Summer 2 2021


Every week, the children have been having lessons in school with Mrs Flannery in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  This special time together to explore faith has been invaluable and Y6 has engaged so well.

As part of the preparation, Year 6 had a special visitor in the lead up to their Confirmation in church. Brother John Pascoe came to spend time with the children to explore their feelings about prayer and Confirmation, as well as doing some activities with the children.

Brother John led the children in a special song and dance and then played a game about getting to know ourselves better. The children enjoyed some role play about God, Adam, Eve and the Holy Spirit. At the end of the session, he guided the children through some lovely, calm, prayerful meditation. Brother John was impressed at how thoughtful and reflective the Year 6 children were and how ready they are to make their Confirmation.

After the session, Brother John ate lunch outside with the children and even performed some magic tricks for the class.

Collective Worship

The children have also been enjoying their class collective worship with a particular focus on listening to the Word of God linked to talents, friendship, serving and trusting in God. At this time of year, it’s important that we are inspired by the Word of God for strength as the children prepare to move on. 

We have reflected on how the seed of faith is planted inside us and that we must nurture that seed to help it grow just like you would if it was a seed and we were trying to grow a plant.

We have reflected on how to remain proud and true to our faith as we move onto pastures new, and how we can look after each other in our new schools even if the children are no longer in the same classes. We will always be a family so the children have listened to the Word of God for inspiration to ensure that we continue to serve one another.

Year 6 have also continued this half term to enjoy listening to and singing during worship. They get to choose and the most popular one from the half term is below for you to enjoy.



Year 6 have covered a range of different parts of the maths curriculum during their last half term with us in school. The children started off by looking at different methods we can use to solve division calculations and problems. These included mental calculation, the bus-stop and chunking. The most efficient method changed when there were numbers with larger or smaller digits. We learnt that an efficient method gets us to the correct answer as quickly as possible.
The children have also completed work on co-ordinates this half term. We have looked at how to plot co-ordinates in four quadrants, being careful to use the x and y axes correctly and including lots of negative numbers. The children then did some paired work with mirrors to practice reflecting shapes in different quadrants and drawing shapes using sets of co-ordinates.
The children have made links to prior learning in geography and in previous year groups where they have used coordinates, for example on one quadrant with only positive numbers which was good to see.
Year 6 have also learnt how to translate shapes accurately using co-ordinates.
To finish off our work on shape, Year 6 got to grips with volume. We learnt that volume is the amount of space taken up by a 3D shape. The class then made some volume calculations using a formula and learnt to use the correct units of measure for volume in cm cubed and metres cubed.
Here is a handy tutorial if you would like to revisit volume.


Year 6 are currently working on learning their lines for their end of year production. They are very excited to be taking part in this and I’ve been super impressed by how well they are picking up their lines already.

Not only have they picked up their lines, but they have been writing their own characters into the stories and developing completely new story lines too. This has been super to see and quite a dynamic process which has evolved as they have been filming.

We are now working on how to bring a character to life through the use of body language too. How can we make our character more imposing, humourous, tired, etc.?

We are also working on using expression and improved volume for impact on the audience. So far, it’s going well and they will soon be starting to film their production using their IT skills.

As well as the production, Year 6 are using their writing skills in history to demonstrate their historical understanding. Please see the History section for full details.




Year 6 have been busy learning about the different forces at work in the environment around us. We started by doing a carousel of short experiments to identify forces such as gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction in different scenarios. The children then looked in more depth at the ways in which gravity acts on objects and how it affects everything from our bodies to the solar system. We found our own centres of gravity and conducted some quick investigations to show how it helps our bodies to stay upright and not fall over.
Year 6 then got to grips with the concept of air resistance by completing a parachute experiment which showed that a bigger surface area increases air resistance and slows down a falling object. We were very impressed by the efficient and sensible way the groups worked together to make their parachutes and complete a fair test dropping them from the school climbing frame.

Click here for handy BBC bitesize links for forces.


Online Safety

Check out our PSHE section to hear all about a very exciting Online Safety workshop with a former serious crime detective! Online safety is embedded into all of our computing lessons.

Whenever we use iPads, we begin by recapping our memorable online safety rules: Stop, Block & Tell. Year 6 are really good at doing this in class and if they ever come across something they are unsure of, they tell an adult straight away.


Year 6 are currently learning to make their own film using iMovie. All the children are having a go and planning scenes, directing and filming. Once this has been completed, the children then share the scenes by screen mirroring on the classroom interactive board. We can then evaluate the content and refilm sections where needed.

At this point, they are ready to airdrop their scene to the master iPad where the film is being edited. The children are working in pairs to discuss edits and make the changes so that the volume, sound and transitions are as polished as possible.

We have a lot left to do but the children are enjoying the variety of roles in this project. Hopefully, by the end of the term, we will have a full production ready to share with parents – keep your fingers crossed!


Digital Footprint

Year 6 have spent some time since the Online Safety Workshop with Sarah Lynch, looking at digital footprints in more details. If you would like to support your child at home with this more, please click on the button below which will take you to a really useful, child-friendly clip to watch together.

Click here to watch BBC clip about what a digital footprint is.

They applied their reading skills and answers comprehension questions, selecting evidence from the text to back up their ideas. A discussion followed where the children showed what they had learnt about their digital footprint from this task.

Online Security

Y6 enjoyed playing a game to deepen their knowledge about online safety. They learnt about clones, hackers, trojans, phissing messages, the sharing of personal information and creating strong passwords. You can play the game at home together if you like and see who’s best with their online safety skills – beware parents, the Y6 children are pretty good with this now!

Click here to play online security game.


Year 6 had a fantastic DT day making gas rattles with Mrs Phillips. Gas rattles were used in WW1 trenches as a noisy way to alert the troops about incoming gas attacks. They are still used today as a way of cheering at sporting events so it was suggested that they could come in useful for the Euro 2021 tournament.

Children had to use lots of maths skills to accurately measure and prepare the wood pieces for construction. All children sawed the pieces to the correct lengths using jigs and clamps.

The next job was drilling different types of holes in the pieces in order to use dowelling to glue together the rattles. There were three different types of drill to use. The children also honed their sanding skills to make sure that their work was smooth and rounded.

The finished rattles were glued together and the children were amazed at the results. It was great to see so many proud faces and so much perseverance at learning these new skills and getting the finished rattles ready in such a short time. Well done Year 6!



In our French lessons this half term, we have been learning to say the names of familiar European countries in French. We learnt that some countries are masculine proper nouns and some are feminine and practised pronouncing and spelling the countries’ names. Some of the names were very similar to the English and others such as L’Allemagne (Germany) were quite different.
For some of the children in class, they were able to use prior knowledge today as many of the children enjoy geography and football so have heard of the names of the countries being said in different languages on the TV.
They worked really hard to pronounce the countries authentically.
Here is a short tutorial for you to practise this at home.


Year 6 then practised using this new vocabulary to ask their classmates: As-tu visite La France? The children played French games to find someone in the class who had visited each country using no English. We found out that lots of Y6 had visited La France, L’Espagne and L’Irelande but few had been to La Suisse.
Here is a useful link to help you support your child with this at home.

Year 6 have progressed later in the half term to now be translating French sentences to English using their improved knowledge of countries.

They have been translating sentences like these:

  • Bonjour,  je  m’appelle  Mademoiselle  Piaff. J’habite en France.
  • Salut,  je  m’appelle  Henri.   J’habite  au Potugal.
  • Bonjour,  je  m’appelle  Michel.   J’habite  au  Canada.
  • Bonjour,  je  m’appelle  Madame  Foster.   J’habite en  Angleterre.
  • Salut,  je  m’appelle  Monique.   J’habite en  Espagne




Year 6 used their role play experience from last half term when they showed understanding of the role of women in the 1950s, and wrote diary entries to describe the impact that the appliance made to their lives. This was a super piece of writing with great historical detail included while also practising and applying their writing skills.

We then moved onto 1960s and learnt about changes to popular culture particularly focusing on Beatlemania. Here are some photos of the children retelling the experience of seeing the Beatles and the hysteria around that.

The children built into their oral explanations and their written work, some of the words that we have focussed on in English with our ‘word aware’ work. This included words like hysterical and ecstatic which they enjoy making actions for to deepen their learning. Can you tell which child in the picture is acting out one of the words?

Year 6 have also been learning about the experiences of Black, Asian and minority ethics in the 1960s when they came to England to help rebuild the country after the WW2. The Bristol Bus Boycott is a really interesting event which helped to draw national attention to racist discrimination in Britain.

The children used role-play to act out the issues facing the black and asian people at that time. They then came back into class and collected group ideas about how the experiences will have felt to those affected.

Later, they wrote a letter to a friend as someone experiencing racial discrimination and made links back to the 1950s Windrush and WW2 where many of these individuals had served the British Military. It was super to see the children applying their writing skills and demonstrating excellent understanding in history too.



Year 6 have worked on making a child friendly Anti-bullying policy for the whole school. To achieve this, they revisited what bullying looks like and how it is different to someone being unkind once or being thoughtless. To cement this, we decided to use the word STOP (several times on purpose: start telling other people).

The children made the connection between school rules and how if you are following the rules, you won’t be bullying anyone. The child friendly anti-bullying policy therefore included the word TRUST as well as the word STOP.

The best poster policy was chosen by the class and this has been circulated around all classes to be shared and agreed to. Well done Year 6 for tackling a tricky subject and sharing with the whole school.

River Safety

As part of their PHSE lessons, Year 6 had a special session to learn about Water Safety in and around bodies of water such as the sea, rivers and lakes. Children had a class discussion about places they had been swimming outside of swimming pools and we talked about their experiences and ways to stay safe in water. The children learnt about the dangers of swimming in reservoirs and cold water shock. They spotted dangers on cards and unscrambled instructions on how to stay safe. The children made a class set of water safety rules, some of which were:
  • Stay away from water with strong currents.
  • Don’t jump in unless you know it is deep enough.
  • Always swim between flags on beaches.
  • Don’t jump into a reservoir after a friend or a pet.
The children designed some fantastic water safety posters to get their messages across and help others to stay safe in the water.

Online Safety: Go Wise Online: Internet Safety Workshop

Earlier this week, Sarah Lynch, a former serious crime detective, delivered an internet safety session on Zoom to our parents and carers. Sarah then came into school to deliver a workshop to Year 6 pupils.

Year 6 enjoyed their workshop where they were able to use their existing online safety knowledge but learn about why it is so important to stay safe online and how this knowledge and understanding can really help as they grow up.

The internet safety workshop covered social media, digital footprints, what can be shared on social media (covering safety of sharing information and pictures), who you can chat to, being kind online, cyberbullying, online games, blocking and reporting people online, inappropriate messages and who to speak to if you are worried about anything. They also reviewed trusting reliable and secure websites and what not to trust on the internet, for example, pop up adverts.
The children had opportunities to apply this learning in games and activities and also had time to ask questions at the end. Thank you to Sarah for coming in and sharing her expertise with us so that we can continue to keep ourselves safe online!


For their final half term at St Joseph’s, Year 6 have been enjoyed learning to play the game of rounders. We have been outside on the field, honing our catching, striking and fielding skills. The children have been learning to work as a fielding team to stop rounders being scored. They have also been improving their batting skills and become aware of working with other children.

A particular challenge has been learning how to decide when it’s best to run and when it’s better to stay put. The children have competed in some very close and exciting games and have taken turns at having a go at all the roles on the field.


Outdoor Adventurous Activities: Robinwood

Year 6 were super lucky to all attend the residential at Robinwood at Todmorden, and what a fantastic time they had!

The children took part in the following activities:

  • archery
  • piranha pool
  • zip line
  • big swing
  • caving
  • quest
  • night line
  • canoeing
  • raft building
  • team challenges
  • crate challenge
  • climbing wall

All the children achieved so much by pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and addressing fears for some too like heights! I have the greatest admiration for Y6 for what they achieved whilst also managing their emotions about being away from home. For some of our children, they have never had a night away, so even the night time was a challenge as everything is different to home.

The children’s behaviour was totally amazing and the Robinwood staff were constantly telling the children how excellent they were; this included the night staff and catering too which was lovely to hear!

Spending time with Y6 like this was a real privilege; they made memories together and we were there to join in with them. We all want to go back!

Thank you to the parents for allowing the children to go on this trip.


Leavers 2021

So it’s time to say goodbye to our wonderful class of 2021 and it’s not going to be easy! The passion and energy they bring to the classroom every single day has been amazing and all the staff in Y6 would like to thank each child for all they have contributed to making another tough year very special indeed!

Although we are still living within restrictions, we have managed a few treats to give Y6 a good send off.

The celebrations started on Thursday morning when they had a lovely outdoor assembly with their parents attending to watch and support them. They set up their blankets and camping chairs ready to watch their children say goodbye to the whole school who were also sitting on the grass in their classes. The weather was lovely which helped to keep spirits high. 

Each Y6 pupil participated in the assembly which struck a nice balance between joyful, reflective and, at times, a little emotional which is natural and to be expected and that includes for staff and parents as well as the children themselves. It’s not easy saying goodbye to a place where you’ve been happy and valued but Y6 did it with their usual enthusiasm to do a good job!

Then on Friday, the Y6 production went live at 9am and was watched by the whole school from the safety of their classrooms. It was lovely to hear the Y6 children’s voices all around the school coming from each classroom on the big screens, and so many children laughing at the comedy included. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s still on the class homepage so check it out – it’s fantastic.

After that, a special treat arrived for Y6: the ice cream van! They were very excited to queue up and put their order in, and they ate them with the usual enthusiasm and commitment that this year group has maintained throughout the year – the ice creams didn’t last long!

Then it was time to get signing shirts which Y6 were super excited to do. Although it was just Y6 who could do it, this didn’t dampen spirits and the shirts were soon full of messages from their friends who they’ve spent 7 or even 8 years with for those who attended our nursery.

After lunch it was time to say goodbye and the whole school gathered outside socially distanced and made a massive guard of honour for the Y6 to walk through with their parents waiting at the end of it to collect their children for one last time. It was so lovely to see them with massive smiles on their faces, and the odd tear too, as they ran through the guard of honour with the whole school clapping and cheering for them!

I was at the gate to say a final goodbye to each pupil individually and we had some last minute photos for keepsakes too. What a wonderful class you have been – truly special and I will miss you all. Good luck in your new school and continue to be passionate about learning!

God bless you all. XX