Year 6 Home Learning Shout Outs

Hi Year 6. We are relaunching our shout out pages which you will remember from Year 5 I am sure.  I will start to build this page up with some of the best things that I think you will enjoy seeing. I hope you enjoy seeing what all of your friends in Year 6 are doing whilst learning at home. Please make sure you send me your work and pictures too. 

Shout out to our fundraising brothers for working together to raise over £600 so far in memory of their dear Rugby coach who sadly passed away. One of the brothers cycled 6 miles ever 6 hours on on a stationary bike indoors and his brother did all the social media side of things to get donations.  A total of 30 miles was cycled in 24 hours!. What a mighty duo!

Shout out to this fantastic hot-seater today. The level of answers shows that she has been really busy with home learning today to a really high standard as her answers are detailed and cover various different times of the day when Jim experienced different emotions.

This made my day! If you haven’t tried hot-seating for this task, it’s not too late. Give it a go and send your videos to me.

Shout out to Jessica for being an active learner and showing all the signs of becoming a life-long learner. Not only does she complete all the lessons set, but she takes on the extra challenges, and even sets her own challenges .Well done, Jessica!




Shout out to Christiana for her conscientious approach and resilient attitude to home learning. Christiana sends all her work daily and lovely messages and videos too which are a joy to receive.

This week, we really enjoyed reading her RE work and the image was carefully decorated too. Well done.

Shout out to Brody for his lovely drawing over this half term. I love the little gentleman in grey which he drew inspired by our poetry. Well done Brody.



Shout out to Molly for keeping our spirits up every day with her lovely messages. Molly has worked hard all half term, but she has also made sure that she’s asked all the Y6 staff how they are too. It’s lovely to be cared for so thank you Molly.



Shout out to Sophie who has worked really hard this week. All her work has been to a very high standard indeed! I particularly liked her history work about the alliance. It was pretty tricky but she put this excellent presentation together in her own words to show what she now understands. Well done Sophie!

To see Sophie’s powerpoint, please click on the button and download it.

Click here for Sophie’s presentation.

Shout out to Max for being a conscientious learner at home. He watches the tutorials carefully, completes all the tasks to a great standard each day and sends his work through methodically. He always sends happy and polite messages to the Year 6 staff which makes us smile too! Well done Max.


Shout out to Eve as she is working hard at home to ensure that she continues to make excellent progress. She’s on a roll and nothing is going to stop her!

This resilient approach to learning is a fantastic quality of Eve’s. She’s making the best of the situation and I’m super proud of her.



Shout out to Maxwell for all his hard work at home during the last half term. He has worked hard every day and even managed to find time to complete the art tutorials too.  Look at this fantastic work below:


Shout out to Oliver for his consistent hard work over the half term. Every single day, Oliver has completed every lesson to a very high standard. He has followed all the tutorials well, making notes as he worked, and sent his work through to us on Showbie every day too.  We are super proud of you, Oliver! 

Shout out to Will for working hard at home and impressing me with his maths recently in the area of fractions. He has used his initiative to get himself a talk partner from home which is really helping him to stay motivated. Good thinking, Will!

Shout out to Lewis who put a lot of effort into his science this week. He also used his art skills too to give this science piece of work the edge. I really enjoyed how it was presented so well done to Lewis.

Shout out to Ned who enjoyed his art lessons this week and sent me this lovely image of mountains where he had created perspective by using his shading skills. Well done Ned!


Shout out to James for his personification writing this week. I really enjoyed reading about how the clouds gazed, the wind whistled and the world slept.

James has written many pieces of work this half term that have been a joy to read and this one has been another one to add to the collection. Well done, James.

Shout out to Christopher for the fantastic personification this week. He wrote about ice that was screaming because of the salt trucks, laughing ice, snowballs cheering, etc.  I think the snowfall this morning definitely inspired him!

Shout out to Lena for her fantastic scratch programming from home. She used this as a way to create her own suspect and an alibi for the mystery of the missing painting. It was so imaginative and I was super impressed. Well done Lena!