Welcome to Year 4

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” Anthony J. D’Angelo

Miss Hegedüs

Miss Hegedüs

Y4 Class Teacher, Art & Design Coordinator

Mrs Frost

Mrs Frost

High Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA), Designated Safeguarding Lead, First Aider

Year 4 Prayer Table

Year 4 Prayer Table

Long Term Curriculum Overview

To find out more about our Year 4 curriculum, please look at the jigsaw below.

Year 4 Long Term Curriculum Overview

Academic Year 2020/2021

Welcome back to school everyone! I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer holiday and you’re looking forward to an fantastic year in Year 4! I am really excited to get started and I will do all I can to help you settle back into the class. We will make sure all of us are feeling confident, happy and ready to take an active part in our learning. We have great things planned, make sure you keep a lookout for our class page as it will soon fill up with all the fun learning activities we have.

School Trips, Visits and Workshops

Victorian Themed Day: Tuesday 3rd November 2020

Automatons – Design and Technology Workshop: Monday 16th November 2020

Y3/4 Statutory Spelling List

Please encourage your children to practise these compulsory spellings, these are essential and should be practised alongside weekly spellings.

Y3 & Y4 Statutory Spellings

At St Joseph’s, we are so grateful for the invaluable support that our parents and carers provide for our pupils. We know how well our families have been able to adapt to home learning so now that we can welcome all of our pupils back to school, we wanted to provide opportunities for our pupils to continue their learning at home, if they choose to. The homework given will prepare and support your child’s learning across the curriculum each half term. The homework tasks below are optional. If you would also like to read our homework policy, please follow the link below.

Homework Policy 2020-22

Please follow the links below to access our online learning platforms that are used for homework.



Spelling Shed

Reading Eggs


Summer 1

To help you with your learning this half term, here are some optional homework tasks and resources/activities for you to complete. I can’t wait to see your work that you complete at home!

Y4 Homework Grid Summer 1 2021

Resources to support optional homework tasks


To suggest some ideas for our aspiring authors for their next best chapter books, I included some links to fun picture promptsstory starter ideas and sentence challenges. Take on the challenge and see where a piece of paper, a pencil and your imagination takes you!

The World in Your Hands Swirling Sunrise Turn Over a New Leaf Arctic Journey The Clocktower The Green Vision


We know the importance of learning our times tables in Year 4.  We all know that we are expected to know all of our times tables by the end of the year.  Please use these links to help you learn your times tables online. Come up with some active ways to practise your times tables. Design a Burn2Learn activity to practise or learn some moves from the Super Movers. Super Movers Top Marks games Times tables online games Online and downloadable Oxford Owl activities

Here are some games you could download, print and play as a family too.

3x tables 4x tables 5x tables 6x tables 7x tables 8x tables 9x tables 10x tables 11x tables 12x tables Mixture of times tables

We also check our times tables at school regularly to see which ones we need to learn. Please use the same website we use in school which I have added below. Try to set a new high score! 

Multiplication Tables Check


The lettering used for any product’s name on the packaging is thought about carefully by artists. It has to be eye-catching, memorable unique and instantly recognisable. Explore different styles of graphic writing and create your own lettering for a new chocolate bar.

Read these information slides to get some inspiration for lettering styles. Graphic writing  

You can use the following template to create your artwork. Art template  

If you fancy a challenge, try these challenge cards. Challenge cards  


Many design aspects are important when it comes to packaging chocolate products: name, font, colour, shape, images and other information. Design your own appealing packaging for a new chocolate product.

Use the following template to guide you through the designing process. Design template  

You could also try the following templates if you fancy something different. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory wrapper design  Willy Wonka wrapper design  


Cocoa trees like a tropical climate. Design a poster to explain where and how cocoa trees grow. You could include information about which continents and countries the cocoa trees grow in and how the pods grow and then get harvested.

Read the following information about cocoa trees. Cocoa trees  

Use this template to help you design an interesting and informative poster. Poster template  


Find out why cocoa is called the ‘food of the gods’, by reading the legend of Quetzalcoatl. After getting familiar with the legend, illustrate the story.

Read the legend to find out more about Quetzalcoatl. Legend of Quetzalcoatl  

After reading the legend, you can fill in the story board with your creative illustrations. Storyboard  


The life of a cocoa farmer is often hard and they can face many problems. The Fairtrade Foundation’s main aims are to secure a better deal for farmers and workers. Find out more about the Fairtrade Foundation by reading more about it and playing a game of fair or not fair.

Read a bit more about the important work of the Fairtrade Foundation. The Fairtrade Foundation  

Enjoy a game of fair or not fair! Fair or not fair?  


What happens to the temperature of a hot liquid if it was left for one hour? Heat travels from warmer to cooler places, so the temperature of the liquid will drop. Experiment to find a way to slow down the loss of heat by wrapping a good insulator around the drink container. What material will keep your hot chocolate warm for the longest?

Read a bit more information about temperature and potential insulating materials that keep hot drinks warmer for longer. Information slides  

Use the following template to plan and carry out your investigation. Investigation template