Summer 2 2021

Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful half term and enjoyed the glorious sunshine that we were blessed with! We are in the last half term together in Year 5 now and I can’t believe how quickly our time together has gone! Miss Quenby and I have planned for a super exciting half term to the end the year with a BANG! This will also include transition activities to prepare the children for their move into Year 6 and a school trip! More information about this will be shared in due course. Keep checking our class page to see all of the exciting things we get up to in Year 5!


Living in Leeds Fortnight: Other Faiths

Year 5 enjoyed their learning in RE during our Living in Leeds fortnight where they began learning about the world religions. This is the beginning of this learning journey where they will learn more about the different religions where we live. This links to our curriculum intent of being aspirational for local community and wider world and is part of our core values at St Joseph’s of tolerance and mutual respect, something we will be learning more about this half term.

The children first learnt about the different symbols attached to each religion and why this religion has this symbol. For example, the symbol for Christianity is a cross which symbolises the Holy Trinity of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as well as reminding us of how Jesus sacrificed his life for the forgiveness of all of our sins. For this task, Year 5 had to apply their writing skills using adverbials for cohesion to ensure that their writing flowed and linked (cohesion). Take a look at some examples from this task in RE below.


Our new class text this half term is “The Saga of Erik the Viking” by Terry Jones. This links to our topic this half term of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings: Let the Battle Commence!

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Speaking and Listening Skills

Year 5 have been developing their speaking and listening skills in a discrete and explicit way this half term. These skills are embedded and weaved into everything we do but over the past couple of weeks, Year 5 have been preparing a presentation all about Leeds, linking to our Living in Leeds fortnight. The class then presented their Keynote presentations all about Leeds to the class. They had to consider how best to present, how to project their voice, where to stand and how to engage with their audience. The rest of the class were then providing positive and constructive feedback to celebrate what went well and help them to improve. They recorded this whilst the presentations were going on and we shared feedback at the end.

Take a look at the presentations in action! Year 5 also applied their computing skills and ‘screen mirrored’ so their iPads mirrored on the smartboard for all to see.

Year 5 evaluated their peers, giving them positive feedback about what went well and constructive feedback on how they could further improve their presentations and how they presented.

Some feedback included:

  • “I love the amount of effort you put into your work.”
  • “I like the detail in your presentation.”
  • “Very good explanations with a clear voice.”
  • “Speak louder so we can hear you.”




We have been exploring the properties of shape in our maths lessons.

First of all, we considered what we already knew about shape – including the difference between 2D and 3D shapes. We identified that 2D shapes have 2 dimensions: length and width, and 3D shapes have 3 dimensions: length, width and depth.

The children were able to recall many 2D and 3D shapes. They then had time to explore shapes and handle them to identify their properties: including sides and points for 2D shapes and edges, vertices and faces for 3D shapes.

We then moved on to exploring lines of symmetry. Year 5 could use mirrors if they wanted to to support them with visualising the lines of symmetry. We talked about what symmetry meant and how it meant if you cut the shape in half the parts would be exactly the same but mirrored. The mirrors were a useful resource to explore lines of symmetry in shape.


Living in Leeds Fortnight: City landscapes

Year 5 applied their painting and drawing skills to create a landscape picture of Leeds, where we live. First, the children created a sunset effect using paints and then drew a skyscraper landscape image to include on top. The final pieces of Art are absolutely incredible. Take a look at the process below.

Planning stage

This included discussing how they would create the sunset effect using paints, practising this and then practising sketching a city landscape. To do this, they had to research the city of Leeds and see what the city skyline looked like. They practised how they would create the silhouette effect. The planning stage also required the children to consider the use of colours they used and how they would blend the colours to create the sunset effect.

Doing stage

The children then created their artwork. They chose the different paint colours they wanted. Some children realised the best way to create the sunset effect was to use a gradient approach, starting with the darkest colour and gradually getting lighter and lighter to create the sunset effects. They then drew their city skyline using a light shade of pencil to create a silhouette effect and placed this over the sunset they had created, once dried. 

Take a look at the final pieces. They are so effective!

The next stage in our Art learning journey will be evaluating the pieces of art and considering what went well, what we would change and how we could further improve the piece of art and the skills and artistic techniques that were used

The children were extremely happy with their artwork during Living in Leeds fortnight!


As part of their learning in DT this half term, Year 5 created a Viking shield at home to use in school linked to our history learning.

They had to consider why they would be using their shield and what would make it strong whilst also easy to handle and lift (therefore not too heavy but strong enough to protect them in battle if they were a Viking).

We were super impressed with their finished products!! Take a look!


Check out our PSHE section to hear all about a very exciting Online Safety workshop with a former serious crime detective! Online safety is embedded into all of our computing lessons. Whenever we use iPads, we begin by recapping our memorable online safety rules: Stop, Block & Tell. Year 5 are really good at doing this in class and if they ever come across something they are unsure of, they tell an adult straight away.

Year 5 finally got the chance to use the computers in the ICT suite to practise their keyboard and mouse skills. This is something we have missed out on this year due to covid and bubble restrictions and it is something that will be a focus moving into Y6.


History – Let the Battle Commence

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Year 5 have now started their brand new topic: Let the Battle Commence! This half term, we will learn all about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings! We started our learning by exploring our existing knowledge and understanding about the topic – what we already knew! Year 5 actually know quite a lot already about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings and they can’t wait to learn even more!

Our homework project linked to our new topic was a real hit and Miss Quenby and I were extremely impressed with all of the shields that they created! Take a look below at the fantastic designs!!

Jorvik Viking & DIG Centre: School Trip

Year 5 had a fantastic day at their very first school trip of the year at the Jorvik Viking & DIG Centre. It was a jam packed day full of hands of activities, new knowledge and learning about our topic and fun with our friends. The trip started at the Jorvik DIG centre where we became archaeologists and had to carefully discover the hidden artefacts to deduce information about the past. We explored a Roman, Victorian, Medieval and Viking home. The highlight was discovering a skeleton that had belonged to a priest as well as many other discoveries.

We then experienced a workshop all about Viking life. We learnt about weapons used, jobs in the Viking age as well as the meaning of the word ‘Viking’ and why we call the people from that time Vikings. This really supported Year 5’s existing knowledge and understanding of the Viking age and they learnt even more!

We then headed on to the Jorvik Viking Centre where we learnt about the archaeological discovery of a Viking house that has been persevered due to the water logged ground. The highlight was definitely the monorail where we explored the York street ‘Coppergate’ in the Viking age – it was very realistic! We learnt how archaeological discoveries had helped to create the replica of the street. The monorail also helped us to learn even more about Viking life, jobs and what it was like to be a Viking living in Jorvik.

We then had time to discover real Viking artefacts in the museum and gallery. The biggest, most exciting artefact was (of course) the big Viking poo that had been was an amazing find for archaeologists. It told them so much about how the Vikings lived. Year 5 were extremely excited about this! We enjoyed looking at and discovering all of the artefacts and learning even more about Viking life, like how they made combs out of antlers and how they made their own leather shoes.

It was such a fantastic day. The trip has answered many of our questions but it has also left us wanting to know even more!

Lindisfarne Viking Raid

Year 5 have enjoyed learning about the Lindisfarne raid that took place on the 8th June in 793AD. We watched a range of historical, educational videos to support our understanding. We then enjoyed role play and drama to explore the feelings of the monks during the raid. Year 5 applied their writing skills to write a diary entry in role as an Anglo-Saxon monk who has survived the raid.  They then enjoyed acting out the battle using their own shields they made at home. Our history topic this year has been full of rich experiences to support the children with their knowledge and understanding of the time period. Take a look at our re-enactment of the Lindisfarne raid below! 



Year 5 will need to prepare for a Summer mission as they travel through the different rhythm and pitch musical levels! The class will face listening challenges where they will be required to listen to rhythms and notate them down. They will become confident performers and able to identify crotchets, minims, quavers, semi quavers and the matching rests! They will compose their own rhythms and finally learn how to notate pitch In the correct way. Their journey will begin by learning a song about the different note names and values while developing their control of vocal technique such as breathing, posture, tuning and diction. 



Euros Day 2021

Year 5 enjoyed the Euros Day on Tuesday where they could wear the England colours or a football kit! We enjoyed getting active on this day and talking about the upcoming football match that evening where we now know England beat Czech Republic 1-0! Wahay!!

Sports Day

Our long awaited Sports Day is here! Year 5 were so excited to be competing in sports day with the whole school! They behaved fantastically and had so much fun!! Photos coming soon….

Improplay Dance Workshop (Wetherby Arts Festival)

As part of Wetherby Arts Festival, Katy Hewison visited school to deliver dance workshops to the whole school. Year 5 really enjoyed their workshop that was focused on improvisation in dance. Take a look at some of the pictures below of the children in action!




Go Wise Online: Internet Safety Workshop

Earlier this week, Sarah Lynch, a former serious crime detective, delivered an internet safety session on Zoom to our parents and carers. Sarah then came into school to deliver a workshop to Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.

Year 5 enjoyed their workshop where they were able to use their existing online safety knowledge but learn about why it is so important to stay safe online and how this knowledge and understanding can really help as they grow up.

The internet safety workshop covered social media, digital footprints, what can be shared on social media (covering safety of sharing information and pictures), who you can chat to, being kind online, cyberbullying, online games, blocking and reporting people online, inappropriate messages and who to speak to if you are worried about anything. They also reviewed trusting reliable and secure websites and what not to trust on the internet, for example, pop up adverts.
The children had opportunities to apply this learning in games and activities and also had time to ask questions at the end.

For more information or support with online safety, visit the Go Wise Online website.