Welcome to Year 6

“Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom!” Nelson Mandela 

Mrs J Ward

Mrs J Ward

Y6 Class Teacher and Deputy Head, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Maths Coordinator, Teaching & Learning Coordinator, Equalities, Specialist Leader in Education

Mrs Riordan

Mrs Riordan

Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms Crolla

Ms Crolla

UKS2 Class Teacher, History Coordinator

Dr Prestwich

Dr Prestwich

Teaching Assistant (SEN)

Year 6 Worship

Year 6 Worship

Christ at our Centre

Christ at our Centre

Y6 Leavers Production 2021

Year 6 have worked really hard on their leavers production and have all been involved in recording, editing and creating the full film so we could still bring a Y6 Leavers Production to you! We hope you enjoy! 


Long Term Curriculum Overview

To find out more about our Year 6 curriculum, please look at the jigsaw below.

Year 6 Long Term Curriculum Overview
Burn to Learn

Burn to Learn

Physically Active Learning

Academic Year 2020/2021

Welcome back to school! It’s been a very long time for you indeed and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be getting you back to school, safe and sound. I hope you’ve all had a fantastic summer holiday and you’re ready for a brilliant year in Year 6. I always feel very privileged to teach Year 6 and I will do everything I can to make sure that you are happy, engaged, learning and grow in confidence and skills ready for secondary school.  We’ve got so many exciting things to do together that I have no doubt it will be the best year you’ve ever had. Throughout the year, the Year 6 curriculum will be tailored to build on the children’s interests, make links to their role in the community of Wetherby, and the wider world itself.  We will be ambitious for ourselves, aiming for the very best we can achieve academically, morally, emotionally and spiritually. There will be experiences built in along the way to inspire learning and to inspire the children for their future roles as active citizens. All the children will be able to achieve and thrive by giving their very best efforts.

Very soon, our class webpage will start to fill up with all the exciting activities that I have planned for the year. Watch this space!

School Trips, Visits and Workshops!

I am always looking for ways to enrich and enhance the Year 6 curriculum. With some restrictions in place, some trips may be difficult but I have already planned visitors to school and workshops for the year ahead. You’ll be pleased to know that we are also planning for Y6 to go on their annual residential so keep your fingers crossed that nothing gets in the way of this, this year! Please see the school calendar for full details. Look at some of the things that are already booked for the coming academic year!

  • Geography field trip to Nidd Gorge and Knaresborough waterside
  • Lego Robotics Workshop
  • Marine Engineering workshop
  • Headingly Water Treatment workshop
  • Bikeability
  • Mr Foster: Orthopaedic surgeon to visit
  • Y6 Residential Trip to Robinwood

As and when I can, I will be booking further trips and experiences whilst ensuring we follow the guidelines for health and safety/Covid-19.


One of the things that Year 6 really look forward to in Y6 is being buddies with our new children in Foundation Stage 2. At the moment, due to bubbles in school, we are unable to get the children together to meet their buddies but we hope that we will be able to have some sort of buddy experience during the year as we know how value the experience is for all. The Year 6 children play a huge role in helping our new children settle quickly. They usually help them in the lunch hall to build up their confidence, and then play with them in the playground at lunch time whilst encouraging them to play with their peers and have independence too. Fingers crossed, we may be able to start the buddy system at some stage. For now, we will be patient and keep ourselves safe in our own bubbles.

Y5/6 Statutory Spelling List 

Please encourage your children to practise these compulsory Year 5 and 6 spellings, these are essential and should be practised alongside weekly spellings.

Y5 & Y6 Statutory Spellings

Optional Homework

At St Joseph’s, we are so grateful for the invaluable support that our parents and carers provide for our pupils. We know how well our families have been able to adapt to home learning so now that we can welcome all of our pupils back to school, we wanted to provide opportunities for our pupils to continue their learning at home, if they choose to. The homework given will prepare and support your child’s learning across the curriculum each half term. The homework tasks below are optional. If you would also like to read our homework policy, please follow the link below.

Homework Policy 2020-22



To help you with your learning this term, here are some optional homework tasks and resources/activities for you to complete. I can’t wait to see your work that you complete at home!

Click here for Y6 optional homework tasks.


Support/Resources for Optional Homework Tasks

If you have chosen to complete the optional additional tasks, here are some resources to guide you. Of course, you are free to use your own resources and research in a way of your choice but just remember to STOP, BLOCK and TELL if you find anything during your research that upsets you or makes you feel uncomfortable.

RE: St Therese of Lisieux

Here are some resources to get you started with this task. Also, think back to your time in Year 5 as she was your class Saint so I’m sure you already have lots of knowledge to draw upon.

Resource 1 for St Therese task Resource 2 for St Therese task


Geography: Map and Landmarks of the UK

This is a great task to work on and get your family involved too. Talk about where your family are from, where extended family live, places you’ve visited together and places you’d love to visit too. Look at where football stadiums are of different teams or other areas of interest like race courses, castles, etc. This is a great task because the creative nature of the task helps you to remember where places and landmarks are. You can actually make some models of landmarks too and put them on your map. It’s great fun!

Resource 1 for Map Task Resource 2 for Map Task

Maths: Triangles

Here is a starting point for the maths task about triangles.

Resource 1 for Triangle Task Resource 2 for Triangle Task Resource 3 for Triangle Task

Science: Water Cycle

This is such an interesting concept to understanding so enjoy watching the video. Think back to Year 4 when you first learnt about the water cycle. What can you remember? What have we done so far in lessons which will help you? If you have a more creative way in which you would like to demonstrate your understanding of the water cycle and all the related vocabulary, please feel free to get creative!

English Reading: Classic Novels

On our class book shelves, we have lots of classic novels. Some of the books are actually brand new so be the first to dive in and get engrossed. Here is a website with some suggested classic children’s novels. Have you read any of these before? Try a new one and write a book review.

Click here for some suggested classic children’s novels. Click here for a book review guide.

Spring 2021

Here are some extra homework tasks for you to complete if you choose to. You will see that they build on knowledge and skills you already have built in Y6 and are extensions to what you can already do.

Geography: Name and Locate Countries in Europe

To help you get started with this task, I have put a collection of maps of differing challenge for you use.



History: Create Your Own Propaganda Poster

We learnt about propaganda last term. This is your chance to design your own poster. Remember the posters are meant to mislead and strengthen your position in the war in some way. I have attached some WWII posters for you to explore first but you can also use your knowledge of the WW1 posters we looked at together too. There is also a template to get you started if you are struggling to think of your own ideas.



English/Science: Non-Chronological Report about Animals Adapting

Remember you can choose any animal from any environment so make sure you choose something you are interested in learning more about. There are resources below to help you get started and guide you: templates, sentence openers, checklists, etc.






RE: John the Baptist

To help you learn more about John the Baptist, here are some resources below which will help you. You can read about him and answer the questions. The reading comprehensions are challenge by choice with the 3 star work being the hardest. Remember to make a glossary of any new words as you read to build your language skills. There are also some blank fact file templates to help you write your fact file about John the Baptist. Remember to also use your own research skills read around this subject so that you are going beyond the simple starter resources I have provided.





Maths: Weighing

This is your chance to explore mass so get estimating and weighing. Don’t look at the units of measure on any items that are already labelled up. See if you can estimate it and see how close you can get. All the details to get you started are on the grid above but you could also get creative and come up with your own challenges related to weight. Send your ideas to me and I can share them with your classmates.

If you need practise converting units of measure, here are some resources to get you started.