Summer 2

Welcome back to your final half term in Year 2! We have lots of exciting learning and some trips to look forward to this term. Keep looking at this page to see what we get up to!


Year 2 have continued to amaze us with some super writing! Here are some instructions they wrote to make a smoothie. We had a delicious time making smoothies too!

Library Visit 2022

We have continuing to build on the embedding the children’s lifelong love of reading, by taking part in a great trip to Wetherby Library. We all had so much fun, found lots of books that we wanted to borrow, learned that the library has comic books, early reader books, non-fiction books and lots of stories and how to locate what we were looking for! We had two challenges to complete; a lego challenge and a treasure hunt and we also had some quiet reading time. The librarian also read us lots of stories. It was so much fun!


Year 2 have been estimating and measuring durations of time. We had a very active lesson, measuring how many times we could walk round the playground in 5 minutes, how many star jumps we could do in 10 seconds and how many times we could write the alphabet in one minute!

We have been practising using money in maths. We each chose and priced an item from the classroom! We worked really hard to put them in order from most to least, creating a number line of prices! We then practiced different strategies for adding two items together, an important skill and helping us to become life long learners!


Toy cars

Children have finished sewing their wonderful felt toy cars. For lots of us, this was our first experience sewing so everyone did really well! The final step now is for us to evaluate our products, to identify what is successful and what we might change next time.


In Art, we have been studying the work of Henry Rousseau. We have created beautiful jungle scenes, working on our skills of colouring with tone, painting and different effects.


Year 2 applied their knowledge of copy and paste and developed their skills creating presentations, by making ‘All About Me’ digital presentations ready for Year 3.

Geography and History

We have been comparing a small area of the UK (Wetherby) to a contrasting non-European country. The children have shown excellent geographical knowledge, identifying human and physical features of the two places. We have identified Wetherby on a UK map and Australia on a globe. We have learnt that Wetherby is a settlement on the river Wharfe. We have also been fascinated by Captain Cook’s adventures!


Year 2 are having the best time with Leeds Rhinos PE lessons! They are learning to work as a team and develop their athletics skills! Great job year 2, keep making Georgie proud!

Skipping Trip

Year 2 have worked really hard over the past few weeks to prepare for a skipping competition. We learnt lots of different styles of skipping and the children participated in different events. Everybody was absolutely brilliant and we even won some of the events! Well done Year 2 for all your hard work, perseverance and team spirit.

Sean Gaffney visit

We were so lucky to be visited by a true hero, Sean Gaffney. To find out more about his story, please visit

Year 2 absolutely loved their very challenging fitness workout with him, and were inspired hearing about his story and achievements. Thank you Sean for your wonderful assembly and inspiring us all to be the very best we can be! Today certainly helped us become better life-long learners!