Welcome to Year 3

“The wisest mind has something yet to learn.” George Santayana

Mrs Hodgson

Mrs Hodgson

Y3 Class Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Science Coordinator, RQT mentor

Mrs Riordan

Mrs Riordan

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Long Term Curriculum Overview

To find out more about our Year 3 curriculum, please look at the jigsaw below.

Year 3 Long Term Curriculum Overview

Y3 Class Curriculum Newsletters

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Y3 Medium Term Plans

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Welcome back to school! I hope you’ve all had a great summer holiday and you’re ready for a fantastic year in Year 3. I’m so excited welcome you back and welcome you to Key Stage 2!  I had a brilliant transition morning with you all, before the holidays and I’m looking forward to getting you know you all even more.  I have some great topics planned for Year 3 so I hope you can start to look forward to your learning journeys ahead.  I have heard such great things about you all and how you are such a great class to teach so I can’t wait to see that for myself! Keep a look out on this page at our learning journey and all the many exciting things we do.

Y3/4 Statutory Spelling List

Please encourage your children to practise these compulsory spellings, these are essential and should be practised alongside weekly spellings.

Y3 & Y4 Statutory Spellings

At St Joseph’s, we are so grateful for the invaluable support that our parents and carers provide for our pupils. We know how well our families have been able to adapt to home learning so now that we can welcome all of our pupils back to school, we wanted to provide opportunities for our pupils to continue their learning at home, if they choose to. The homework given will prepare and support your child’s learning across the curriculum each half term. The homework tasks below are optional. If you would also like to read our homework policy, please follow the link below.

Homework Policy 2022-24

Autumn 1


To help you with your learning this half term, here are some optional homework tasks and resources/activities for you to complete. I can’t wait to see your work that you complete at home!

Autumn 1 Homework grid

Resources/Activities to support your homework/learning


Make a time line of key events in prehistoric history. Consider the different time periods and how long these were when marking significant events on your time line. Don’t forget to write on the dates too, including B.C.

Blank time line



Write a diary entry about the day in the life of a Stone Age person. What do you do? What do you eat? Where do you sleep? Click for information below about life in the Stone Age.

BBC bitesize Life in the Stone Age Writing frames


Use power point, word or key note to create your own fact file about The Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age. Can you include a title and subheadings?


Research life in prehistoric times. Make your own Stone Age tool, weapon, cooking pot or house. You might even use a shoe box to create your own cave setting.


Compare and contrast rocks and pebbles you can find in your garden. Can you sort them into groups? If you have any hula hoops you could use these as sorting hoops. Take a photo of what you did and explain why.


Stick post its all around the house with times tables on. As you pass them every day you need to say the answer.

Autumn 2

To help you with your learning this half term, here are some optional homework tasks and resources/activities for you to complete. I can’t wait to see your work that you complete at home.

Spring 1

To help you with your learning this half term, here are some optional homework tasks and resources/activities for you to complete. I can’t wait to see your work that you complete at home.

Spring 1 homework grid


L.O. To know the bible story about the presentation of Jesus in the temple and reflect upon this. Luke 2:22-40

To begin this lesson Year 3 I would like you to watch the you tube video that tells the bible story of the presentation of Jesus in the temple. You will need to pause the video at 1minute 22 seconds. Following this I would like you to discuss how Joseph, Mary, Simeon and Anna felt about Jesus. Cut and stick the emojis to show their reaction and feelings towards Jesus. Below are the top tips and an example as to how Simeon felt about finally meeting Jesus.

Watch first and then pause at 1min 22seconds. Presentation of Jesus in the Temple-easier. Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. Trickier Emojis to cut and stick


L.O.To plan a letter   

Watch the Tin forest.Watch the Tin forest first

We have written letters before so this is something you are all familiar with. I would like you to imagine the old man is writing to his friend inviting him to his rainforest. Consider why the old man is writing the letter, what his friend will see in the rainforest and what they will do there. Choose your letter plan challenge below.


Letter plan. Choose your challenge. 1* easiest, 2* trickier, 3* trickiest. Word bank to support writing


L.O: To learn about the world’s rainforests

For this lesson it would be beneficial to have a highlighter or a coloured pencil. Just like we do in our guided reading lessons, I would like you to highlight the key words in the questions and look for them in the text. Remember to then read the full sentence in the text to answer the questions.

Guided reading task Fancy an easier challenge? Fancy a challenge?


L.O: To multiply by 2, 4 and 8. 

Let’s do some revision from previous learning in Year 3. You are going to focus on multiplying 2, 4 and 8. You might want to write these down on paper first to help you. Watch this White Rose Maths video first White Rose Maths video. Watch first. then complete the task below. Remember to choose your challenge.

Task: White Rose Maths task Answers (you can mark your own learning just like you would do in class.)

Fancy something easier? 2x’s table 4x’s table 8x’s table

Fancy a challenge? 8x’s table challenge. Answers included so you can mark your own learning just like you would do in class.


L.O: To investigate how shadows are formed and change size.

How are shadows formed? I would like you to read the slides to help you understand this first. Read first about light and shadows.  I would then like to investigate making shadows. You will need a light source for this. You could use a torch, lamp or a phone ( ask permission first to use your parents’ phone- this will have a torch.) Once you have made a shadow choose your challenge and investigate how shadows change. Choose your challenge.

Fancy and extra challenge? How does light travel?


L.O: To practise sketching rainforest leaves.

Linked to our rainforest topic I would like you to have a go at sketching leaves. I have put on 2 videos so you can challenge yourself further on the second one. Remember, you can complete the tutorial as many times as you like as your first attempt is just that! Artists practise and refine their work so have several attempts until you achieve something that you are happy with. Also, don’t try to be too neat! The shading should look a bit more edgy and sharp rather than perfectly neat and blended together. Keep practising until you are happy with your final piece.  Enjoy the tutorial and happy drawing.



L.O: To say the days of the week and months of the year.

In this lesson, we are focusing on practising saying the days of the week and months of the year’. Do you know any of this vocabulary already?

Please use the video below too to help with your pronunciation. Watch the video first before completing the activities. Say the words as soon as you hear them.

Days of the week activity Months of the year


L.O: To label the continents and oceans of the world

To understand where the world’s rainforests are we firstly need to identify where the world’s continents and oceans are. This is great to develop our geographical knowledge and understanding of the world.

Continents song Oceans song

Choose your challenge beginner challenge brainbox challenge easy challenge Genius challenge Tricky challenge


L.O: To perform and sing for enjoyment

I hope you have your best singing voices ready. Get ready to warm them up first, join in with the tutorial and enjoy! Singing lesson


L.O: To To practise agility, balance and coordination

Follow the tutorial below, you can press pause or rewind it anytime you need to. Enjoy being active and have some fun.

Fancy another P.E. lesson check out the ‘Celebrity supply teacher’ lesson with Marcus Rashford. Marcus Rashford PE


L.O: To be kind to ourselves and recognise our talents

It is important to to take time out for ourselves to be kind to our bodies and brains. You will need an empty jar, some paper and coloured pens.Click the links to complete the tasks.  Positivity jar Be kind to yourself

Spring 2

Summer 1