Summer 1 2021

Welcome back! Our theme for this half term is ‘A wonderful world.’ Keep checking our class web page to see all the exciting things we get up to this half term!

Collective Worship

In Year 3, we have collective worship monitors who help prepare the collective worship table in class.

R.E. -Celebrating Easter and Pentecost

This half term the children read the bible story Luke 24:13-35 The Road to Emmaus, using role play they reenacted these stories. We hot seated being the men who saw Jesus and asked them questions about what happened, what they were discussing and how they felt when they realised they had met Jesus. The children make links between this important bible story and what this teaches us about God’s love.


This half term, we have continued to read ‘The Boy who grew dragons’ as a stimulus for our guided reading and writing. The children imagined what it would be like to own their own pet dragons. Following this, we wrote lost posters looking for their pet dragons. The children worked in pairs to read a similar WAGOLL poster about a lost dragon. They identified what made it a WAGOLL poster and found examples of expanded noun phrases, similes and adverbs. Year 3 underlined any unfamiliar words and used ipads to find the meaning of them. They they added these worthy words to the English working wall. The children identified which worthy words they would be using the following day in their own lost posters.




We have been lots of KIRFs practise in class and outside. This not only get our brains active but our bodies too. We love playing against one another to practise our times tables. We use the dice in class to multiply to the two numbers together. We have been challenging ourselves to be resilient and roll 3 dice to multiply.