Autumn Term 2 2020



Welcome back! We have lots of exciting things planned this half term, such as exploring our theme of Traditional Tales. Every fortnight, we will focus on a new book which will be our theme for all areas of provision both inside and outside of the classroom. Keep checking our class web page to see what we get up to!



Collective Worship

During our daily Worship sessions we have been learning more about the items displayed on our Worship Table and their significance. These include a Bible, a candle, crucifix and a model of Mary. This half term we have also added a family ornament to celebrate that we are all part of God’s family.

Remembrance Day

We have been learning about Remembrance Day. After discussing the significance of the poppy, we created our own display in the classroom, to show our respect and gratitude to the soldiers who have fought for our country. The children used collage as well as stamps and paint to create their poppies. The children then also wanted to create their own crosses using a variety of media and materials, that we then added to our display.


Gods Family

This half term we will be learning about God’s family.

We started by talking about our own families, discussing who we live with and other members of our family such as our Grandparents, who live in different houses.  The children discovered that we are all unique in many ways, such as by our surnames and the amount of brothers and sisters that we have.



Goldilocks and the three bears

The children have really enjoyed listening to the story of Goldilocks and the three bears this week. Using character cut outs and props, the children were able to act out the stories, adding a narrative and saying the well known phrases from the book.



During our Phonics lessons we have been working on our listening skills, particularly identifying and describing environmental sounds that we might hear in school, at home and out and about. After listening to a sound, such as a baby crying or a door creaking, the children were able to match the sound to the correct photograph.


The number three!

During the last few weeks we have been exploring the number three. The children have been identifying and forming the numeral , as well as touch counting to three and selecting three objects from a larger group.

In the home corner we set the challenge of setting the table for the three bears and giving each bear three pieces of food each. The children were brilliant at taking it in turns to be the server for the bears and did some super touch counting.

We set the challenge to create an enclosure for three animals in the construction area, which led to discussions on grouping as well as using the language one more and one less.

Physical Development


We are really enjoying our PE sessions with Mrs Powell. The children have displayed some fantastic listening skills playing games such as ‘traffic lights’ and ‘pirate ship’, where they listen for the next instruction and then do the action.

Mrs Powell has taught us some new skills, including rolling a ball and gently kicking a ball to a partner. We were impressed with the accuracy of the kick and the stopping of the ball.


Fine manipulative skills

This week we have introduced ‘Dough Disco’. This has been very popular with the children as they learned how to manipulate their own piece of dough in different ways. To join in the fun at home, search for ‘Dough Disco’ on YouTube.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)


This week we have been talking about our feelings, particularly what makes us feel happy and what our faces look like when we are happy, by looking into a mirror at our smile. The children came up with some lovely ideas of things that make them feel happy, such as….

“Playing with my friends.”

“Eating healthy food.”

“Going to Grandma’s house.”

“Playing with Mummy with my toys.”

Expressive Arts and Design

Self Portraits

We have been looking at similarities and differences and this week we created our own self portraits to show that we are all different and unique. The children looked in a mirror and then chose the colours carefully to represent their different features.