drinks, sun screen, hats and backpacks. There were also scenarios like breaking down, needing fix-it tools and calling for the mechanic to come and help!

Each child was given a ticket. This had either a 1 or a 2 on it. These are the numerals that we have focused our attention on so far. Each child then had to jump on board and find a seat that matched their numeral. This was such a lovely collaboration as everyone settled down in their place and noticed who was sitting beside them in their paired seat.

We have to pay for our tickets though! Each child collected the coin that they need from  the bus conductor. I penny for a Ip ticket and either 2 pennies or a 2p piece for a 2p ticket. This caused us to take a closer look to find the numerals on the coins.
We set off singing, chattering and minding the bumps in the road. Watch out Driver! The road is bumpy!

The following day we did a multi-sensory number tally to work out which is the most popular animal to spot from the bus window. We recorded this by using blocks as the objects for counting.

Is it a gorilla, tiger girafffe or snake?
Which is the most popular?
Which is the least liked animal?
What is the difference in the columns?
Can you match the correct numeral to the set of bricks?

This is a very visual way to work out math’s problems and to make links to what children already know.

Wow! Nursery children, it was lovely to be part of such a fun learning experience together.

One of the best things about our Early Years curriculum is that we can be very spontaneous and go with what ideas each day brings.This week it has certainly taken us to that amazing places!




Keeping Safe Whilst Out and About

Thank you to our visitors from Leeds City Council Road Safety Team.This was a lovely interactive session. We listened carefully and gave some “fabulous!” answers and comments. We learned  what stop, look and listen means.

We know that you should only cross roads when holding a grown-up’s hand and should never, ever try to cross a road on your own. We learned how important it is to ALWAYS wear your seat belt in your car seat when travelling in the car, even on very short journeys. We learned about the many different vehicles that use our roads and how quickly they travel. To help us understand these important safety messages we learned some important key vocabulary:

Holding hands, traffic, road, car, pedestrian crossing, zebra crossing, traffic lights, green man,‘stop, look and listen’, names of different vehicles, speed, keeping safe

The children showed a very sensible and impressive serious attitude as they took on board this information and we were very proud of them.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas! 

The magic of sharing Christmas traditions with your friends at Nursery is very special! Christmas is predictably the driver for lots of imaginative, learning opportunities and experiences. During the final weeks of this Term, our Christmas learning experiences have been endless and the awe and wonder of the children’s responses has been delightful!


As usual, we start our our Christmas learning by exploring the story of The Very First Christmas. We read the Bible story together and recreated Bethlehem within our Nativity role play area. The children used what they had learned from our story sharing and storyboards, to reenact the long, tiring journey by donkey and looking after baby Jesus in his crib.

We enjoyed learning songs, dressing up and using props and the children have been very engaged in this play.

By the time that we came to share our songs with our families in our performance of The Very First Christmas, the children were all ready to shine!

Our dear volunteer Mrs Stoney, helped us with keyboard accompaniment and we shared a lovely morning, where our Christmas songs were given as a very special gift to our audience of parents, grand-parents, brothers and sisters.

At Nursery, we enjoyed getting busy with our Christmas Crafts workshop. We try hard to ensure that each of these activities allow each child to put their own individual stamp on their craftsmanship! We created woven calendars, collage wreaths and colourful angels as well as other activities.

Child initiated play outside, led us to creating a large Santa’s sleigh, with a burglar proof container, in which to place our wrapped gifts before delivering these to the other children.

Getting Physical with A Favourite Story

Image result for Bear Hunt imageThere is much evidence, such as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, that recommends that young children should be physically active and start to develop their fundamental movement skills at the earliest possible age. We love our Wednesday and Friday PE sessions with Mr Cooper and we also love ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, by Michael Rosen.  We decided to combine our PE session and deliver an interactive story telling session in our outdoors area. Later, we shared this in our show and share session with our parents.

This story is full of adventure, rhythm, anticipation and is already well-known by the children. The story came to life as the children used their imaginations and moved around the different scenes to develop their physical skills. A series of physical challenges were used to represent the different locations in the story are laid out. Off we went with Mr Cooper, just like the family in the story.

We moved imaginatively around each of the location:

we swished and swashed through the grass with the pompoms,
we swam with our arms through the river and dry off,
we stomped through the mud,
we stumbled and tripped around the stepping stone logs and cones,
we snowdanced and twirl through the snow storm,
we tip toed towards the cave,
we shrieked loudly at the cave and ran all the way back, reenacting everything in the opposite direction this time!

At the end of the story there was a great collaborative feeling of  achievement and energy! We look forward to trying out more story based physical learning next term.