Summer 2

Welcome back to your final half term in Year 2! We have lots of exciting learning to look forward to this term. Keep looking at this page to see what we get up to! This half term we have a History enquiry focus to find out about Captain James Cook and the voyages that he went on.



This half term our themes are: The Church is Born  and  The First Christians. We began looking again at our learning from last half term which focused on Pentecost and the significance of The Holy Spirit. Year 2 were able to recall much of their understanding about how the Holy Spirit changed the  the disciples. We found that this gave them courage to go out and to spread the world of God and that this was the good news and also that they became known as the Apostles. We used a simple timeline to map out the time between significant events from Jesus’s resurrection to Pentecost. 

To develop a deeper understanding, Year 2’s have begun to make a glossary of the key vocabulary that they are using to explore this unit of RE to help them  keep the key term ‘bubbling’ in their learning journey. Year 2’s have learnt that The Holy Spirit gave the Apostles the virtues of faith, courage and generosity and gave them power to heal the sick. They are now reflecting on ways that they can live like the first Christians with faith, courage and generosity. They were quick to offer and share some instances where they have been able to show these virtues. 


We have already started making use of our new class text: Mrs Armitage on Wheels by Quentin Blake.

The children were keen to get started and began their English learning this week thinking about journeys that they could make on a bicycle and the obstacles or problems that just might get in the way! Here are some of our suggestions:

  • A broken bridge.
  • Getting too hot in the sun.
  • A torrential rain storm.
  • Mountains of snow in the way.
  • Getting a flat tyre or some other problem with your bike.

Just like Mrs Armitage, Year 2’s were quick to think of some solutions to their problems and began to write about what they could add to their bikes to solve such problems. Year 2’s were able to apply some subordination and co-ordination to their sentences when explaining what the problem was and how they would solve it.

Year 2 have continued to amaze us with some super writing!

Over the past 2 weeks Year 2’s have been reading all about the adventures of Mrs Armitage in her 3 different texts. During our whole class reading sessions the children have been able to compare and contrast each story and begin to make some excellent links and connections between the books. They have applied their maths skills to use Venn diagrams to show their comparisons. Year 2’s now have a better understanding of what is similar and different about these stories and how the main character, Mrs Armitage behaves as a ‘creative inventor’ and ‘excellent builder’ when she sets out for an adventure.



Year 2 have started this half terms work on measures by looking at length and height. First we found out about the difference between length and height and used our arms to show the direction. We then brainstormed what we already knew. Some children could name units of measurement that were used or what equipment you could use to measure the length or height of something. We then began to look at using rulers accurately to measure in centimetres (cm’s). This was tricky at first and we had be be resilient learners and listen to some top tips about lining up what we were measuring against our rulers and starting only from 0cm.

We took our learning outside to look at measuring  the length and height of longer and taller things using metres and centimetres. Year 2’s had to use their estimating and comparative skills to  compare and make accurate estimates before measuring accurately.

Year 2’s have continued their learning about measuring to measure mass and perfect their weighing skills by using grams and kilograms as standard units of measurement. They enjoyed applying their maths skills to real life  when considering where it would be important to be able to find the mass of something.  They looked and compared the weight of shopping and household items before moving on the using balance scales and weighing scales to be able to read the mass of lots of different items in grams and kilograms. 



This term Year 2 are recapping some of their previous science learning from earlier on in the year and building on their working scientifically enquiry skills.  They have also been linking their previous  geography learning about Australia to consider different habitats and the animals that live in them. Year 2 had a think about the different habitats that you might find in Australia and then around the world to include the types of animals  and plants that you might find there and what they would need in order to survive. We started to collect our ideas in groups before taking out learning outside.

We then applied our maths data handling skills in a game to gather and record which animals belonged in which habitat. Year 2’s showed great cooperation to  work with a partner to collect data and record it in a graph showing some excellent working scientifically skills when recording information. Back in class we discussed which habitat we placed each animal in and why.


This half term we are looking at electronics in our DT. We started off our learning by thinking about battery devices and which things we know include a battery. Year 2’s came up with an extensive list of familiar items. To aid our product design for a battery powered product we will begin by investigating some battery powered products. Year 2’s had great fun exploring these products to find out what the battery enabled the product to do and where the battery was kept. They were also quick to make the connection between all of products and soon realised they all gave off light!


Year 2 applied their knowledge of how to be safe online during our first computing session this half term. They reminded themselves of the STOP, BLOCK and TELL message.

We have started to learn all about data and collected as many different ways we know where data is stored and collected. The children had so many different ideas and showed a good understanding of what data is and the different places that you might find it. We looked at a tally chart to recap how one way that data can be collected and shown.

Over the next few computing sessions the children will be linking  their maths data handling skills to collect and represent their own data in graphs, charts and tables using the application J2data.

The children have had chance to explore and navigate this application to perfect their data handling skills and knowledge of the different types of charts and graphs that can be used to display their data.


We have begun looking at our historical enquiry question: How did captain Cook change the world?  Year 2’s were excellent sharing their recall of prior learning about Captain Cook from year 1. They took a trip down memory lane to recall as many different facts and pieces of information that they could. It was fantastic to see just how much of their learning had ‘stuck’ from last year which will give an excellent foundation from which to build and extend our knowledge on for our new historical enquiry.

The children have begun their enquiry by finding more about boats. They have used their scientific knowledge of materials to think about how boats from the past would not have been made of the same materials that boats from today do. After some research Year 2’s were able to build a timeline to show how boats have changed and where HMS Endeavour would fit on their timelines.

We have found out some fascinating facts about HMS Endeavour including its size, cargo and crew and the types of people who were onboard during Cook’s voyages. Click on the link to study it up close. Find out more about HMS Endeavour

Using different sources, year 2’s are learning more about Captain James Cook and the different rules that he had for his crew. We have found out that he was very strict to ensure that his crew were well looked after and as clean and healthy as they could be. His rules about diet and hygiene were very important. Year 2’s have especially enjoyed learning more about some of the medical treatments and diseases such as scurvy that were common at the time for sailors. They have had chance to use role play and use their drama skills to hot seat being captain Cook and answer questions about his boat and the rules he had. 



Listening music: ‘Sailing by’ (composed by Ronald Binge, 1963)

Our music learning this term links to our learning about adventures on the sea. We have started our music learning this term listening and appraising an orchestral piece ‘ Sailing by’ composed by Ronald Binge. After listening to the piece several times. Year 2’s were asked to consider the following questions to recap their knowledge about the orchestra:

LO: To  identify instruments of the orchestra.

  • The music is about sailing, like today’s song. What is the style of the music? (It is calm, relaxed and goes at a steady pace.)
  • What does it make you think of? Perhaps a boat sailing across calm waters on a beautiful day..?
  • What instruments are playing the slow tune? 
  • What are some other instruments.  What does their playing sound like? 


We have started this half term recapping some of our French vocabulary from this year with some memory quizzes and games.  Year 2’s were great at recalling the French names for colours and numbers 0-10.  This half term we are starting to learn some simple classroom commands and instructions. Year 2’s had great fun playing the game of Simon Says to instruct their friends to:

  • sit on the carpet
  • stand up.
  • listen 
  • repeat 

After lots of repetition of the instructions for this new French vocabulary, year 2 were quick to respond and pronounce these French commands.

We have also put our Geography skills to good use to identify parts of the world where French is a popular language spoken. Using their geographical knowledge of continents and excellent map reading skills, Year 2’s were able to identify: France, Canada and the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.



Year 2 are exceeding lucky to be having some rugby training sessions from Leeds Rhinos as part of their PE lessons! This week they have been coached by ex Leeds Rhinos and current Bradford Bulls player: Bodene Thompson. The children were fascinated to learn that he is originally from New Zealand and that as a current rugby player, he is super talented! This week Bodene taught us about the different parts of the rugby ball, the top called the ‘ears’ and the middle part the ‘body’. He showed us how to hold the ball and carry it during a game of ‘scarecrow tig’. Later on we tried to make passes to each other in the game and finally learnt how to kick the ball so that it would go straight, which was tricky! The children thoroughly enjoyed their session with Bodene and cannot wait for next weeks!

Sports for Schools Sponsored Athlete Event: Jenny Wallwork

On Tuesday 20th June, we held a sponsored athlete event where Jenny Wallwork, a World Champion badminton athlete, led a sponsored fitness circuit with all pupils followed by an inspirational assembly. The aim of the event has been to inspire our pupils to be more physically active, but just as importantly, encourage them to discover and pursue new interests and hobbies, and therefore a passion in life. The event connected the pupils to an extraordinary athlete role model and we are also hoping to use this opportunity to raise money to purchase new sporting equipment to improve physical activity in the school while also supporting both athletes and para-athletes, so that they can continue to inspire the next generation. The fitness circuit was physically challenging and the children, even if they felt tired, did not show it. They pushed through and completed all stations! All children were fantastic spectators, cheering on all the other children that were taking part in the circuit and when completing the circuit themselves, they showed real grit, determination and strength – whilst having a fantastic time too! Music was playing, children were cheering each other on – it was a wonderful atmosphere!

During our whole school assembly, Jenny talked to us about her career and about the perseverance and resilience she had to have to be successful. She told the children that despite being a world champion, she had actually lost more games than she had won. What an inspiring afternoon for our children, many of which aspire to be athletes in the future! Take a look at the pictures below. All sponsorship monies are due in next Tuesday 27th June and we thank all children and their families for supporting school with this event. 

Skipping Festival 2023 

For the last few months, Year 2 have been working really hard to prepare for their skipping competition at Armley Leisure centre. They have been learning lots of different styles of skipping and are showing some great perseverance practising the skills in both PE lessons and during breaktimes!

The festival was hosted by Skipping School and in total 5 other schools took part in todays afternoon competition. Year 2’s conducted themselves admirably and were able to show their team spirit, resilience and motivation throughout each of the events. A huge congratulations to all of year 2 for representing St Joseph’s so well and for being skipping superstars. We are all so proud of you!



This half term year 2’s have been recapping their knowledge of British Values. We started to brainstorm the names of the British Values using the acronym Dr Tim to help us. We had a discussion about each value and how it relates to our own lives. Year 2’s also made some Dr Tim posters to display around the class to help them to remember the name of each value. 

This half term we are looking at indoor and outdoor hazards in our PSHE lessons. We started off categorising things that we saw from pictures that were safe or unsafe indoors including in our classroom and homes. Through discussion, year 2 were able to identify the hazards and discuss what could be done to make them safe including who could help them.