Summer 1 2021

I can’t believe we have already started our final term together! We have lots of exciting things in store for this half term and it definitely helps that the weather is starting to become more glorious each day! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday. Now the restrictions are easing, it feels like life is slowly getting back to normal. Please continue to stay safe so that we can enjoy our learning in school, together! 


Collective Worship

May, Month of Mary

This month, we honour our Mother Mary during the month of May. We have turned our prayer table into a May altar with a blue cloth, a statue of Mary, flowers, prayers and rosary beads. Our worship this month will especially honour Mary.


First Holy Communion

Year 5 have been extremely reverent in their preparations for their First Holy Communion which they will receive on Saturday 25th April in church. They have been enjoyed learning about the different parts of the Mass, reflecting on their own faith journey so far and learning about how important Holy Communion is. For preparation, we use the Heart Speaks to Heart materials which guide us through the journey of preparation with 3 characters: Ryan, Jess and their Grandfather. We have had time to pray, reflect, discuss and think and the children have commented on how much they are enjoyed the preparation journey.

Year 5 are nearly fully prepared for their First Holy Communion. They have learnt how to receive the Body and Blood of Christ and what happens when we receive Holy Communion in church. We have used these cartoons and instructions to help us. (Photo Credit: Heart Speaks to Heart Material, Diocese of Leeds).

Year 5 received their First Holy Communion in church on Saturday 25th April and enjoyed their celebrations afterwards. It was an extremely special day and the children all commented on what a wonderful experience it was. We have now talked about how the children can continue with their faith journey and we will continue to think about this in collective worship, prayers and RE lessons. They enjoyed a celebration day in school where they all had the chance to wear their beautiful dresses and smart outfits, celebrate with a short liturgy service that was shared with families virtually and a party afternoon tea. Check out the pictures below to see our celebrations in school!





This half term, we are continuing to focus on our key core objectives which involve written methods for the four operations, recalling times tables confidently and recalling other mental maths facts. We are also working really hard on fractions. Year 5 have been extremely resilient with their learning and have been active learners with an excellent growth mindset. They have continued to persevere when things have been tricky and are now really enjoying our unit in fractions.

To understand proper fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers, we enjoyed a fun song and YouTube video to help us remember these types of fractions and numbers. Year 5 then worked on their fluency skills of converting improper fractions to mixed numbers using their times table fact knowledge before working through varied fluency style questions and questions to reason and problem solve with.


World Maths Day

Year 5 really enjoyed a Maths filled day today when we celebrated World Maths Day. They dressed up as ROCKSTARS and there were some absolutely fantastic costumes and hair styles! This was the perfect launch for our new Maths online learning programme Times Tables Rockstars (TTRS). Year 5 have really enjoyed developing their speed with their times tables and this is a whole class focus at the moment.

Geography – Our World

Year 5 have been extremely excited to start our new topic, Our World. This half term, we will begin by exploring climate change and issues in our local area that might affect climate change. We will link directly with our Live Simply mission in school and work together to create change around an impact we all feel strongly about. We will then move on to exploring refugees and migration linked with our class text in English, The Boy at the Back of the Class.

Letter to the Mayor of Wetherby

Before half term, Year 5 entered a competition where they created a poster to prevent littering in Wetherby. The whole class were extremely inspired and wanted to write a letter to the Mayor to try to help with this issue even further. A big thanks to Orla in our class who came up with the fantastic idea of writing the letter to the Mayor. This has provided us with such a rich stimulus for our learning in Geography.

First of alll, we spent time researching key facts and figures about littering and its impact on the environment. Year 5 were shocked, astounded and slightly horrified at some of the statistics. Here are some of the facts they found:

  • Littering has increased by 500% since the 1960s
  • 7 out of 10 items that are littered are food packaging and plastic items that could be recycled
  • 40% of litter is burnt in open air, causing toxic air emissions
  • Almost all litter ends up in the ocean, causing harm to ocean life

To ensure their facts were from reliable sources, Year 5 had to make sure the information was about the UK specifically and that they could trust the source.

Once we had researched and were happy with the amount of information we had found, we then went about planning our letter to the Mayor where we applied our core English skills in writing a formal letter. We had to carefully think about the tone of formality in our writing and consider key phrases and words we might use in our formal letter. We also were inspired to see what littering was like in our school grounds to set on a mission to try and improve this by the end of the school year.

We went on a litter picking mission around the school grounds and we were shocked at how much waste there was. We realised that some of the litter was blown in or thrown in to our grounds from outside of the school grounds so we worked really hard to clear as much as we could.

Refugees & Migration

Year 5 have begun learning about refugees and migration and enjoyed applying their mathematical skills in a lesson where they analysed statistics to draw clear conclusions about locations. They first developed their understanding of key vocabulary, including refuge, refugee, asylum, asylum seeker and many more. They learnt about the term refugee and why people become refugees. We watched a video from UNHCR to help us develop knowledge and understanding about refugees.

Year 5 then explored a range of statistical data to learn more about refugees. They had to apply mathematical skills to read the line graphs, tables of data, bar charts and distribution maps in order to answer the questions carefully. They also had to apply their reading skills to ensure they had read the question carefully and knew what the question was asking them. Year 5 also had to use their map and atlas skills in order to answer some questions that required geographical knowledge

Year 5 are encouraged to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world through reading non-fiction books. Take a look at just some of our non-fiction books that the children can choose from.