Year 2 Home Learning Shout Outs

Hello Year 2! Welcome to the relaunch of Shout Outs!  We are sure you will remember shout outs from Year 1. We thought you might like to see what your fellow pupils and friends have been up to. We know lots of you have been in contact with each other, so this page will show you what your friends have been getting up to during their Learning at Home Journey too. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and work from Year 2. We can’t wait to share your all your amazing work! 

SHOUT OUT ALERT!! I have put every single person in Year 2 on the shout out page. You have amazed us with your resilience, determination, perseverance, staying calm and getting on with all of the tasks that have been asked of you.

Team Year 2 are so very proud of you all and how you have adapted to remote learning, you are all amazing and are doing a great job learning at home.

Have a wonderful rest during the half-term, Year 2. Keep smiling, things will get brighter.

Another shout out today goes to Ophelia and Ayla. They both shared a lovely prayer with Year 2. We shared the prayers together on Showbie and a few children wrote to me and said they have said the girls prayers today in their daily reflection.

I wonder if anyone can send me a prayer tomorrow to share with Year 2?

Here are the lovely prayers that Ophelia and Ayla wrote today…

Today I have really enjoyed seeing you all embrace our PSHE lesson, talking about our worries. I wanted to share some worry monsters that have been made by the children in Year 2! So my shout out today goes to these children who made these wonderful worry monsters to keep in their houses to share their worries with!

If you click on the worry monster you will find out who created it! Thank you for taking on my challenge Year 2! I hope the worry monsters help you out and you can share any worries you have with them!

Today this maths superstar rose to Mrs Hemming’s Maths brick challenge linked to money! I can’t believe how quickly he worked out the answer! Great methods too! It had to be shared with all your friends so they can see your great maths skills! Here goes….


Today my shout goes to EVERYONE in Year 2. I am absolutely blown away with the efforts you have all put in today for our virtual Victorian day. It has kept a smile on my face all day seeing your Victorian lessons come through on Showbie. Thank you for taking on the challenge for our virtual Victorian day! I am proud of every single one of you. It’s a day I will never forget and I hope you can all add it to your 2021 lockdown memories too!

I also want to say a massive well done to you all for making our first chatterbox session a success. It was so nice to see all your smiley faces and the concentration you gave for our Victorian quiz! I am already looking forward to the next one! Here are a few snap shots of the day so you can see your friends dressed as Victorians!

This amazing home learner is always ready to learn. We are so impressed at all of the tasks she completes and how much effort and enthusiasm she puts into her work. Plus 12/12 in her Phonics! Keep it up super star! We are incredibly proud :).


How yummy do these cakes look?! One of our lovely Year 2 pupils baked these delicious cakes this week and really wanted to bring one into school for me. This kind and thoughtful gesture really touched my heart. I wish I could enjoy one of your delicious cakes, but hopefully it won’t be too long until we can have some yummy cake back in our classroom :). Thank you so much for thinking of me!

I was SO impressed with this super Mathematician this week. She completed the division space race in under 1 minute!! How amazing is that. The task was complete in 51 seconds, what a super star! Very well done!

The final shout out today has to go to Hugo! This week, he has been honest and he has found somethings hard to get motivated to do. Lots of us are feeling like that as we are all working so hard and we are getting tired. Even though Hugo had these feelings, he has worked so hard to complete his challenges, and it really made my day seeing this wonderful piece of RE work at the end of the day. Thank you for persevering Hugo. You are doing such a great job at home and I’m so glad you shared this wonderful piece of writing with us today! You can do it, you are a superstar!  

The final shout out for an outstanding leaflet goes to Seb! He did a great plan for his leaflet and he has really persevered today to produce this wonderful leaflet. I really like all your facts Seb! You are home learning superstar this week, and we are all proud of the progress you are making with your writing at home. Keep up the great work!

The next shout out today goes to Grace! She has worked so hard today on her Victorian leaflet and I was amazed at the facts she included in her leaflet. Well done for including all the features of a leaflet in yours Grace. You should be really proud of the work you have produced today! Keep up the great work! 

My next shout out today goes to Emily! I’m sure you will agree with me that her planning has really paid off too with this outstanding Victorian leaflet she has written. She has ensured all the features of a leaflet have been included and we are so proud of the progress she is making with her writing. Keep up the super work Emily. This leaflet is definitely something to be proud of!

This week, Mrs Hemming set a tricky challenge to plan a leaflet all about the Victorians and then writing one! From the moment Juliet picked up her pencil to plan her writing, her dedication to this task has been nothing less than outstanding. I am so proud of the effort and time she has given to this task, and as you can see her detailed planning really paid off with her fantastic leaflet! Here are all the parts to Juliet’s leaflet that I want to share with you. Keep up the hard work in your writing Juliet. You are a superstar!

Every day this amazing home leaner wows us with her work and determination to complete the challenges! It is great to see she completes all her challenges to the same high standard she does in class. We really liked her taking on the Marcus Rashford challenge today and a bit of finger gym like in Mrs Hemming’s Phonics lesson! Keep up the great work! You are a home learning super star!

Eva has had a fantastic start to the week! She has completed all her maths questions and produced a great plan for her Victorian leaflet that she is going to write tomorrow! Here is her plan to share with you. Maybe you can magpie some of Eva’s ideas! Keep up the amazing work Eva.

By 9.30 today, this maths superstar had competed most of his maths challenges! We are really proud of your start to the week, and how great your maths skills are! Keep up the great work this week! You maths whizz!

What a brilliant way to learn about animal groups. I am very proud of this young man and his brother for learning about mammals, amphibians, fish, reptiles and birds in one of our Science lessons. They used large strips of paper and worked together to name all of the animals they could with some amazing facts too. Fantastic job boys!

I would like to give a massive shout-out to Freddie who really persevered with his symmetrical monsters on Friday! I am so proud of Freddie for his patience and perseverance. Your monsters look fabulous. Well done, keep up the good work!

What do you think to Seb’s fantastic fact file? We can tell that he has spent so much time researching his facts, organasing them and presenting them in this wonderful fact file. We are proud of the time and effort you have put into this activity Seb, and we hope you inspire your friends in Year 2 to produce a fact file as great as yours! Keep up the great work at home Seb, you are doing a grand job!

Louisa is keeping us on our toes with all the fantastic work she sends to us on showbie. It is great to see she is enjoying all the activities that has been given, and she is completing them all to a high standard. This week, I wanted to share two pieces of Louisa’s work. I think her RE questions this week are outstanding, and so is the quality of her handwriting. I also wanted to share her Florence Nightingale hospital with you. She designed it her self after some of her history work and has been playing with it during her time at home. I hope she inspires some of you to create your own Florence hospital! Keep up the amazing work at home Louisa! You are a superstar! 

I could put all of Betty’s work on from the start of lockdown! She has been working so hard in her English and maths lessons, and we wanted to showcase some samples of her work. Its great to see you are still working on your writing targets at home Betty! Keep up the hard work at home! You are a home learning superstar!



Following on from yesterdays shout out, this is another example of some OUTSTANDING handwriting from Abigail! She has risen to our pen licence challenge and I think you will all agree that her handwriting and quality of work is fantastic! We are so proud of your home learning Abigail! Keep up the great work!

My second shout out today is another handwriting super star! Henry R! I was checking through his work from Friday and today and I was amazed by the focus and dedication he is giving to his handwriting! You are working so hard at home, please keep up the amazing handwriting until we get back to school so we can see it in person Henry! 

I can’t tell enough of how proud I am of this superstars handwriting! She is working so hard on all her letters and I was blown away by the writing she sent on showbie today. Keep up the great work, your hard work is really paying off!

This week, we have been been amazed a the standard of work you are sharing with us. You are all working incredibly hard and we are we feel privileged to be your teachers. Our shout out today goes to Ophelia. She has been working really hard on all her objectives at home and we thought her questions were fantastic. We enjoyed seeing her work hard on her joined handwriting too. We are looking out for children to give a pen licence too, Ophelia you are so close! Check out her questions!




Today I want to give a shout out to three children who really brightened my day with their music learning today! It was so nice to see them in action on their videos! I thought  my challenge was tricky today, but these three children rose to the challenge and kicked off their learning in style this week! Here are a few action pictures of their musical performance!


Another shout out goes to this superstar! We have been blown away by his efforts so far in his home learning journey. He has taken on all our challenges to a great standard. Today we really liked how he modelled the lesson and put his sentences into the past and present tense! You are teacher in the making! Keep up the amazing work, we are super proud of you.

Today this lovely musician put a smile on all our faces. After getting home from the key worker group, Mrs Lowe and Mrs Skilbeck sent us a message to check out some amazing music and writing skills! They weren’t wrong! We are so proud of the persevering and dedication to you gave to this music lesson! A well deserved place on the shout out page today! You are a superstar! Keep up the amazing home learning!