Year 4 Home Learning Shout Outs

Hello Year 4!. Welcome to your new section of home learning!  You are all doing such wonderful things at home and it is such a shame that you can’t see what I can see on Showbie. So, we are relaunching our shout out pages – I’m sure you will remember this from Year 3. I will be building this up over time so please keep sending me pictures with what you have been up to. 


What have Year 4 been up to?


Shout out to our fantastic researcher and cook who really enjoyed learning about Pompeii and she decided to do her own research about the city. You collected really interesting facts! You also made really delicious pancakes. Super cooking! Well done.

Shout out to Zach who worked really hard on being able to find the area. He counted the squares, drew the area of shapes and compared the areas really well too. Great work Zach. Well done!

Shout out to Sophie who worked really well on her RE. We learnt about Lent and she made her Lenten promise, ready to start on Ash Wednesday. She also came up with lots of acts of kindness that she could carry out during Lent. Lovely ideas Sophie. Well done!

Shout out to Miles who worked really well on his science research. You have done a great job researching facts about your chosen animals and plants that live in volcanic areas. Excellent research and presentation Miles! Well done.

Shout out to Lola who has been working really well on her French vocabulary! You watched the video and after you worked on your pronunciation you could match all the French names of the items of clothing to the correct images. Great work!

Shout out to Lauren who has been busy writing her diary entry as the lighthouse keeper. You should be very proud of your work Lauren. You used really chatty and informal language and you made sure the other key features of the diary entry were there too. Super description included as well. Good work!

Shout out to Seb who worked really well on comparing vertebrates and invertebrates in science. You have done a great job Seb with labelling your illustrations! Excellent research and presentation.

Shout out to Ben H-G who has been working extremely hard ever since we started learning from home! Please enjoy one of his lovely artworks. This lighthouse looks fantastic. Keep up the good work Ben!

Shout out to Lachlan who has been busy finding the key features of diary entries. He spent time reading the text carefully and spotting chatty, informal language, writing in the first person and the writer’s thoughts and feelings. Great work Lachlan! Keep it up.

Shout out to our Victorian school children. The Victorian theme travelled from Y2 all the way to Y4. Well done for working hard on your 3Rs: arithmetic, reading and writing. Remember: Good, better, best, never let it rest. Till your good is better, and your better best!

Shout out to our fantastic musician! He has passed his music exam with flying colours for grade 3. A fantastic achievement. Congratulations! 

Shout out to Oliver, Sophie, Zach and Niamh who completed their volcano artwork. You used lines and shapes for great effect. Some of you have gone beyond a realistic volcano and you let your imagination take over. Wow!

Shout out to Natalia who got very creative and decided to create a volcano diagram. She chose to draw Kilauea and she also represented key information as part of her diagram. Excellent work Natalia! 

Shout out to Sophia who worked really well in English this week. She worked hard and used many fitting prepositional phrases to write about the setting of the Lighthouse. Great descriptive sentences Sophia. Well done!

Shout out to Freya who worked really well on her RE learning. She read how Jesus healed the centurion’s servant and made very clever observations. She also inferred information from the text. Keep up the excellent work Freya. Well done!

Shout out to Charlie, who has been extremely helpful around the house and has been taking fantastic care of his siblings. Charlie should be very proud because not only does he help his family but he also completes all his work with dedication and to an excellent standard. It has been great to read your work in English where you used various fitting sentence openers that described action and time! Well done Charlie! 

Shout out to Scarlett who has been really busy this week. She worked really hard in every subject and it was lovely to see how resilient she was because she took on lots of maths challenges. Super work on division Scarlett! Very well done.

Shout out to Luca who worked hard on his fantastic volcano art. He followed the tutorial really well to create his drawing where he used lines and shapes to draw a volcano about to erupt. Well done Luca!

Shoutout to all of Year 4’s aspiring musicians who took on the challenge to learn a new rhythm and practised their skills. It has been lovely watching your clips! 

Shout out to Joseph who got very creative and decided to write a story. He used really powerful verbs to describe the events and his well-chosen words also helped him create an interesting plot. You wrote an excellent story Joseph!

Shout out to Celia who has been really busy this week. She worked really hard and learnt many new words in French. She also used a dictionary to look up more vegetable and fruit names. In her free time, Celia got creative and made a colourful necklace.

Shout out to Ben F who worked extremely hard on his narrative. He produced really great descriptive paragraphs about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and he wrote a very fitting ending to his story. Great work Ben!

Shout out to Liam who worked really hard on his multiplication and reading comprehension. He spent time practising short multiplication and he carefully answered the questions about Sir David Attenborough’s new program Perfect Planet. Keep up the good work Liam!

Shout out to Ross who has spent a great deal of his time solving tricky multiplication questions using various methods. He was very confident in showing his working out and he does not shy away from a challenge. Keep up the good work Ross!

Shoutout to Edward who has been working hard on his comprehension skill. He read the text and used his skills to retrieve and interpret information. He also considered the author’s choices. Super effort Edward!

Shout out to Cara and Imogen who worked together on their computing project. They created their Stop! Block! Tell! posters after they shared their ideas. Super teamwork. Well done girls!

Shout out to our talented French shopkeeper who has learnt many new French words to do with shopping as she set up her beautiful boutique. Génial!

Shoutout to Oliver who has been working hard on his art project. He used lines to create his tornado funnel shapes and he explored how he could add lines inside the tornadoes for a 3D effect. His choices of colour are very effective and he also used shading on the outside of the curves. Super artwork Oliver!

Shout out to Raphael who has made the most of the snow day. He sent me his photographs of his fascinating Lego scenes. They truly are lifelike and the compositions showcase a phenomenal snow adventure. Super creativity!

Just one of Raphael’s snow scenes.

Shoutout to Aran who worked extremely hard on his English descriptions. He wrote a paragraph about Tranio where he included information about his appearance, interests and personality. His paragraph has well-chose expanded noun phrases and various sentence openers that help the sentences flow. Well done Aran!

Shoutout to Thomas who demonstrated the movement of divergent, transform and convergent plate boundary movements. Great simulation Thomas and super geographical understanding of the tectonic plates.