Autumn Term 1 2020



Starting Nursery is a big step on your child’s learning journey. We are here to take those steps together with you!

Welcome to you and your family! We took our first step together this week with our play and stay visits. I hope that you agree that it was a lovely, relaxed morning, spent breaking the ice with each other and starting to build a picture of your unique little person and what makes them tick! We will use this knowledge to plan our learning activities from, so watch this space!

Many thanks to every parent who came to visit and who took the time to make sense of the learning environment, with your little one. It felt as though we all made the most of being able to have this short session together, in our small groups. Please do let us know of anything that you may have forgotten to mention that will help your child settle, when we hand over each morning. What started today was helping your child feel more sure about what to expect and then to start to have fun and to feel safe and secure.

During these early days we are watching out to spot the signals of anyone who is feeling unsure and are close at hand, to go at their pace and offer reassurance.

In Nursery our play is our work! The children learn to access many learning experiences independently as they choose activities in each of the provision areas.  These areas provide a ‘menu’ of opportunities and for ‘pudding’, we add enhancements. These enhancements include adult led activities and teachers responding to children by adding extra resources that reflect their interests.

Please watch out for Our Photo Gallery in the Areas of Learning information below. I will continue to add to this as we travel along on our Learning Journey together. Here you will see snapshots of the thinking, interacting, wondering, talking, collaborating, enjoying and creating that is our early learning.

Religious Education

Our first RE topic in Foundation 1 is God’s World. During this first half term we learn how to show our love to each other as we make friends, and we will look at how amazing and beautiful God’s world is as we explore our surroundings.

Ready, Get setTLED, GO!

The early weeks of settling in the new children are full of surprises and have a very special energy!

We aim for a gentle, welcome and to go at the children’s own pace. Unfortunately the restrictions associated with COVID have meant that we have had to adapt some of our routines and thank you for your co-operation with this. For example, our outdoors gazebo has now become our self-registration area for the question of the day and information point!.

During the course of our first half term our aim is that children can confidently leave their parent/ carer (over time) and that they feel secure and safe in their play. We also help children to identify, label and manage some of their emotions, as they express them.

All About Me and All About Us (as a group!)

A picture speaks a thousand words!

I hope that you see in the children’s expressions a sense of ‘It’s good to be me.’  We hope that as the children spend longer getting to know each other, that they also begin to develop a sense of ‘It is good to be us!’ and begin to develop their sense of belonging as part of a Nursery group.


Let’s Go Out: exploring the fantastic possibilities of outdoors learning.

Professor Tina Bruce:  “Frequent lack of attention to the external environment must come from some bizarre assumption that knowledge acquired indoors is superior to that gained outside.”

With this understanding of the magic of the outdoors in mind we set up the outdoors to entice the children to explore.

This is what happened next ……

The first week back in Nursery is busy, intense and full of emotions. It is our role to help the children to find their path through these changes and strong emotions.

The photos capture some lovely moments where children are starting to relax and have fun. We see the start of friendships and developing positive social skills, such as sharing, taking turns, noticing how someone else feels.

It is the start of a very exciting year together!