Year 5 Home Learning Shout Outs

Hi Year 5 and and welcome back to the shout out section of our school website. I am sure you will remember your shout out page from Year 4! This page is for you to see what each other have been up to. This page is to shout out to those children that have wowed me – be it with a project, piece of work, their attitude or even something kind they have done at home! If you think you have something in particular that could be shared with the rest of Year 5, please send me a message on Showbie and I can pop it on here! I am SO PROUD of all of you and miss you all very much! I hope this page brings a smile to you all!

What have Year 5 been up to?

Shout out to this superstar for her fantastic RE work! Take a look at what this Year 5 member created for her RE work linked to the greatest commandment. Isn’t it fantastic? Well done!



Huge shout out to Reuben, Wilf and Bobby who worked really well together as a team when they all had a next step challenge to name as many states in the USA as they could. They were in school together on this day and Miss Quenby was really impressed with just how many states and cities in the USA they knew and could name! Well done boys! 

Huge shout out to Jessica for her 5 senses work! Before we even had our lesson on figurative language, Jess was already including alliteration, personification and even similes into her work! Because of this hard work, Jessica’s diary entry was full of excellent language choices! Well done Jess! 

Shout out to Louis who went above and beyond in his Science investigation on Wednesday where he not only conducted the experiment, talked about his results and filled in the table but he also then presented his results in a bar chart! Super work! 

Huge shout out to Amber for her fantastic science write up of her investigation. She followed the top tips really well and her writing was detailed and the method was extremely thorough! Well done Amber! 

Shout out to Isabella for her super diary entry! Isabella stepped into the shoes of Fred really well and used fantastic description using figurative language and followed the top tips to write a super diary entry! It really was a brilliant piece of writing! Well done Isabella!