Summer 2 2022

Our last half term together!! There is so much planned this half term, including 2 school trips which are super exciting!! This half term, we will be visiting the Jorvik Viking Centre and DIG Centre as part of our new topic, Let the Battle Commence! We will also be taking part in the Junior Warrior Mud Run! It is an exciting half term jam packed with activities before you embark on your final year at primary school!

RE & Collective Worship

In Collective Worship, we enjoy making use of the Mark 10 Mission liturgies that are shared weekly. Take a look at a couple we have enjoyed this half term. We have explored Pentecost, The Good Samaritan parable and much more in worship.


Just before we returned back to school after May half term, we celebrated Pentecost. On Pentecost, we celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles gathered in the upper room in Jerusalem; this event marks the beginning of the Church. Pentecost is therefore often regarded as the birthday of the Church and reminds us how Jesus’s promise that God would send the Holy Spirit, was fulfilled. In school during our first week back, we have been thinking about Pentecost and the experience that the disciples had. We have learned more about this special day in the church and have prayed to God to thank Him for the Holy Spirit.


We had a lovely visit from Brother Jonathan, from the St Franciscan Brothers of Renewal, who told us all about how he follows Jesus in his life. He shared with us his experiences and his vows about povertychastity and obedience. The children also learnt about Brother Jonathan’s work with the people in need, especially those who are homeless. The children asked questions and could also reflect on how they could help in their own lives and show kindness towards others. Brother Jonathan shared how he hadn’t really gone to church and how we had only prayed twice when he was younger and that he found God and became a Brother at the age of 26. This was so inspiring to hear. We also enjoyed prayer time together outside with Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 in our prayer garden, where Brother Jonathan led a prayer for us.

Other Faiths

Judaism has been the focus in RE this half term. We have begun by looking at a selection of Jewish symbols and artefacts. The children then considered how some of these symbols compare to those used in the Christian faith. We enjoyed a virtual visit from Rabbi Zvi where we learnt more about the similarities and differences between Judaism and Christianity. We learnt what the word ‘Rabbi‘ means, which means teacher. Some of the children guessed that it meant something similar to a priest in Christianity but Rabbi Zvi explained that in Judaism they also have priests but priests derive from Moses’ big brother and that a Rabbi is someone who teaches about the laws and culture of Judaism. We learnt that Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi.

Rabbi Zvi asked us how someone is Jewish. Some children guessed that you were Jewish if you wore a kippah, if you believed in God, if you were baptised (we learnt you are not baptised in Judaism), if you went to a synagogue, if you were born in Israel. Rabbi Zvi said these were all excellent guesses and hypotheses but the correct answer is that you are born Jewish if your mother is Jewish as in Judaism, a mother sets the tone of the home.


Year 5 have further developed their sentence structure by learning to use subordinate clauses. They applied this knowledge to a creative writing session using a picture of a spaceship landing in a wood in the dead of night. The focus was to paint a vivid picture using description and showcasing all of their writing skills! The children love creative writing where they have free choice for the plot, the characters and the content they can write so they were like pigs in muck for these lessons!

We have also started our new class text “The Saga of Erik and the Vikings”. Year 5 used the front cover, blurb and picture prompts to consider what the story was going to be about. They then enjoyed reading the first chapter and explored the meaning of the word ‘saga’. The word ‘saga‘ is an Old Norse term (which was Viking language) and it means ‘story’, ‘tale’ or ‘history’.

You can listen to the first chapter of our class text by watching the video below. Enjoy!

Wetherby Library’s Summer Reading Challenge

To encourage the children at St Joseph’s to take on Wetherby Library’s Summer Reading Challenge, we had a whole school assembly where we found out about the details from Angie who is a librarian. She showed the children exciting titles, the Gadgeteers characters and many fun props and experiences the children can explore when they visit the library this summer.

This year’s Summer Reading Challenge it is a very special science-themed challenge, called Gadgeteers that will help the children to use their imagination and their creativity whilst helping to maintain their reading level over the summer holidays. Best of all, it’s completely FREE! To find out more about the summer reading challenge, pop to our local library or visit the link. Summer Reading Challenge 2022


Jorvik Viking & DIG Centre School Trip!

Year 5 had a fantastic day at their very first school trip of the year at the Jorvik Viking & DIG Centre. It was a jam packed day full of hands of activities, new knowledge and learning about our topic and fun with our friends.

The trip started at the Jorvik Viking Centre where we learnt about the archaeological discovery of a Viking house that has been persevered due to the water logged ground. The highlight was definitely the monorail where we explored the York street ‘Coppergate’ in the Viking age – it was very realistic! We learnt how archaeological discoveries had helped to create the replica of the street. The monorail also helped us to learn even more about Viking life, jobs and what it was like to be a Viking living in Jorvik.

We then had time to discover real Viking artefacts in the museum and gallery. The biggest, most exciting artefact was (of course) the big Viking poo that had been was an amazing find for archaeologists. It told them so much about how the Vikings lived. Year 5 were extremely excited about this! We enjoyed looking at and discovering all of the artefacts and learning even more about Viking life, like how they made combs out of antlers and how they made their own leather shoes.

We then headed to Jorvik DIG centre where we became archaeologists and had to carefully discover the hidden artefacts to deduce information about the past. We explored a Roman, Victorian, Medieval and Viking home. The highlight was discovering a skeleton that had belonged to a priest as well as many other discoveries.

We then experienced a workshop all about Viking life. We learnt about weapons used, jobs in the Viking age as well as the meaning of the word ‘Viking’ and why we call the people from that time Vikings. This really supported Year 5’s existing knowledge and understanding of the Viking age and they learnt even more!

It was such a fantastic day. The trip has answered many of our questions, but it has also left us wanting to know even more!

Year 5 have continued with their learning in this topic and have explored the place of Vikings in history, why they invaded the UK and the effect they had on the names of towns and cities. Our focus has been on battles – the tactics and weaponry and so the children were asked to design and make their own shield. The results are amazing.


Junior Warrior Mud Run

Year 5 took part in the Junior Warrior Mud Run and they all participated extremely well in this physically and mentally demanding obstacle course! The children braved the course of water and mud obstacles on the way as they completed a trail full of climbing walls, crawling activities, river crossings and even more. The water slide was definitely a highlight at the end! Everyone taking part showed an amazing, positive growth mindset and tackled the challenges in an extremely dedicated and sensible manner. They should be very proud of their achievement!

Sports Day

We enjoyed a picnic with our whole school community at lunchtime before sports day. Lots of our families joined us with their children to enjoy a picnic together before the sports day races commenced in the afternoon.

Sports Day kicked off at 1.15pm with our annual parade of the houses! All houses lined up with the banners that our Y6 captains had made. The chanting could be heard for miles and there was a huge buzz in the atmosphere. The children encouraged and cheered for their teammates in each their house and in their class too. Year 5 had a fantastic afternoon. We had sprinting races, a relay race and our class novelty race ‘Let the Battle Commence’ that each child created their very own shield to run with! Whitby were the overall winners of Sports Day and a great day was had by all!